Pro Bono Publico: Jackson County Sup District Four GOP Runoff on my mind

Folks the runoff between former Jackson County Sup Tommy Brodnax and current District Four Sup. Troy Ross is coming down to the wire and the race looks like it will be close based on my anecdotal observations visiting with folks in Jackson County.

I’ve heard the reasons why each man should be elected. Despite the fact most folks view this race as a stinker featuring two stinkers, the folks in District Four understand the importance that now attaches to this seat when the new Board is sworn in come January in light of the issues Jackson County faces.

I’m not going to list the downsides extensively on each candidate but Brodnax people correctly point out Ross is getting has received financial support from Harrison County’s Morris Strickland and that he was a patsy in the jail fleecing, a topic that Slabbed is now rolling out. There is merit to those points as well as the one Team Brodnax makes that he fought McKay on the jail and once he lost the fix was effectively in.

Ross supporters point to the fact he is a less divisive personality than Brodnax and that Ross will be able to more capably work with the new board to fix the myriad of problems the county faces. They also point out that Brodnax has his own past in Jackson County politics, some of it as unseemly as the jail.

Slabbed New Media will not be endorsing any candidates in the runoff election though we highly encourage everyone to go vote a week from tomorrow. Meantime I’m more than happy to let the Ross and Brodnax partisans have their say in comments.

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  1. Anyone tied into the fleecing of Jackson county, the SRHS scandal, and CONprofit group need to go. This is my 2 cents on the matter.

  2. I agree with you Charlene. But both candidates are not without a checkered past. So who do we vote for that is the lesser of the evils? We could vote Republican this time for whomever and in November make a choice between the Democratic and Independent candidates.
    Brodnax has been at odds with local law enforcement agencies, church, individuals, a local establishment to the point of harassment that resulted in legal actions. And he was on board when SRHS first began not contributing and the Cobb dirt pit deal first surfaced.

    Ross has been the vote-getter for McKay but remember McKay is no longer there to pull his string. And he has many faults, misdeeds and mishaps as far as his following McKay is my opinion.

    But, we need to compare both candidates that will represent most of the people and not a select few in a dignified, educated, honest, common sense manner. The choice is not real good!


  3. Charlene you are so correct in what you said. Troy Ross has not made a single decision on his own since he was elected to the JCBOS. McKay told him how to vote and he followed the leader. Somebody please show me one JCBOS vote that he and McKay did not vote exactly the same on and I will kiss your behind in Time Square.You cannot find one. Ross also brought with him the Psycamore baggage that is going to cost the citizens of Ocean Springs a million dollars before it is all said and done. He voted on that financial disaster as told to also. Mr.Rogers, You are correct Brodnax will not just go along to get along. While I do not agree with every thing Brodnax has done in the past, I can say this without a doubt. He stood up to McKay and the other supervisors when the SRHS Chris Anderson wanted another 30 or 40 million dollar bond issue that by the taxpayers had to sign on and called Anderson out. In fact, he wrote a letter to this same Board questioning the very things that are now big problems, prior to the vote on the bonds.That same letter has been posted on the SRHS HOPES site if you care to read it. He also voted against the Cobb dirt pit deal just for your information.He knew it was wrong from the start. As the jail scandal blows wide open you will see where Brodnax fought to proceed with the correct plan that had been pursued for years. Not until McKay got Ross in place did all of the now known contract manipulation take place that somebody made lots of money on at the taxpayer’s expense. In other words McKay and Ross voted with the felons Scott Walker-Chris Epps team on the jail. Also let us not forget the SRHS employees and retirees that were lied to by those two supervisors who attended the SRHS Board of Trustee meeting when the vote was made to bring the pension to and end.Troy Ross was one of the two. After being called out he finally admitted going but could not remember what was discussed. While his memory may not be good I bet every person associated with the hospital system will not forget those actions.Without McKay on the board Ross would still be a follower because he has already proven not to be a leader. Lets all finish the job and clean out everybody who has been deceitful these last four years. Enough of the lies and manipulation that have hurt the people but benefited the crooks amongst us. Hope and change really might apply in this election.

    1. As Doug is in the process of posting on the Jackson County Jail I don’t want to be throwing lots of links out there when they will probably either be in his post or can be posted in the comments to the posts. That said

      There is plenty in my file on this topic which supports this statement:

      As the jail scandal blows wide open you will see where Brodnax fought to proceed with the correct plan that had been pursued for years.

      There is plenty more where those on the other side from Supervisor Broadnax made statements and did things they probably now wish they had not.

      One way or another most of that will be out soon.

    2. I could not agree more. Troy Ross has been a huge disappointment. He went from a clean military vet to John McKay’s jock sniffer with the appointment of Jalanivich to the Harbormaster position in OS. Everyone knew that 3 extremely more qualified candidates applied for that generous position, and lo and behold John mcKays’s campaign manager gets the spot!! And a former harbormaster without a criminal record doesn’t even get interviewed? Since Ross cannot see that McKay would be paying back huge favors incurred during the DMR era, he also cannot see corruption in the Walker-Maxwell jail connection either and he has to go. I know Broadnax is a crotchety old bastard, but he is an honest one who would not stiff pensioned nurses and janitors while awarding fat $300,000 jobs to bad accountants at SRHS and fat cat land deals to people whose names we are very familiar with already.

  4. Barry Cumbest on SRHS:

    First let me say that I do appreciate your support over the yeras. I understnad that your are concerned. I understand that many others are as well.
    Let me say first, that I was not in office when the hospital stopped contributing. Having said that, it is now an issue that I have been and will deal with. I understand that you and many others are frustrated, angry, and feel betrayed.
    I too am frustrated, but for different reasons. I hate that there is a perception that I have done nothing to fix this, when I have worked very hard to try and do just that: fix it.
    My frustration lies in the fact that I cannot talk about what we did to try and fix it due to a court order that is in place prohibiting us from discussing it. What I can tell you is when this first arose in December, I took immediate steps to get the information from the hospital (to which we were not entitled under the law) and to make them agree to continue to fully pay the pension to the retirees, which they have done. It is an agreement dated December 15, 2015.
    I also hired people to review all of this information so that a solution and a remedy could be formulated. For months we worked very hard to come up with a potential solution and participated and went to a mediation conducted by the Court —
    even though we were not part to teh litigation — to attempt to facilitate and substantially participate in a solution.
    I had great hopes that the mediation would be successful. Some of the attorneys for the retirees did not even show up. Unfortunately, the issue is not yet resolved but we have made great strides. We have been so close at times to resolving it. The failure of the mediation is what prompted us to attempt to get with the retirees on Monday.
    We even offered to do eactly what you said: hire someone who knows how to correct these problems at the hospital to pay for them. I know where the changes need to be made and how to achieve a result.
    But I am constantly reminded by the hospital that they have authority under the statute and owe no duty to us. I am confident that we can come up with a solution and I will not give up.
    My plan to solve this problem doesn’t involve the retirees NOR the employees having to fret over paying their bills nor obtaining and paying for medicine. It does not involve a tax increase.
    YOU ARE RIGHT. There is an answer for ya’ll. We fought for the County employees for 3 years to resolve their issues. We did not give up. Our employees had faith in us. I will do the same for you, only quicker because this issue cannot wait that long. This is a different situation entirely. The money is dwindling and the hole is getting bigger with every day that passes.
    IF I HAD THE AUTHORITY UNDER THE LAW TO FIX IT, this would have ended a long time ago. Please understand, if there was any way humanly possible to end it before now, I certainly would have, rather than to see the anger and hurt that is out there.
    I am asking you to continue to have faith in me and vote for me on August 25th. If I am not re-elected my hands will be further tied and this will drag on at a minimum until January 2016.
    You know my heart and it is where it has always been: with the people and the county that I love.
    I’m really sorry that the reply has been so long but the problem is complicated.
    Thank you and God Bless

    1. My wife and I are registered voters in Mr. Cumbest’s district. I’m also a former administrator at SRHS and sent a letter addressed to Mr. Cumbest (dated November 3, 2014) when the SRHS pension problems first came to light….so I am genuinely interested in Mr. Cumbest’s latest comments…..especially since he never bothered to respond to my concerns. No written response. No phone call. No followup email. Not even a canned “thank you for your feedback” letter. Nothing. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I would think that a locally-elected official would take time to at least acknowledge a thoughtful letter from a concerned constituent. If he/she can’t even manage to do that, then how much does that person really “care”?

      I’m proud to have voted for Sabrina Manning Smith in the Republican primary and will be at polls bright and early on August 24th to vote for her again in the runoff. I refuse to vote for Barry Cumbest….not because I disagree with him politically…..but rather because he has shown me that he really doesn’t care about those he perceives as “nobodys”. My hope is that the “nobodys” will show up in droves on August 24th and vote him out of office.

  5. I have been hearing from a lot of people at work that Brodnax took care of business back in the day.

    Of course I voted NO WAY MCKAY but the Brodnax stories seem to be all business and no play. The citizens of Jackson County need workers and not sleazy connected Regime members.

    I’m predicting Tommy “TKO” Broadnax will floor Ross with a stiff uppercut in round 2

  6. TOSS ROSS is what I say. While some may think Tommy Brodnax has a temper, that he may loose sometimes, I say that is what is needed instead of a bunch of grown men who are afraid to speak out. Brodnax knows how to get things done, like jerking an existing trustee off of that damn hospital board. He don’t need no 5′ attorney to tell him what to say or when to say it and I also like that.From what you can read and hear Ross has been up to a whole lot of no good during his first term. While he may appear humble he is really just weak and has allowed Mckay to exert total control over him. He reminds me of an old tabby cat hooked on a limb line down on the creek, just dangling there waiting for somebody to take him off. He has been McKay’s catfish for 4 years so it is only right that he leave with his fishyman. I am personally contacting people I know in his district to educate them on what he has become. I will be out with my signs stating later this week that say “TOSS ROSS” Give me a honk if you see me.

  7. Spot on. You need three votes to undo any past misdeeds by the JCBOS. If Cumbest & Ross are left on the board, you can guarantee the vote count will be 3-2 or 2-3 every time. Nothing will change.

    With McKay soon to be gone, Ross would be bereft of any board leadership. Who would fill that position? Look at any motion that McKay made that was defeated by the board. Ross was always the second.

    He went and sweet talked the retirees for two hours after the board meeting. Too little, too late. Where was he when Yancey and Cumbest were busy shutting them up? He didn’t stand up for anything until he had one foot in the political grave.

    Do you think he has had a sudden change of heart? A leopard can’t change his spots. Re-elect him and you will be right back in the same boat floating down S*** Creek that starts at Cobb’s pond all the way to the Ocean Springs Harbor house and right past David Harris’ & DMR land deal legacy.

    Don’t forget that it was Dogan & Wilkinson who lent aid and support to Ross’ initial bid for the BOS.

    For all of Brodnax’s foibles, no one can question the fact that he is his own man. His record on SRHS far exceeds that of Ross. Back in 90’s the county was borrowing money in anticipation of revenue while SRHS was throwing off millions. The BOS wanted to raid that money and use it for the county, or lease the hospital. The lease would give the county $100 million upfront and annual payments.

    Tommy Brodnax stood in the way of that. He fought to put it up for a vote by the citizens.

    What else did Brodnax stand up against? Tax exemptions for all the crony capitalists. Ross voted for Roy William’s son Gentry to get a tax break on his MS Laundry facility. The board enlisted Paula Yancey to provide legal cover in the form an AG opinion on the matter.

    When Ingalls was on the agenda, Brodnax recused himself, even when he was retired. Ross won’t even tell us where he and his wife earn their money.

    Brodnax fought to get more information on hospital finances on the 2011 hospital bond issues.

    Not to say the Brodnax doesn’t have negatives, but from a realpolitik perspective, if you want retirees to get their due, it’s not going to happen with Ross or Cumbest.

    More to come

  8. I’m posting this in both Jackson County supervisor threads:

    Any elected official, or person who wants to be elected, and being supported by Dogan and Wilkinson should not get a honest person’s vote. I have refrained from forcefully picking sides because it is Jackson County and I really don’t have a dog in that fight, but if Dogan and Wilkinson is involved, watch out. Based on personal observations as well as comments by numerous people in the legal field, from lawyers to clerks and court personnel, there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, good or reputable about this firm or its members. Several of its current and recently former members are not only an embarrassment to the bar and the legal profession, but have done significant damage to Jackson County, its cities and its people.

    The bottom line is that if Dogan and Wilkinson supports or endorses Ross, I’d recommend voting for his opponent because he or she cannot possibly be worse for the average person.


  9. As pointed out in several posts on the SRHS Watch blog Troy Ross broke the laws of the state of Ms. on purpose or maybe because John McKay told him it was OK. Ross failed to file the required Statement of Economic Interest for not 1 year or 2 years but for 4 years in a row, his whole first term as supervisor !!! If you go to the Ms. Ethics Commission Website-Statement of Economic Interest and look under the paragraph with header ” What are the penalties for failing to file or disclose required information?” Here is what is says “Anyone who fails to file within one year of the applicable deadline or who knowingly fails to disclose required information is guilty of a CRIME and can be fined up to $10,000.” He finally filed only after this was disclosed to the public, but as pointed out in the attached SRHS Watch post his filings are very lacking and incomplete. Why has he not been punished by the state for knowingly violating the law? Did McKay tell him “Don’t worry be sloppy” with the required paperwork because he did not file also until call out? Is it more of the good old boys taking care of the Republican brothers? Does he think he is above the law just like he did when he voted to violate the civil rights of a protected class in the Psycamore denial? Is this someone we want to elect to a second term? Be aware of the real Ross.

  10. I was bored the other day so I picked up the list of campaign contributions for all JC supervisor candidates. After reviewing the required Troy Ross filed Report of Receipts and Disbursements for the 2011 and 2015 elections I was not shocked to find out who the number one contributor to the Ross campaign was/is for both his first BOS run and this current re-election attempt. You may not be surprised either to find out that first place (drum roll please) goes to none other than ex-SRHS trustee Mr.Morris Strickland and his related companies. I guess Strickland is buying some insurance because he wants to keep that Acadian Ambulance contract,Hilton Gardens and Commercial Laundry tax breaks or maybe add another tattoo parlor, massage operation along Washington Ave,the gateway to Ocean Springs. Congratulations goes out to Harrison County resident Morris Strickland for that strong $$$ finish $$$. Then, if you look at the amount of money that has been contributed by engineering firms that do business with or in Jackson County,wow, they together add up to lots spending $$$money$$$ for Ross. Firms like Seymour Eng.,Thompson Eng.,Neel-Shaffer Eng.,Baker LPA, Machado-Patano, Compton Eng., and Burk-Kleinpeter,. Wonder what they want in return?Also many other notables have paid to influence such as Kevin Holland(job security), Jerry St.Pe'(son’s job security), Tom Reynolds (using CIAP $$$s?) Charles Britt(special thanks for back door appointment)Greg Cronin(use my and Roy Williams bank),Frank Mallette(covering his ass-phalt no bids) Joe Cloyd( Restore money) Wally Carter(garbage whore), the entire Robbie Maxwell family(apologizing for Scott Walker) and so on.Funny how there are very few individuals from District 5 shown as donors in his report. I assume all of these contributions are all perfectly legal. Just thought everyone would want to know who Troy Ross is obligated to if re-elected.

    1. Just asking, but what does Morris Strickland have to do with Acadian Ambulance? I have seen it posted that Strickland owns a business with “Acadian” in the name, but it is not Acadian Ambulance. I’m almost certain Acadian Ambulance is still family-owned/operated. I know they have been in Lafayette and other parts of LA for about 40 years and in Jackson County for at least 15-20 years. I think even their Jackson County presence predates Strickland’s arrival on the coast.

        1. I don’t dispute that Strickland may have a company with “Acadian” in the name. However, the Mississippi company with Strickland’s name is not the original Acadian Ambulance, which is/was a LA company in business for 40-plus years. I think it is on the 2nd or even 3rd generation of the same family. I have no idea if Strickland’s company is connected in some way, but unless the family that founded and has owned Acadian Ambulance for 40-plus years sold it to him very recently and he moved it to Mississippi, which I am almost certain did not occur, Strickland’s company and the actual Acadian Ambulance are not connected. Besides, from what I know, Acadian Ambulance company is a relatively large company with air ambulances, etc. that services a pretty large section of the region from MS to TX. I seriously doubt Strickland could afford to buy it and move it to Ocean Springs, even if he wanted to. Plus if he had bought it, it would have made the news in both LA and MS.

          And all that said, are you (Doug) sure that Morris Strickland is actually the person posting under that name?

      1. Morris Strickland has an entity named Acadian LLC. Troy Ross lists receiving donations from Acadian (I am looking at it now). He fails to fill in the other required blanks such as Name of Employer or Occupation. This may have caused this to be confused with Acadian Ambulance Service, who just so happens to have a contract with Jackson County. Even if the Acadian amounts were not given to Ross by Strickland and were deducted, Strickland and related companies have still given more to Ross, in campaign donations of record, than any other person since he first announced he was seeking a seat on the JCBOS. He still gets the top spot. On some donor listings Ross provides more info such as the next one down on this report page. This one shows FULL NAME- Joe Cloyd ADDRESS- 433 East Beach,Ocean Springs,Ms.39564 NAME OF EMPLOYER- Self OCCUPATION- Advertising. So you see some have full info, some do not.

        1. Receiving a campaign donation from (hypothetically) a “John Lickspittle”, and then reporting the contribution as being received from “John” probably meets neither the spirit nor the letter of the law.

          A recent check at the Mississippi Secretary Of State website finds 54 business entities on the rolls as “Acadian” whatever. As 28 of those entities appear to be still in good standing, there are a few other possibilities as to the source of the Ross Donation other than Acadian LLC. I suspect the check had the full name of the account holder on it not to mention being signed by a person; too bad this information was so difficult to record and report correctly. (It was a check and not a wad of cash amirite?)

          Several possibilities come to mind:

          1. Good help is hard to find.
          2. This is how we always do it.
          3. Sloppy record keeping- who knew anyone cared?
          4. Sloppy record keeping- Acadian who? That’s none of their beeswax.

        2. “This one shows FULL NAME- Joe Cloyd ADDRESS- 433 East Beach,Ocean Springs,Ms.39564 NAME OF EMPLOYER- Self OCCUPATION- Advertising.”

          Advertising?! Judas on a pony, now THAT is f’ing funny! For Joe Cloyd to claim he is in “advertising” is like Butch Cassidy claiming to be a “train brakeman” because of all the trains he managed to stop.

          Cloyd may live in Ross’ district or something, but I’d be curious to see if this doesn’t have something to do with the various half-baked, ill-conceived “real estate developments” (for those interested, search for info on the Ocean Springs Katrina Cottage thing, among others) Cloyd has been involved with.


  11. I was told about this blog last evening. And I usually do not comment to stupid comments made about me or others. I have better things to do. However, the statement that I have donated to Troy Ross’s reelection campaign is an absolutely lie. I wish whomever said that had the guts to post one piece of real evidence that I did. It amazes me that people conjure up stupid stuff and feel free to post it wherever. This posting about me looks like political fodder posted by the opposing camp trying to get votes anyway they can. I may be wrong but I doubt it. Thanks and have a great Mississippi Day!!!

    1. Troy Ross’ campaign finance report was not clear thus the attribution of the 2015 contribution to your company Acadian LLC. I double checked and the consensus is the contribution is indeed from the ambulance people not your company. I have corrected the post and appreciate you stopping in to clarify things.

  12. While I do not have the time today to get this information scanned and posted I will jog your memory with dates and and amounts from the Ross reports. Eagle Enterprises-$1000.-5/28/11, Morris Strickland-$1000.- 8/12/11, Acadian- $250.-9/1/14, Acadian-$250.-1/15/15, Acadian-$250.-$250.-7/30/15. I hope this helps remind you. I have also been informed by a very reliable inside operator that some of the Troy Ross campaign expenses are being paid directly by certain individuals and other donations are being held until after the runoff. to keep from disclosing names with amounts. I hope you, Mr. Strickland, are not involved in any of that because this would be unethical. I feel certain what I have provided, will remove any doubt that you are wrong but if not, Jackson County will provide copies of these same reports to you.Good day.

  13. I am chokeing on my lunch! Another deny-er! They should know better than that. The people who post on this site have the goods and know who is doing what.
    I do not know Mr. Strickland or have any dog in that hunt; however, I do take exception to him making a reference to “people conjure up stupid stuff and feel free to post it wherever”. Does he refer to us as a group of witches???? Conjuring??? Really????
    Let me assure you Mr. Stickland, unlike the politicos behind the scenes that are hiding like scared rabbits, the people associated with this site are interested in right and wrong. They know what conscience, honor, merit, honesty, truth, and hard work mean. They also know what liars, cheaters, thieves, back-stabbers, shills, trough-suckers, and suck-a$$es mean. They are all sick and tired of being robbed and stolen from. They are all sick and tired of working just to retire – and then have that retirement stolen from them by the “innocent, holier-than-thou, honest politicos”. I thank God for this site; and thank God for Doug Handshoe for providing a safe haven to post the honest truth for all of the world to see. Your politicos have control of most of the newspapers, radios, television and media period. I guess it chaps your a$$ that people can tell the truth here and you can’t do a darn thing about it, because they are exposing you for who you are; not who you pretend to be and want people to think you are.
    I am sorry that your network is coming apart at the seams, and the circle is almost broken. If you are a player in all of these shennanigans, then you will get what you deserve. If you are not part of the crooked corruption, then you have no worries from any of the group of bloggers associated with this site, and by the way, bless your little ole heart.

  14. Hilarious. When I read “Morris Strickland’s” (assuming it really is Morris Strickland) comment, the phrase that leaped out at me was:

    “the statement that I have donated to Troy Ross’s [sic] reelection campaign is an absolutely [sic] lie.”

    Apparently, that is technically an accurate statement, assuming the Ross campaign has been accurate in its disclosure statements, because MORRIS STRICKLAND has not “donated to Troy Ross’s [sic] REELECTION campaign.” Incredibly misleading, but technically accurate – the hallmark of effective BS, especially in politics. I would suggest that voters ask themselves two things:

    1. Do you want a Supervisor whose major supporters are perfectly willing to mislead people with regard to their “actively hidden” financial support for that Supervisor?
    2. Why would someone who supports a candidate not be proud of their support? Why would they not come out and say plainly, “I am supporting this person with my money and my vote and I’d ask everyone to do the same.” At the very least, why would they attempt to obscure or even hide their support rather than simply keep quiet about it?

    From a political standpoint, actively hidden funding is generally some type of quid pro quo whereas merely “quiet” funding can sometimes be explained by political realities. For example, a MS businessperson might wish to keep their contribution to a pro-choice candidate quiet, but when the candidate and the “actively hidden” contributor already have questionable interaction involving public funds, it is reasonable to suspect that something “interesting” is going on. My guess would be that some digging around about Morris Strickland might produce some very interesting things.

  15. Thanks for reminding me. Mr. Strickland has never heard of this site until yesterday? It was this site who broke the story and exposed the issues of his residency which led to his resignation.

    1. Mr. Strickland has never heard of this site until yesterday?

      Look carefully at the sentence construction in the “Morris Strickland” comment above.

      I was told about this blog last evening.

      Leave opens the possibility that he had been told about this blog on previous occasions. One could spend a minute or two parsing and analyzing the entire comment.

      Was this comment was posted by the real Morris “Get out of my office. Get out of my office. This is private property. Get out, get out, get out.… Let me call the cops.” Strickland? If so, and he really wanted to deny any political contributions to Ross, then Mission Accomplished!

    2. I find his comments odd but even more peculiar is the time on the post he was responding to shows 9:41. Strickland’s post shows 9:42. Please explain that one minute phenom. He must have been looking at it all night and all morning and is super swift on his key board. Damn man, at his age he is sharp, but he still needs to take time to proof read his comments.

    1. Supervisors: It’s time for SRHS to sit down with retirees to find pension solution

      The following quote confirms what I had suspected but had never seen any evidence to support, that essentially the pension plan was dealt away to help prevent a bond default.

      “The board attorney also pointed to several challenges the county, SRHS and retirees are facing as they work toward a solution. Some of those are:

      As part of SRHS’ bond default waiver, SRHS is not supposed to pay more than $3 million per year into the pension plan.

      Yancey said that stipulation could possibly be undone, but for now it is a hurdle.

      Given the years of pension under funding and no funding by SRHS, and the accumulated and growing actuarial shortfalls reported, a cap of $3 million per year for SRHS contributions to the plan (beginning say sometime in early 2014 possibly?) would effectively seal the fate of the defined contribution pension plan. Perhaps with the new spirit of public openness and communication the bond default waiver can be released.

      I don’t recall with certainty, but as the cash flow problems and $88 million write off preceded the announcement of difficulties with the pension plan by months, it was probably the default waiver that preceded the pension plan termination.

      1. I just realized there was a missing word in the last sentence.

        it was probably the default waiver that preceded the ATTEMPTED pension plan termination.

  16. I got the biggest kick this morning when I turned on my computer and went to the Slabbed site. First thing that popped up was a “Troy Ross for District 4 Supervisor” ad. That made a light bulb go off in my antique head and the thought that followed was gee, I wonder what it would cost this old man to put my sign as an ad. Can’t be much because it is just 2 words. “TOSS ROSS”. Very simple but sums it up and really says it all. Maybe I just save the money and just post TOSS ROSS everyday. I do think the Ross ad reminds us who to focus on him and his lack of ability every time we come here. When I see it I automatically think about him being McKay’s zombie vote on that board. What he did to those retirees was my second thought. When I found out he attended that hospital trustee meeting when they voted to end the pension I got dirt pit mad.Then I got even more upset when he lied about what went on behind those closed doors. Nobody should let his want to talk change of heart fool them. His sign should really say “A VOICE FOR ALL OF MY CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTORS”. He best be glad I don’t vote in 4 because I would be just on more vote to send him packing.

  17. I read both of the latest April Haven’s articles in the Ms.Press newspaper and must say, things, they are a changing. Or are they? Havens has become the PR person for the BOS that McKay said they really have needed these last few months. Some other good propaganda to look at are the video’s of Monday’s board of supervisors meeting that are posted on SRHS HOPES blog. You can hear McKay wondering why they did not start talking this fake dribble 4 months ago because he would have won if they had. You can hear Ross saying he no longer has any fear of attorneys or being sued and claims he is ready to give a deposition anywhere in the world. Cumbest swears his heart is aching and he knows what needs to be done to fix this mess but wants everybody’s vote first. Also Paula Yancey, who is April Havens want to be mother-in -law, tried breaking it down for even the dumbest of us using her new much tuned down softer mini me personality.What she lacks in stature was sure made up with extra BS at that meeting. Wonder if she got to call the other mini mouth, Billy Guice, to tell him to submit his final $400,000 monthly bill and not to worry about providing all of that “I know what happened” information he never had that he assembled into the report that never was? What a charade it was. I hope not one person buys what these incompetents are selling.

    1. I have been able to come by the projection calculated for the Board of Supervisors by LaPorte and am working to get it on a spreadsheet to tinker with the variables. The 6% annual return is too low for instance.

      Yancey disclosing the price of the covenant waiver explains why the annual Hospital contribution were capped at $3,000,000.

      1. July 7, 2015 Miss Press:

        Jackson County: Calculation shows that 100 percent funding of SRHS pension plan is impossible
        The the link to the pension what if calculation released in July is embedded.

        Here is the direct link to the “what if”. Click to review pension “what if” in light of recent revelation that there is a $3 million negotiated annual cap on SRHS contributions.

        Another review of the SRHS Board minutes in light of the newly revealed negotiated contribution cap (to obtain a bond covenant waiver and avoid default on the SRHS/Jackson County bonds) points to page 45 among others. Link to selected SRHS board minutes.

      2. Perhaps 6% is too low, but most public pension trust funds use an assumed return rate of no more than 7%-7.25%. The 9% assumed rate used by SRHS for years to calculate its unfunded obligation to the plan was ridiculous. Its current assumed rate of 8% is not much better.

    2. Can’t believe Ross’ depo hasn’t been noticed yet; he’s begging for it. If I were Earl Denham I would have been turning cartwheels down Washington Ave to deliver that to Billy Guice.

      The “pro bono publico” flag might need to be removed as there is now a sponsorship from Ross.

      1. The Pro Bono was up before the ad. While I’m happy to have Supervisor Ross’ financial support I’m not letting that stand in the way of the reader commentary pro or con. To the extent I’m not a resident of the east end of the coast and none of the candidates have horns and tails I’m very happy providing the forum as it fits the core mission but otherwise Slabbed is staying out of the fray.

            1. Money is money.

              As far as I’m concerned John McKay and Morris Strickland could by ads here at Slabbed and I’d be happy to click them every time they would pop up if it meant they were supporting the blog. (insert your own emoticon here)

              So if they are following along that’s a personal invite from me.

              1. Well said RFP.

                Lockie, I’m doing my level best to keep the lights on here and yes that means Slabbed will run paid ads from Mississippi based individuals and businesses on occasion to go with the generous support of the readers. Since I’m disclosing back office changes Slabbed has discontinued running Jim Brown’s weekly column but those so interested can visit Jim’s website to catch up.

        1. Lets see, Morris Strickland just discovered Slabbed on Monday PM, comments in lightning speed on Tuesday AM and Troy Ross ad gets bought on Tuesday PM. No connection between those events for sure. I personally think his name has already received mucho exposure to the max on this site. I like the reminder myself of why I am here. No incumbent supervisor left standing is one of the reasons. Got to love it.

        2. That could be my fault. I read other independent blogs and suggested that no one would fault him for selling ads because every single other blog I read does. Do you? The forum has to be provided for and always needs a new pair of shoes.

          1. I think selling ads here is a good idea. Like I said above. I am sure I am not the only person here who clicks hotlinks and popups with wild abandon.

            The thought of seeing a Hilton Garden Inn or Mississippi Money Laundry ad here at Slabbed gives me a tingle. Is it too much to hope for to see a JaWa Investments LLC or Columns ad sometime? I do suppose that it would probably have to be after the cons get out and get back in the game before they could afford or would even want to do that.

            Here is something else potential advertisers should think about: certain ads might be noteworthy enough to need a editorial explanation, thus earning a front page content bump for extra eyeballs! IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION-The preceding sentence is posted by an uninformed commenter based upon pure speculation-contact the blog operator before placing ad to verify all blog policies.

            1. The Eagle has landed. I have the Ashley Madison paid list for the State of Louisiana by zipcode. Dis is gonna be good!

              Sorry folks for the OT.

  18. Last night I saw some some information about a new product that may help ease some of the frustration or angst that the JC Supervisors, SR Hospital Higher Ups and their Attorneys are experiencing because of the pension crisis they are all involved in. Pay attention all of you people in positions of power and authority in Jackson County. This is important. You are probably all suffering from ED(Excessive or Election Dishonesty)Just ask yourself the following…. Are you having trouble speaking or remembering the truth these days? Are you worn down because you are getting caught in lie after lie in public? Do you find yourself spending way too much time dreaming up new things to tell people just to get Their vote? Are you having nightmares about 70+ year old people picketing in the 95 degree heat outside of your air conditioned building demanding the truth? Have you ran out of answers about the many conflicts you are involved in? Are you an attorney at Dogan and Wilkinson? Do you feel downright dishonest and think you just can’t go on anymore? If so, you are in luck!!! NOW AVAILABLE TO ALL OF THE WORN OUT AND FRUSTRATED LIARS IN JACKSON COUNTY. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. FINALLY, SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE A MORE RESPECTED LIAR IN YOUR OWN MIND. -LIAGRA!!!!!! Just 100 mg per day will give you stronger and longer lasting fabrications…. you will be able to tell lies faster and with more energy…. you will have no sense of remorse…you will even believe your own stories!!!! VIVA LIAGRA!!!! Warnings…Do not use this product if you have a conscience…Loss of long range vision may occur…Expect some hearing reduction due to criticism…The speed of lies coming from your mouth may exceed your ability to think… If you feel short of breath when being chased by nonbelievers please consult a track coach. Get your 100mg LIAGRA (sildenaflimflam litrate) today. No prescription required but a lie deflector test recommended. GET YOURS TODAY.

  19. In Barry Cumbest statement above that his heart is in this for the retirees and this issue of saving the retirement for the retirees is all a lied. An employee asked him about the termination when it first came out. He said they had not intended for this to be revealed this soon. Which means to me it would have been revealed after the termination had someone not found out two days before it happened. Thank God for these people for finding out or we would have nothing and the CEO, CFO, and the attorneys would have split the remaining money in the fund so the bylaws stated. Another thing he had nothing to do with the retirees checks continuing. Several TRO did that till all this went to litigation and the judge ordered the payments to continue. So as usual the BOS always want the glory for something they did not have a hand in. So on August 25, vote for Sabrina Smith for supervisor and vote Barry Cumbest out along with Teou Ross. As he said above sorry this statement is long but the truth had to be told about him.

  20. Looky what’s in the Sun Herald: “Also in Tuesday’s meeting, aldermen asked county Supervisor Troy Ross and the city’s grants coordinator to delay until mid-October closing the city’s four boat-launch ramps as part of a $1 million project at the Ocean Springs Harbor in order to help Marine Mart, a bait business in the harbor. The business relies heavily on September and October sales, aldermen said.”

    And who benefits?

    “The cottage is being donated to the city by MEMA and it will ultimately become the new harbor bait shop, owned by Kenny DiNiero. ”

    “The cottage will then be donated to YADA– Youth Alternative Development Activities — a local fundraising organization founded four years ago by former YMCA director David Harris. YADA will then lease the cottage to DiNiero.”

    1. Is David Harris running YADA from the grave? His wife and sons must still be living out of this fun raising organization. Jesus,it never ends.

    2. Wait a second….close the best boat ramps in the city? For what? For repairing the damage caused by that bull thing owned by David Harris and somehow…was not part of the $4.1 MILLION DOLLARS they sold that thing…built by John McKay’s campaign manager Jalanivich…for to those honest folks at DMR? And then GIVE MORE FREE STUFF, along with the $100,000 legal services bill paid to (wait for it) DOGAN&WILKINSON for representing Harris free in court, to the people who really owned Harbor Landing, the nest of the rest of them? Has anyone checked to see if YADA is keeping the 40% of money it collected and paying out huge salaries to themselves, as seen on some filings available at the Secretary of State’s charity page? Why close those ramps? Did yall know Brodnax built them and they are the best around with just the right angle? There’s plenty of land to re-route traffic once the work is started to fix the mess that Harris left behind in the road. Danger to people from the launch ramps? oh NO! Somewhere there is a DOGAN&WILKINSON legal opinion, paid for by you taxpayers, that says it is just fine and dandy for the Harris bull to drive back and forth 40 times a day across a tiny public road, no industrial use and no danger at all! So why close anything? Stop the madness. Here’s what a marine mammal has to say about Jalanivich, Ross and Brodnax… those ramps were great for large boats to launch until Ross appointed McKay’s Butt Boy to the cushy job with bigger, badder truck! What Good Ole Boy has done is let the dredge wash out behind the ramp and now the boats drop off, but it’s still the best angle around. Good Ole Boy figured there was not enough carpentry and decorative shit needed on that largely useless palace built for him, so he spent another $20,000 or so of slip fees on a pretty, pretty louvred blind look in genuine hand crafted wood! While the harbor needs a working pumpout station and has really bad problems in the back with electric current in the water (this fish stays away), but, hey, appoint a disgraced politician and campaign buddy who just happens to be a carpenter and why! every problem is a nail. Get rid of all these crooks.

  21. Well,looks like the good judge answered all 9 questions on that simpleton handout put together by the Brainless Barry Cumbest and Troy Toss Ross. Now, have your meeting with the retirees to figure how these good people get their due. And quit making fools of yourselves over and over.

  22. It is quite sad that Supervisor Troy Ross has now invited the input from the employees and retirees of SRHS. This move seems to me to be one of desperation after two of his fellow Supervisors have not been re-elected. Mr. Ross has now resorted to smear tactics of Mr. Brodnax that are items of which Mr. Brodnax had no control. Mr Ross slept through the last three years of the lack payments to the SRHS pension not being made. Further Supervisor Brodnax had no authority to stop the SRHS Board of Trustees from voting to leave PERS. The administrator at the time they left, pushed the change through. I am further appalled that the County, with Mr. Ross at the helm has voted to spend +/- 30 million dollars to build a jail that just a few short years ago was to cost around 13 Million dollars. Mr. Ross criticizes the support of a $50 million bond issue for the SRHS when he has also voted to authorize millions of dollars of bonds to be secured by the citizens of Jackson County for the SRHS. This seems to be the pot calling the kettle black! I for one can’t vote for Troy Ross who said he didn’t know anything about the SRHS pension plan being terminated, even though it has been reported that he was in the SRHS Board of Trustees meeting when the action was taken. Furthermore, I can’t vote for Troy Ross due to the fact that he did not file his required ethics report with the Mississippi Ethics Commission for his service as the Alderman at Large for the City of Ocean Springs nor the years of 2012 and 2013 until July 21st, 2015 and those are filed under the name of Joseph Ross which is not the name that he qualified for and has run for election. Mr. Ross threw the constituents of Ocean Springs to the curb after he ran for and was elected as the Alderman at Large. Such individuals as a member of the SRHS Board of Trustees who served under the false pretense that he was a Jackson County resident, when in fact he wasn’t, encouraged Troy “aka Joseph” Ross to run for the Supervisor’s office because he could do more for Ocean Springs. My issue, one that I discussed with Mr. Ross when he decided to go for the higher office is that he ran for an office and was quick to give it up. In closing, I do not think that Mr. Ross is the right person to stand up for the constituents of Jackson County and I will not be voting for him on August 25th!

    1. In fairness to Ross re: SEI. The system requires the filer to use his full name, not the name under which he qualified. Paula Nations Stennett (Yancey) had this problem. Her SEI is filed, not under Yancey, but Stennett — this is the name still on her MSDL and Social Security Cards.

  23. I sat around last night trying to come up with the top 10 reasons no incumbent should be re-elected but after the first hour I realize I needed to start over and do one for both Ross and Cumbest. So here are the top 10 reasons Troy Ross should not be re-elected to the District 4 Board of Supervisors seat. The #10 reason is Troy Ross has voted in favor of tax breaks for his previous employer, Chevron, when he should have recused himself. The #9 reason is Troy Ross co-authored the 9 question survey given to the hospital retirees/employees. This was nothing more than a lame attempt at vote getting, acting like he wanted their input after 8 months of shutting them out. The #8 reason is Troy Ross and others on the board have refused to use their power of subpoena to bring Chris Anderson to the table for questioning under oath. The #7 reason is Troy Ross has solicited and received campaign contributions from companies that due business with Jackson County. This includes 7 engineering companies. The #6 reason is Troy Ross voted to hire attorney Billy Guice to represent the board thus wasting $100s of thousands of dollars without any information gathered ever given to the public. the #5 reason is Troy Ross has purposely not filed for 4 years the necessary Economic Interest Statements as required by law. This is a crime and carries penalties up to $10,000. What was he hiding? To be continued….

  24. …..The #4 reason Troy Ross should not be re- elected is the fact that he attended a SRHS Trustee meeting on Nov.20,2014 when a vote to terminate the pension plan was successful. Ross denied going at first then said he did not remember any discussion about the pension plan. He lied. The number #3 reason is Troy Ross voted with John McKay and Barry Cumbest to start over on the new JC Jail after years of planning and with millions spent, all because Scott Walker,Robbie Maxwell, Chris Epps and others wanted in on the deal. The #2 reason is Troy Ross failed to review or approve any of the financial information or budgets from the SRHS as is required by law. Now we have a financial disaster on our hands. And the #1 reason Troy Ross should not be re-elected is the fact that he has participated in a 4year cover up. He and the other members of the board have abused executive session and conducted the peoples business mostly in secret. They have refused to provide crucial information not only to the retirees but also to all of the tax paying citizens of Jackson County. Only in the past 2 weeks has Troy Ross come out from behind the cloak of attorney Guice. Why? Because he is desperate to get re-elected. This alone is reason enough to send him home. A vote on Tuesday for Troy Ross is basically an approval of his past actions and a request for more of the same. He must go along with Barry Cumbest.

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