Paid Louisiana Ashley Madison list by zip code posted to internet (Updated)

Hat tip to Doug in comments. Click here for a text link of paid Louisiana Ashley Madison users. [Link Broken]

Names that I recognized in fairly short order can be found on lines 237, 1003, 1618. Feel free to post your own line numbers in comments.


The original Pastebin pages was deleted. Here is a link to Part Two of the Louisiana Data Dump. I am working to get a link to part 1 as soon as I can find it.[Link Broken]


Here is a link to another Louisiana paid list.[Link Broken]


It appears all the Pastebin links have been broken. Slabbed New Media will continue to follow this story but we’re moving on from pasting links to the user lists. Thank you.

Publisher’s Update:

Despite the fact that I mentioned immediately above the Pastebin links were all bad, Slabbed still has huge amounts of outbound useless traffic to Pastebin from Slabbed. To make things crystal clear I disabled all the hyperlinks. While I love new readers you guys are killing us with kindness. I’d submit anyone with a familiarity with this area and just a bit more than a passing interest in what happens here should start coming everyday because the leaks all happened late last week and you really had to be present to win. Thank you. ~ Doug

Slabbed explores the almost completed Jackson County Adult Detention Center – Part 2 | Maxwell-Walker gains an unlikely ally

I ended part one with the emergence of then Pascagoula Mayor Robbie Maxwell and Scott Walker touting a cheaper jail solution to an incomplete architectural jail design which had not yet been bid at the time Walker and Maxwell appeared before the County Board of Sups.  Remember folks this went down in January 2011, the start of an election year.  Maxwell Walker must have had a hard time getting traction for David Deaton and Richard Rula of Hemphill, two of the three parties behind Southeastern Composites because a few months later the now disgraced Chris Epps appeared before the County Board of Supervisors touting a hub and spoke prison design of the type Deaton had experience in previously constructing in a “spoke” dome county jail for Tishomingo County in 2006, then as President of a company called Composite Building Systems.  Today David Dean Deaton II is no longer associated with the company except as registered agent, where he is listed on the Mississippi Secretary of State database as Dean Deaton.

So folks, let’s start a timeline:

  • January 24, 2011 – Maxwell Walker appear at Board of Supervisors meeting touting cheaper alternative to a jail which was still in the design phase on behalf of a new client, which is owned by Richard Rula of Hemphill Construction and  David Deaton.
  • March 14, 2011 – Scott Walker and David Deaton of Southeastern Composites form Gulf Coast Consultants LLC.
  • April 2011 – MDOC Executive Director Chris Epps appears before the Jackson County Board of Supervisors touting the design being pushed by Maxwell-Walker Consultants.
  • April 16, 2011 – OpEd column written by Supervisor Tommy Brodnax appears in the Mississippi Press under the title “Commissioner Epps should butt out of jail plans” Broadnax points the finger squarely at Maxwell Walker in this very public letter to then Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour:

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State officials, Tupelo Police, others turn up on Ashley Madison list

I also saw an old Mississippi DMR employee as well as the Departments of Agriculture, Rehabilitation Services. I posted on Twitter that I found 6 employees but I ended up finding 5. The lesson here is to never use a government email address to handle personal business, especially of the extramarital affair variety. Here is the link I used but this list is also plastered all over the internet.