Paid Mississippi Ashley Madison List (Updated)

These have been getting zapped quickly so those that snooze will lose. H/T Anonymous @ Pastebin


The Pastebin page linked above has been zapped. Someone evidently put a new Mississippi paid list up and my perusal indicates it is the same data as the one above which has been deleted.

To the extent some of you are evidently not very cyber savvy please note that does not belong to Slabbed New Media nor did Slabbed New Media create it. We are linking it for purposes of discussion on the Ashley Madison Hack.


It appears all the Pastebin links have been broken. Slabbed New Media will continue to follow this story but we’re moving on from pasting links to the user lists. Thank you.

Publisher’s Update:

Despite the fact that I mentioned immediately above the Pastebin links were all bad, Slabbed still has huge amounts of outbound useless traffic to Pastebin from Slabbed. To make things crystal clear I disabled all the hyperlinks. While I love new readers you guys are killing us with kindness. I’d submit anyone with a familiarity with this area and just a bit more than a passing interest in what happens here should start coming everyday because the leaks all happened late last week and you really had to be present to win. Thank you. ~ Doug