Not to pile on but…….

Ole Miss vs Texas.  Photo by Kevin Bain/Ole Miss Communications
Donte Moncrief | Ole Miss vs Texas 2013. Photo by Kevin Bain/Ole Miss Communications

As we watched some of last night’s football game between the Colts and Jets my son and I traded banter about the 2014 NFL draft and how badly the Saints fared in talent evaluation from 2010 to 2014 with 2014 being the apex of the bad talent evaluation.

To set things up conventional wisdom at the time held that the Saints needed help at wide receiver and on defense in the secondary and at linebacker. We traded our first round and third round picks to the Arizona Cardinal and took wide receiver Brandin Cooks. We also signed safety Jairus Byrd to a high dollar free agent contract.

With the Saints first round pick Arizona drafted safety Deone Bucannon, who has since started every game for the Cards. In the third round, one pick before the New Orleans pick that was traded, the Colts took Wide Receiver Donte Moncrief, an Ole Miss guy the Saints scouting department should have been very aware of due to proximity. Last night Moncrief snagged 7 catches for the Colts for over 120 yards in a losing effort against the Jets. The Colts eased Moncrief in last year as they still had Reggie Wayne so Moncrief played the three receiver for only part of last year. How does his career stats compare to Brandin Cooks to this point?

  • Moncrief – 45 receptions for 612 yards and five career touchdowns.
  • Cooks – 62 receptions for 661 yards and three career touchdowns.

At 6’2″, 220 Moncrief has the much higher career arch in my opinion as the three inch and thirty pound weight difference makes more of a difference long term in the NFL than the tenth of a second Cooks is faster than Moncrief in the 40 yard dash.

All this leaves out the fact there were also quality defenders and wide receivers to be had in the first and second rounds beyond the now departed Stanley Jean Baptiste. While we looked to have snagged some keepers in the 2015 draft we still do not have a safety and we’re missing at least one wide receiver to compliment Cooks. Had the Saints drafted better in the very deep 2014 NFL draft we’d have at least one more and likely two more players to show for the pick we gave up plus the second round selection we squandered on Baptiste.

Its going to be a long NFL season this year for the Saints faithful.

7 thoughts on “Not to pile on but…….”

  1. One good decision the Saints front office made was to send Grahman to Seattle cause he is now bitching bout not getting the ball just like WR Harvin had done and Seattle sent him packing. Something has happened to Graham’s mind.

    Without Brees Saints tickets will be available at 25cents on a dollar. Even with that and/or give always who wants to fight traffic, pay for parking , be captives to sky high food prices much less endure the torture of seeing the Saints offensive line get pushed around and its second string quarterback punished.

    It’s time to support local college football until the Saints fire Ryan and the triplets he is carrying, El Cheapo Benson realizes that GM Loomis can’t run a football and basketball operation at the same time and the Louisiana legislature to stop subsidizing a private investment whose owner has blackmailed Louisiana for far too many years.

  2. Carolina is undefeated, but even the math driven odds shark betting site has them down as No. 11 in the power rankings. Which sounds about right for what little we know after only a few games. The human opinion power rankings tend to rate them lower, but sports fans tend to be really bad about holding onto preconceived benchmarks.


    – stick tight, drink yo’ Holy Water and Pizza Rolls will rain down like justice in the Bat Cave!

  4. Holy Saint Sensational Shenanigans Batman,

    First it was a chip shot FG that was muffed this past week, in the weeks before it was an important extra point missed, causing Impatient Peyton to say they will start to practice two point conversions –

    But who selected Hocker The Hooker, which ironically is what happened to the chip shot FG try, anyway ? – and the Saints should read the Emancipation Proclamation to Hocker if he misses one more automatic FG/extra point –

    And Loony Loomis, how about next time looking for a kicker named Dane Strait, Feets Midddleton or better yet hiring the veteran legendary Chip Shotz (a/k/a Headsup Hartley).

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