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  1. Well, I guess now that the illustrious potentate and his henchmen have left the Coast, after spreading good cheer, propaganda and falsehoods to the trusting voters, I am suspect. By that, I mean that the visit surely has some other meaning or is laying the groundwork for something huge that will be happening in the near future. Just sit back and watch, I am sure that we will all be enlightened soon.
    I also wanted to comment that there weren’t the hoards of people flocking around the clan like was expected. And, I also wonder who was footing the bill for the shrimp and seafood served to the masses? who are usually just fed cake. I wonder if the DMR budget, State budget, or just whose damn budget paid for the shrimp and seafood??? Taxpayers have the right to know this.

  2. P. S. And why aren’t our legislators and Governor informing us of this information??? Do they have something to hide??

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