Just another day in a darn busy week

And last night around 11:00pm Slabbed went off line but no one visiting at that late hour had any idea due to the wonders of a global CDN we now use. Even better, I’m now proficient enough in command line Linux to actually diagnose and fix the problem. The exercise brings back memories of using MS-DOS with 5 and a quarter inch floppies and programming in Basic back in 1984.

In any event how about some links. First up for those wanting to find out if government sponsored entertainment events/concerts makes sense financially check this out:

Report: Biloxi concert generated positive feedback but not revenue ~ Mary Perez

I personally have no problems with public funds underwriting civic events once in a while to mark special occasions but anyone that thinks these type of expenditures makes any sort of economic sense doesn’t understand basic finance or economics.

Now some more links, first up from ignorance of the First Amendment is no excuse files:

U.S. Judge Upholds Right to Scrawl Nasty Note on Speeding Ticket Payment ~ Benjamin Weiser

The best of the rest:

Experts: Talk now about drastic changes, or deal with coastal crisis later ~ Bob Marshall

Defeated Hancock County Supervisors slash $330K from county budget ~ Dwayne Bremer

Marquar disqualified from school board race over ‘lack of diploma’ ~ Geoff Belcher

Mr. Marquar was on last year’s school board ballot. What’s interesting is he evidently is qualified to sit on the Hancock County Port & Harbor Commission due to his “in-depth expertise in marine construction, vertical commercial construction and land clearing”.

Speaking of the Port and Harbor Commission I’ve had a member of the public ring the bat line here at Slabbed New Media twice claiming a major scandal is unfolding at the agency. Last time the environment was this target rich here at Slabbed was back in 2010/2011.

4 thoughts on “Just another day in a darn busy week”

  1. The Port and Harbor funds the Hancock Chamber of Commerce with $8K a year and also partner for The Annual Gala! They (Commissioners) get free tickets and pump money into their favorite 501C3’s!

    They aren’t by themselves the Supervisors do the same! They are all gone now! We will see if the BSL City Council does like wise?

    The Council may be lame duck after their mismanagement with Les. He successfully had Mr. Kidd fired by Ward 6 now he is after Ward 1, 2, 4 and 3! Typhoid Les is a kiss of death!

    1. It’s a shame. I heard a couple of Sups names mentioned for showing their hiney at the meeting. It exhibits precisely why they needed to be replaced.

      I don’t get the calculus in shafting Jimmie Ladner, Karen Ruhr and Rickey Adams, especially when there is recurring funding that was not budgeted.

      It’d be nice if the gang fully funded the library system.

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