Critical indicator: There is a reason Anita went snooping around at the Chevron in Wiggins

She’d really have received an education in Stone County had she gone there at 2:30 in the morning:

Whistleblower put his ‘name on the line’ in fraud case against Stone County Hospital, owners ~ Anita Lee

Looking at the roster of combatants this false claims act case looks to be a fashionable fight and those that want to read the complaint can click here to download it for free from the DoJ. RFP was also Johnny on the Spot last night with an interesting link so for those of you that want to get an understanding of why this lawsuit has electrified the news power-user community here on the coast is to understand the man who the government has set its sites upon.

The business community is fairly diverse down here but there is a cohort of businessmen that in terms of money-making have few peers and Mr. Cain fits into that elite group. Money is the way the heavyweights keep score and the elites in this group are driven to excel in a game where there is only one way to proverbially win. My personal experience is that the closer you get to what a statistician would term the “right-tail” of the distribution (ie best in class in terms of money making ability), the sharper the elbows become. Few businessmen down here on the coast throw sharper elbows than Mr. Cain, who found himself in statewide news back in 2007/2008 when the legislature sunsetted the Mississippi State Board of Health due to numerous problems in the agency which were thought to be Board of Health inflicted.

Rather than spend tons of time rehashing history what I’m going to do to start  is encourage the readers to follow and read some very enlightening court cases that lend some context into Mr. Cain and his business interests. It also gives us a clue as to why he so proficient in procuring politicians from former Governor Ronnie Musgrove to current Lite Gov. Tate Reeves.

Ted Cain v. Mississippi State Department of Health and Bay St. Louis Residential Care Center, Inc. ~ MSSC December 1995

A Brother v Brother civil war:

H. Ted Cain d/b/a Quest Rehab v. Brian Cain and Lakeview Nursing Center  ~ MSCA

H. Ted Cain d/b/a Harrison County Nursing Facility v. Mississippi State Department of Health and Lakeview Corporation d/b/a Lakeview Nursing Center ~ MSSC

RFP left this links last night in comments and is a must read involving the folks over in Greene County:

Simmons Law Group, P.A. and Heber S. Simmons, III v. Corporate Management, Inc. ~ Mississippi Supreme Court

It is against this backdrop the false claims act suit against the Cains has now appeared in the news twice courtesy of Anita Lee and the folks at the Sun Herald. Frankly this bit background Slabbed now contributes barely scratches the surface.

And for those that are way on the inside of ancient history, I found the fact Jackson media personality Marsha Thompson quoted from Anita’s story which went out on the AP wire across the country via her Facebook page to be rich indeed.

But as sometimes happens when I do some sleuthing, I ran across something else that is just as or even more interesting as the original lead and that is fodder for part two.

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  1. For those interested in such things, SRHS has its share of medicare-related questions; as an example (and a starting point for those interested in more information):

    And there are the myriad “health care,” nursing home, medical supply businesses, etc. of the “Jackson County crew,” in which the same names keep popping up. And of course, it seems that the same lawyers at the same couple of law firms keep popping up – Dogan and Wilkinson and Page Mannino Peresich (which is really the Peresich brothers since Page is dead and Mannino is retired).

    1. Nunya, great link. So Mike Crews’ salary increased A LOT during the period that SRHS had to pay back over a half million dollars? Kevin Holland was COO at the time? Kathy Hartung the comptroller is still there? What about Stephanie Barnes Taylor and her crew, most of whom are still there? Any culpability? Who is responsible?
      Any more fraud coming?
      I am ready to read about the financial incest and special dealings of Jackson County’s elite- Williams’s, St. Pe’s, Cumbest’s, McKay’s, Walker’s, and Wilkinson’s to name a few.

      1. Reminds me of the time the Sun Herald reported that Bill Walker hired Bob Byrd’s brother, Paul, for $120,000 because his construction business was in shambles. These two scandals are taking parallel tracks. Only difference the crooked nose Governor and the thug Pickering are not going to do much about Palazzo’s hand appointed puppet Jamie Miller. And speaking of thugs. Somehow the current State Attorney General wants my vote. This is the one person that could have stepped in and told hold of the DMR scandal and made it right and Hood did nothing. Not a thing. He let the reformist Republicans pray their way to a miserable resolution. So Mr. Hood let me tell you something from this ole retired country boy – not a snowball chance in hell.

  2. Here’s a 10 minute cheat sheet on this hot mess.

    #1 Some of the allegations as to the questionable billing practices have been made in court filings and have been a matter of public record for nearly a decade.

    Any taxpayer or citizen should be outraged. The first problem is that it has taken nearly a decade to begin to either prove or disprove allegations which some might summarize as looting and pillaging the public purse. It will still be an outrage (assuming the allegations are proven or admitted to) that it was allowed to continue this long, even assuming that a full clawback of all the ill gotten gains can be done after the fact. Which very seldom happens anywhere.

    #2 How to Win Friends and Influence People. STONE COUNTY PUBLISHING, INC. d/b/a The Times of Stone County and South Mississippi, vs City of Wiggins. Light on the win friends and heavy on the influence?

    Newspaper of Record issue once again before city
    By Jody O’Hara, Staff Writer
    Apr 16, 2010, 10:39

    City Attorney Rebecca Taylor has asked the Board of Aldermen for permission to seek the circulation numbers of the Stone County Enterprise…

    The issue goes back as far as Sept. 19, 2006 when Ted Cain appeared before the board and asked it to invite competitive bids from local newspapers for the privilege of publishing legal notices pursuant to Mississippi Code Annotated section 21-39-3 (Rev. 2007).

    Cain again appeared before the board on Oct. 3, 2006 and the board asked him to provide circulation figures for the Times.

    The matter was tabled until the information was provided and, two weeks later, Mayor Jerry Alexander told the board the Times was not going to provide the information in writing.

    Taylor then sought an Attorney General’s opinion as to whether a newspaper seeking to publish the city’s legal notices was required to provide the requested information.
    In an opinion dated Oct. 27, 2006, the Attorney General replied that municipal authorities could require newspapers to provide evidence of compliance with Mississippi Code Annotated 13-3-31(1)(a) and (b) which requires newspapers wishing to publish legal notices, “maintain a numerically substantial, geographically widespread, demographically diversified circulation to bona fide paying subscribers.”

    Heavy on the influence.

    The Times brought suit in Circuit Court, where the decision of the board was upheld.

    The Times then took its case to the State of Mississippi Court of Appeals where the Circuit Court decision was upheld.

    “We went here and we went to Circuit Court and we went to the Court of Appeals and we spent a bunch of money to find out that we were entitled to get the Times’ circulation figures,” Taylor told the board.

    She also told the board the last time she requested circulation figures from the Stone County Enterprise, they were on her desk within 30 minutes.

    Aside from anything else you might find in Doug’s post and the links in it, the now defunct Times of Stone County newspaper of record episode is the kind of thing that can have a chilling effect on local press coverage. In case you are wondering why the case wasn’t appealed to the Mississippi Supreme Court, that filing was made by Stone County Publishing Inc.

    1. I’m wondering what duties Joe Spraggins performs for Mr. Cain as his Director of Business Development. I have a contact form inquiry into Melissa Scallan at DMR requesting clarification as to how to Chief Operating Officer for DMR could hold down such a senior management position at a private company but so far mums the word.

      1. Oh come on now Doug. You know that Mr. Spraggins is as innocent as the driven snow!! Just ask Jamie Miller. Or the Gulfport Mayor. Surely as intelligent as he is (cough, cough), he is in great demand and needed to operate not only the DMR, but also Mr. Cain’s business interests. You know that he would never do anything wrong because he served in the military.
        It is my opinion that it is not what he could do for our country, but rather what our country could do for him.

        1. and P. S.
          As you can see, this is just one big network of laundering and moving money. This is no big surprise to me, but many of the voting public have no idea just how immense this organization is and also have no idea of the huge amounts of money that is being moved to support a specific political party.

      2. You will not get a response from the donut eater. It is all double speak. General Spraggins “expertise” is that he sits in the same pew at Jamie Miller. Same church same qualifications; the cake eater in HR has thoroughly approved this association. The donut eater has a wide screen television installed in her office so she can watch LSU during working hours on your dime. Maybe she is so caught up in the game Doug she doesn’t have time for your request. Speaking of qualifications I have been told that Jamie Miller is hiring another Palazzo flunky. His new secretary is a Palazzo cast down because she didn’t hand out pecan crunches quick enough. She will be a big hit with the cake eater and the donut eater. And speaking of qualifications; I have been told Jamie’s daughter is dating the guy in Tidelands office. How’s that for inbred qualifications? Sound familiar? Oh and since we are on our merry way down memory lane, Jamie, the Donut Eater and two other privileged elitists from the Tidelands office got to go to the Jimmy buffet concert at the expense of the taxpayers. An awful lot like Tina paying for her family to attend the Ingal’s ship christening back over here in Pascagoula.

        So keep holding your breath Doug, or maybe your could sweeten the pot and send some cake and donuts with your next request.

        1. Point Park,

          I’ve seen and I’ve been hearing about your comments on Slabbed–all good BTW.

          I have an innocent question about the donut eater. Does this person literally eat lots of donuts or is there something I’m missing here?

          The Examiner

  3. Ha!
    I’m sure you are not surprised that DMR has not got back with you in reference to one of the many questionable employees employed at this rogue operation. They and SRHS are cut from the same mold!

  4. Anybody who has had an encounter with Ted Cain will be elated to see he has finally been called out for his abuse of people in need and the USA. His Quest for riches had already been satisfied by his father but his greed always demanded more and more. Not only is he accused of defrauding millions from medicare/medicaid he has also overcharged thousands of individuals for services his companies have or may not have provided. Why was he allowed to continue operating his illegal money machines for so long? Who did he pay off to look the other way? Did he hire certain people,like General Spraggins, to run interference for him? One thing that is for certain, many individuals will come forward with information about Ted Cain’s activities. He is very much despised. One example is a friend of mine who was once his executive assistant. She recently sued Ted Cain for sexual harassment.I feel certain she will have plenty to say about his activities beyond the dirty talk and constant propositioning she had to endure.Anybody who has ever been employed by any business controlled by this man will gladly tell all they know about him. The bigger question to be answered beyond his being sued and then prosecuted is why was this type of illegal activity allowed to continue for so long? Moving people around from a hospital bed to a nursing home bed then back to a hospital bed just to maximize the over billing is wrong. The federal investigators need to look into every health care related company Cain has ever been involved in. I am told there could end up being more than $50 million in fraudulent activities that Cain could be held responsible for. Might be time to sell the prize bulls and other cattle at the Cain Cattle Company where “beef is our business”

  5. Hopefully my internet issues have been fixed.

    Had anyone heard what or if anything is going on with this Spraggins deal? It’s been too quiet and I was curious if any facts have surfaced. Hmmmmm

    1. Eye, it’s all quiet on the home front. The trash are circling the wagons and getting ready to TRY a new defense. No new word on SRHS, BSL, DMR, or Wiggins. This may be the calm before the BIG storm????

  6. P. S. Looks like Puhl-ass-o is on the outs up in D.C. Guess they have his number too. So wonder who else the Teaparty people are going to try to shove down our throats???

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