My sentiments exactly as some of the reasons locals “tolerate” Cruisin’ the Coast come into sharper focus

At least three Biloxi police officers and one Harrison County sheriff’s patrol unit responded to the scene on U.S. 90 at St. John Avenue. Neely was initially stopped for careless driving, Dobbs said, after he did a “burn out” on the road.

“We worry about the potential of people burning out, running into traffic and running into a bunch of people,” Dobbs said. “It also tears up the road. It just blows my mind when other cities allow it. We have zero tolerance for it.”

It blows my mind too as over-oiled cruisers garnering DUIs have now made the news twice over the weekend.

The arrest occurred around 6:30 p.m. Saturday.

Police obtained a search warrant to draw Neely’s blood to test for alcohol and drugs.

In addition, Neely received medical treatment for his injuries at Merit Health in Biloxi where he also submitted to a blood test because of a police search warrant.

Neely was booked into the Harrison County jail at 11:43 p.m. Saturday, the Harrison County jail docket says.

Justice Court Judge Albert Fountain set Neely’s total bond at $27,319.

Neely bonded out of jail at 6:46 a.m. Sunday, the docket says.

Bay St Louis Building Official Charles Oliver Mugger
Bay St Louis Building Official Charles Oliver Mugger

However there is a distinction between the two arrests which made the news because in Bay St. Louis there was a multi-car accident with injury that resulted in the DUI arrest.  Maybe Mr. Neely should have complained of chest pains in Biloxi as Wes Muller updated his story on the arrest of Bay St Louis Building Official Charles Oliver:

Oliver was taken to Hancock Medical Center for a blood toxicology test. Deputies then transported him to the Hancock County jail where he was booked and quickly released without having to pay a bond.

Sheriff Ricky Adam said he authorized Oliver’s release because Oliver had complained of chest pains while at the hospital and is known locally.

“He’s not going anywhere,” Adam said. “Plus, we didn’t want to be liable for any of his medical problems.”

I did not keep up with the calendar of events for Cruisin’ but there used to be a burn out competition that took place in a controlled setting for those folks that wanted to burn some rubber as part of their Cruisin’ experience. Maybe the jurisdictions that host this event could better coordinate their law enforcement policies so that the visitors here know the list of dos and don’t (such as not doing burnouts on a public street) that apply across the entire event.  IMHO consistency is key and that is what is severely lacking.

5 thoughts on “My sentiments exactly as some of the reasons locals “tolerate” Cruisin’ the Coast come into sharper focus”

  1. That family has a long history of trouble with the law. He didn’t have the cash to bond out, so the sheriff helped him out. But not with his personal money. What’s that say for the Adam family, selective enforcement at its best. Isn’t one of them running for supervisor? Was told before the crash him and les were riding around hitting the bottle and passing a big fat one around. They resembled Cheech and Chong. When the blood test come back he should get more charges. Phone records, blood test, cameras on the red light poles and disgruntled employees won’t lie.

    1. Robert I do not think Sheriff Adams proactively had Oliver released on his own, rather I think Mayor Fillingame made a call to the Sheriff and lobbied for his release.

      Had Mr. Oliver then gone out and killed someone driving while still intoxicated that fact would not make much of a difference in the court of public opinion. I for one still remember Willie Horton and his impact on a presidential election.

      But that did not happen thank goodness and I heard that Mr. Oliver was back at work in his City truck bright and early this morning on Main Street.

      I’ve had people contact me from different locales citing the Cities where burning rubber is OK. Diamondhead and Bay St Louis are both on that list based upon eye witness accounts. I’m not sure how someone from Florence Mississippi would know where to peel because I looked high and low on the Cruisin’ website and found no such information.

      So folks for future reference do not burn rubber in Biloxi and Gulfport. For next year I recommend contacting local law enforcement before coming to the coast to see what Cities allow the practice.

  2. How long will that blood test take?
    I saw Oliver getting out of his city truck and into the SUV a woman … wife?…was driving at noonish.
    I’ve also been told that until the official blood test results are delivered, he won’t lose his driver’s license.

    1. State crime lab could be 6 weeks or longer. Here is your comp which took a few more days than 7 weeks to turnaround:

      Oct 6, 2015, 19:07

      Bay St. Louis police on Monday arrested a local man in connection with a fatal accident on Avenue B on Aug. 12.

      According to a press release from BPD Chief Mike De Nardo, Timothy Tucker, 23, of Bay St. Louis was arrested Monday [10/5/15] and charged with DUI causing death and reckless driving.

  3. Maybe Mr. Oliver watched too many Sanford and Son programs on TV. Remember he always grabbed his chest and said “I’m coming to join you Elizabeth” so while at the hospital he played the same part. Maybe he could be an actor instead of Inspector. You don’t have to pass a test and get a license for that job.

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