The Pressure is showing all ’round the edges

And when this baby blows it should be spectacular!

The only thing I could possibly add is that having a good set of books along with a well functioning back office is the end result of one thing and one thing only in making the commitment to make that happen. All the gyrations, smoke, mirrors and assorted bullshit is just that folks: gyrations, smoke, mirrors and bullshit.

The only downside to doing things right is that also ends all the subterfuge, which also explains the years of inaction.

My spidey senses tell me the resurrection of Diaper Dave…..

Is rooted firmly in the local sewer. A clue lies in the players displayed on the stage:

  • The candidates in Vitter and Dardenne.
  • The forum in the Loyola law school and the sponsor in the Alliance for Good Government. As luck would have it I have some background coming on the Jefferson Parish Alliance.

If it smells like dead hot tuna and it involves the endorsement industrial complex, this must mean an election in Louisiana is close at hand. The stage players are for show, its the people pulling the strings where my interest lies:

David Vitter responds to question about prostitution scandal ~ Julia O’Donoghue

Todd Price asks a darn good question in comments.