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My wife and I are registered voters in Mr. Cumbest’s district. I’m also a former administrator at SRHS and sent a letter addressed to Mr. Cumbest (dated November 3, 2014) when the SRHS pension problems first came to light….so I am genuinely interested in Mr. Cumbest’s latest comments…..especially since he never bothered to respond to my concerns. No written response. No phone call. No followup email. Not even a canned “thank you for your feedback” letter. Nothing. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I would think that a locally-elected official would take time to at least acknowledge a thoughtful letter from a concerned constituent. If he/she can’t even manage to do that, then how much does that person really “care”?

I’m proud to have voted for Sabrina Manning Smith in the Republican primary and will be at polls bright and early on August 24th to vote for her again in the runoff. I refuse to vote for Barry Cumbest….not because I disagree with him politically…..but rather because he has shown me that he really doesn’t care about those he perceives as “nobodys”. My hope is that the “nobodys” will show up in droves on August 24th and vote him out of office.

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  1. This is just another example of the Barry Cumbest leadership in District 1. While he claims to know all about the pension crisis and what needs to be done to resolve the same he has continued to dangle any answers, like a carrot on the end of a stick, for this entire year.Now he wants to talk and send out questionnaires? I say hell no.Greg Shoemaker is just one example of what the citizens of Jackson County have been subjected to for the last 4 years,except in District 5 where these same types of things have been going on for 15 years. Time for new people in at least 4 of the board seats. Throw these incumbents out on August 25.

  2. They don’t have a clue. Cumbest soliciting suggestions from retirees, Ross was on the dais begging for suggestions.

    The “aww shucks, what should we do?” routine has gone on long enough and is not indicative of leadership. Quite the opposite.

  3. Mr. Shoemaker, The turnaround plan is working. Mr. Cumbest didn’t create this mess. In fact, it has been said in the halls that the turnaround plan mainly encompasses undoing what you and Mr. truelove had created over the years. Now no one blames you for the $88 million issue. But I would like to know how much money was lost under you as administrator of the clinics, most of which are now closed. How much has your pet project, the health Plex, cost us? Will you share all the details of the land purchases that were made under your administration? What were you paid? And how much did you get as a payout when you left?

  4. Good questions…no good answers Of course.
    Admin who worked with him, created the issue along with the Board of Trustees and yet they are not getting near enough heat compared to the board of supervisors. They are even much more guilty than the stupidvisors.
    Some of us do also blame Shoemaker for the 88 million and pension fund issue, he WAS the CFO and sucked up to Anderson and friends for a while and worse yet took a coward way out, after spending all our money with Anderson and friends on Healthplex and other bad deals. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Beware the man who is as big of a sinner as all and knows it, and yet throws the stones anyways.

  5. Supporters of Sabrina Smith might want to know that she is a liar about most things in her background. She was never a Senior Planning coordinator at Ingalls, there is no such job title. She made it up! She was a material planning coordinator but she NEVER handled any budgets. Planning coordinators do NOTHING with budgets at all and certainly not million dollar budgets! At Ingalls, budget analysts handle budgets. There were 4 budget analysts in her department and she wasn’t one of them. Also, why doesn’t she work at Ingalls any longer? She was FIRED for mischarging her time. She would lie about where she was and say she was working at home but she would be out shopping or doing other things instead of actually working. The final straw was when she was found sleeping in her car at work one day. She was also fired from her job at BP. Another thing, she claims to be a good Christian but she lied to her church about being behind 2 months on her rent so they gave her the money to pay it so her family wouldn’t be kicked out of their home. Then she took the money that her church gave her and her family went on vacation to Branson, Missouri! A coworker of hers and a lady from her church put this information together and they were so disgusted! I mean it’s funny how a week after she couldn’t pay her rent that her family was able to go on an impromptu trip to Branson! A person who would steal from their church is the lowest of the low. Sabrina rents her home because she has had a home foreclosed on in the past and cannot get a loan to get a mortgage. This woman cannot manage money! This person is a be a liar and a manipulator who cannot be trusted. I certainly wouldn’t trust someone like this to represent my district or deal with any district funding! Ask others who worked with her and you will find that the facts I have stated are indeed true! Her own brother and sister are speaking out about some of these same lies. I just want people to know to know the truth and hopefully spread the word before the district runoff so the district doesn’t make a huge mistake! This woman is manipulative and deceitful and people are going to regret it if she is elected.

  6. I see another mention that “the turnaround plan is working” above – (Mr. Holland has also mentioned it several times recently).

    While that sounds like good PR and a morale booster – two things to remember:

    – the numbers that are being reported by SRHS (i.e. we are “only” going to lose xxx much money this year) are UNAUDITED and are what the SRHS Finance department and the administration are putting out. As was noted with the recent $88M accounting adjustment, they don’t have a very solid track record on financial reporting. I will wait to see what the audited numbers show. Of course those won’t be out for probably another year.

    – Even if these turnaround figures are correct, and they may be, bear in mind there is no amount being put into the pension plan. So, SRHS is touting a turnaround plan that is still showing the hospital losing money this year AND they are not contributing to the plan. The takeaway is that SRHS’ turnaround plan obviously can’t afford to fund the plan.

    1. The takeaway is that SRHS’ turnaround plan obviously can’t afford to fund the plan.

      That was apparently both recognized and formalized in an negotiated agreement. SRHS was apparently out of compliance with at least one of the SRHS bond covenants. The level of SRHS contributions to the pension plan was apparently an item of negotiation used to appease the bond insurers. As the Jackson County Board of Supervisors attorney Paula Yancey was recently reported to have said:

      The board attorney also pointed to several challenges the county, SRHS and retirees are facing as they work toward a solution. Some of those are:

      As part of SRHS’ bond default waiver, SRHS is not supposed to pay more than $3 million per year into the pension plan.

      Yancey said that stipulation could possibly be undone, but for now it is a hurdle.

      This is technical issue (bonds, bond covenants and so forth) for the average person to understand, but it seems to me that any incumbent Jackson County Supervisor ought to answer NOW both WHAT they knew about this negotiated agreement and more importantly WHEN did they know it.

      One reason (and it is a major influence on the calculations) the Supervisors’ “what if” pension calculations give the “answers” that they do is the $3 million SRHS contribution cap that Paula Yancey just disclosed on Monday. What is the date on this agreement? Paula Yancey knows. The Jackson County Supervisors all ought to know. The supervisors may choose to claim the “Sergeant Schultz defense” again as to this agreement. If so, they need to be forced to do it on the record, before the runoffs.

  7. If the turnaround plan is working its success can and shoukd be contributed to the following;
    1. Closing of several clinics which= people lost jobs and no rent and utilities are being paid out
    2. The elimination of more than 30 people’s jobs and their benefits
    3. The outsourcing of more jobs which really means less salary and benefits being paid out
    4. No money being paid into the pension plan
    5. No big retreats this year, no parties being thrown
    6. By whose accounts are the numbers coming from? The same ones who reported false numbers in the past?

    We need to demand the monthly financials be published showing days cash on hand and details on what savings have occurred and at what cost!

  8. Well, looks like the good judge answered all 9 questions on that simpleton handout put together by the Brainless Barry Cumbest and Troy Toss Ross. Now have your meeting with the retirees to figure how these good people get their due. And quit making fools of yourselves over and over.

  9. Is it true what I heard that hospitals get their losses forgiven on their taxes by the IRS at the end of the year? Is this true? How much has SRHS been forgiven in the past few years? Makes me wonder, eh.

  10. With yesterday’s judge ruling, which supervisor and which trustee will throw their brothers under the bus first?


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