Hacked Ashley Madsion data reveals high probability of widespread use faked female profiles to lure men

And this folks explains in part some of the rhetoric used by the Impact Team in their interview with Vice. It also explains the vast numerical gender discrepancy on the customer lists that are leaking out. Its also suggests the gender divide on Ashley Madison is more than the men paying for the service while the woman get their hookups with free accounts. Here is a very good article that explains it:

Ashley Madison faked female profiles to lure men in, hacked data suggest ~ Caitlin Dewey

Included in Dewey’s piece above is a link to a GQ article by Teddy Wayne circa October 2013 which contains some very tantalizing clues, albeit of the anecdotal variety, which tend to support the Faked Profile Theory. It is a must read for those wanting to get a handle what drives real women to use Ashley Madison. Here is the revealing snippet which illustrates:

As is customary for women on Ashley Madison, she gets bombarded by suitors, then rejects about 90 percent of those she meets. To her, the main contrast in the libidos of the genders is not their size but their pickiness.

Circling back to Dewey’s WoPo piece, using fake female profiles to gin up business from males exposes the ugly underbelly of the industry:

Whatever the exact cause, on the adult sites Pitcher worked on, real women accounted for less than 2 percent of total profiles. And so he and a 28-person team, working in Global Personals’ vaguely named “admin” department, spent their work hours crafting very sexy, very fictional profiles and messaging users from them. Profile-writers made roughly $25,000 a year, with bonuses for hitting certain monthly subscription targets.

“There is, undoubtedly, widespread pseudo profiling and fake messages still going on in the industry,” Pitcher said. “If you don’t have pseudos to try and fulfill the sexual desires of these men … men wouldn’t keep signing up.”

Evans, the industry consultant, agreed: “Look at Fling.com or Adult Friend Finder, the two big sex and hook-up sites,” he said. “You know after five minutes that there isn’t a single real woman on there. Somebody like Fling, they make money by BSing everything.”

A lesson in all of this is unless you are a young stud or wealthy, the odds are stacked against a married male using adult dating websites to get lucky. For women OTOH, it is almost a sure bet. Another lesson is honesty in a relationship pays off, even if that includes sex with other people outside of the marriage:

Other than Megan, the only one who is open with her husband, the women I have met are all, by their own admission, either deeply unhappy or deeply dishonest with their spouses.

There is no doubt many marriages will crumble in the wake of these revelations. If anything good comes out of this disaster, it will lie in some of the affected couples communicating with each other openly for the first time in a long time, perhaps to the long term betterment of their relationship. As I sit here typing this on the countdown to joining the 30 year club with my bride, I can say with certainty there is a deep satisfaction that comes from a long marriage. No union is completely blissful because there is no such thing in real life. Rather the key to happiness in my opinion is hitting the bumps and rough spots together and overcoming them.

Something tells me this will not be the last of the embarrassing revelation coming for Avid Life Media.

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