I’m personally sick of all this sappy Katrina nostalgia

And I for one am happy Obama did not come to the coast because we have too many filthy, lying politicians lurking about right now as it is.

That said I am getting inquiries about whether Slabbed would be marking the occasion that gave rise to the name of this internet community, which would be fitting and proper given the circumstances. OTOH I do not know anyone that has a desire to relive the Katrina experience because first it sucked and then life after it sucked even more though most everyone managed to muddled through.

In any event I’ll let reader comments serve as the guide on this. I’ll go ahead and mark AROD down as a yes because he emailed me wanting coverage.

16 thoughts on “I’m personally sick of all this sappy Katrina nostalgia”

  1. Its sort of shameful to see how many people are trying to market this tragedy…although it was funny to me to re-watch the spike lee propaganda piece the other day and notice 5 of the first 6 politicians shown in it were in jail…… that was nice……

    You don’t hear much about Sandy anymore, you never hear anything about Galveston, and yet we are still talking about this… Its nice that the area recovered, no move on and fix the other problems already. To quote C. Ray(Z) Nagin… “its time”

  2. Doug, as I posted on Facebook this morning, what I prefer to “remember” are all of the help we had after the storm.
    I don’t care if they were paid, as in Power Companies fr other states, or volunteers.
    They came, they worked, they let us know we were not alone, and my heart swells with gratitude every day I’m prayer for them.
    Human reaching out to human in the midst of the crisis—these are my chosen memories.
    Have some exploited the tragedy and aftermath? Yes, and we will continue to deal with them on a daily basis, but that reality will never stop my gratitude for the out pouring of charity that I witnessed and benefited from.
    I learned a lot from it.

  3. While I think it is good to remember Katrina I think it is even better to never forget the corruption that was spawned by this massive event. How many did they send down from Jackson and Washington who said “I am here from the government to help me”. Think about the individuals who became empowered because of who the knew. They all eventually became CONsultants who went about selling access to others. Some went to prison and others hope they do not have to go while a few got rich at the taxpayers expense. God bless the true volunteers who came to help and to hell with the crooks who took advantage of the Katrina tragedy that allowed for their million dollar mansions. Most of people who really suffered ended up in formaldehyde filled trailers and to this day are still struggling financially.

  4. It has become another Political Statement. Politicians taking credit for funds. The Good and Loyal Tax Payers from across our nation came to our aid. Local Mayors taking credit for rebuilding when billions of tax payer dollars were given to them to grow our infrastructure, beyond our tax base, to support it.

    In Bay Saint Louis, our mayor is in hot water because when they stopped the flow of federal dollars it was like taking crack away from a crack head. He started taking money out of any fund he could to support his spending habit of benefiting friends, council people, or any one else he felt he needed to control for his money fix.

    You will find with the exception of politicians, 501C3’s, and other organizations that work on a hand out that your truly local people take it in stride and humbly. The only people on the piti pot are the people who make their living off of hand outs!

  5. I for one, which that Fata$$ and his cronies would take the hint and leave us alone. That includes his pals Philly and Billy too. I wonder if the felon, Joey Zeigler, was at the gala today kissing a$$ and looking for a way to worm his way into another fun time? These people are just sad examples of what it is to be raised up in arrogant, entitled families that do not know the meaning of the word, “work”. It is sad that they are continuing to hang onto the coat tails of the Coasts’ woes and hard times.
    It still amazes me that “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” is attributed as a saying of Fata$$. What a joke that is! The people of the Coast have been through hurricane after hurricane (anyone remember Camille?), and we know how to do for ourselves. No one has to tell us. We help one another and although our neighbors gladly stepped in and gave us assistance, showed kindness, and pulled hard alongside of us, I failed to see Fata$$ and his cronies break much sweat (maybe broke some wind). Yet, he is being touted as an outstanding human being. Well, we who all lived through this monster storm, KNOW BETTER. He was not a giver to the people, imo, but rather more of a carpetbagging profiteer. Kind of like after the Civil War, when they all descended upon the broken south, where they pillaged and stole from the already broken people.
    Shame on them! They will have to answer to my God for their misdeeds when people were in dire need of help.
    I, like BB, want to extend my everlasting thanks to all of the genuine help that we received from our neighboring States and their people. And you know who you are…no one has to tell you, but we remember you well.
    We are tired of hearing what all Fata$$ did and how Philly smelled lawnmower fumes, and road Billy the Boy around on his Harley with his shiny boots on. We are tired of hearing how Joey the brat got off scott free and Snotty Scotty is crying to come home. Let’s say you all grow up and get a real job and try working for a while and stop trying to make people believe you are something you are not! Good day.

  6. If you lived through it you don’t want to re-live it. It dredges up trying times and bad memories. It brought out the best and worst in people


  7. The freakin’ Bushes and Clintons , whose families represent the royal blood political families , are here only
    because each one of their relatives are again running for the White House.

    I’m now advocating not just term limits for Congress but family limits when it comes to the Presidency. Our first President Washington is sitting up in his coffin shaking his skull bout what this country has become – a bi-monarchy of family puppets pushed by the two groups of political power brokers. Truly sickening and can’t wait till Michelle Obama runs in 2016 against Greatgrandma Barbara Bush.

  8. All of these “remember Katrina” are getting old. Say a prayer for those who lost their lives, have a party and get on with trying to fix what our politicians have totally screwed up due to greed. I am glad other people had help from volunteers. As for my husband and I, we did all the work ourselves. With no transportation, we got assistance from the Red Cross twice. One day they stopped with mops and brooms and a few weeks later they passed with a food truck. Really did not feel like walking several miles to get a free meal after working 10 to 12 hours a day. Other than losing a few memorable things, like my cookbooks, it was kind of uneventful. You clean, wait for electricity and repeat. By the end of January, my home was complete. I’m such a boring person. Now I know what 17 feet of water looks like in my yard. Buddy, it’s not a little puddle.

  9. I have avoided the anniversary coverage because it just pisses me off listening to people misrepresent what happened after the storm and how oblivious they all are about how little has changed about the way relief and recovery are handled. If a similar storm hit today, the improved levee/flood wall system and the things that were built stronger and higher would reduce the level of destruction considerably, but the federal government would still send no-bid contractors and fund state/local projects with very little federal leadership or oversight so the recovery effort would be just as haphazard and corrupt.

  10. To top it off, the churches have jumped on the bandwagon. Last Sunday, all I heard in the sermon was about Katrina. I was there and do not want to hear from people that seem to glorify this terrible storm. Therefore, today I stayed home from church hoping by next week things will get back to normal and I can once again hear what the Bible says.

    These self-serving politicians on the local tv stations really make me sick!

  11. What really pisses me off about the media in general is the fact that most national coverage seemed to focus on New Orleans when the heart of the storm was in Mississippi. Gee, I wonder why? Perhaps the media was influenced by the morons who stayed, then started shooting at rescue helicopters when rescue teams were sent in to help.

    The Weather Channel (the Fox News of Weather Channels) will do anything to promote and sensationalize tragedies caused by natural disasters. It has gotten to the point where it seems they do their best to exaggerate something to scare the living shit out of people just to gain more viewers a popularity.

    As far as the local media goes, I kind of feel the same way. More especially when WLOX used airtime to cover an internal employees tragic story. I know it sucked, but there are a lot of people who were suffering in the same way–some even worse. Of course, I still believe that coverage was cooked up for self-promotion and I have always viewed that employee as a genuine phony. Now this person is on an accelerated career path working with Mandal GMC.

    To hell with anniversary coverage stories. They know its going to sell because it’s coming from an avenue that “was right there with us all.” when Katrina hit.

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