Friday Open: Where does the time go?

I’m fighting numerous deadlines thus the lack of new material. That does not means the news cycle is not happening though, especially the continuing dust-up involving Consultant Joshua Nemzoff’s airing of the sweetheart insider dirty laundry in a full page ad to the Times Picayune.  I personally don’t understand why Channel 8 doesn’t just lend Chris Roberts a camera man and microphone for the week while Lee Zurik explores anew why John Young likes a well compensated secretary.  Maybe Zurik should explore how Robert’s makes his money but we’d all die from asphyxiation holding our breath waiting for that.

3 thoughts on “Friday Open: Where does the time go?”

  1. Once you go down the rabbit hole, there seems to be no end.

    Is it possible to have four years in Jackson County without a scandal? No embezzlement, no secret meetings, no abuses of power, no cronyism, no favoritism. No hypocrisy of sucking the government teet for corporate welfare dollars while simultaneously deriding Medicaid expansion that would help thousands.

    Maybe they’ll hire an attorney that can actually counsel them and keep them in compliance with state laws. Anyone who is elected to the new JCBOS should already be aware: we are watching.

  2. How about the Federal Forfeiture and Seizure Funds unaccounted for in Bay Saint Louis. Between that and the giving away of city property without authorization is going to create quite the interesting meeting in Bay Saint Louis next Tuesday.

    It is my understanding that the media will be there. Rafferty may need to bond Longo, sorry I mean Les out of jail before it is all done.

  3. Well, thanks for “the Open Thread”, Doug, which we haven’t seen for a long time. There is SO-O-O-O much to talk about: the rampant crime in New Orleans, particularly armed robberies being committed by “sons of Obama” in Uptown, Carrollton and Garden District (CRIME IN NOLA REALLY IS OUT OF CONTROL); the Confederate Monuments issue, and the totally SHAM stacked deck “hearings” by the New Orleans Historic District Landmarks Commission and Human Relations Commission on Thursday, the 13th (A date when there were NINE armed robberies and one carjacking in the City), while we all wait for Harriet Tubman’s UGLY FACE to replace Andrew Jackson’s on the ten dollar bill (Do you know that Tubman was a co-conspirator with John Brown in the seizure of the Harper’s Ferry Arsenal? Tubman should have been HUNG with Brown and his followers for TREASON, but she is going to be honored, while one of the Nation’s greatest heroes and Presidents is relegated to “the dust bin of history”); and Killary Clinton’s CRIMINAL violations of National Security Laws in connection with her use of “personal servers” (That’s right – “more” than just one!), misuse of classified materials, and obstruction of justice by destruction of evidence, and then lying about all of it, in numerous ways. But let me move to another subject: OHOMO, that MOZ- SLIME Kenyan imposter who currently occupies “the White Mosque”, is getting ready to close Guantanomo, and release or relocate to the USA “the baddest of the bad” who are still there. But that’s only the “half” of it: OHOMO IS GOING TO GIVE GUANTANOMO TO THE CASTRO BROTHERS, two of the worst terrorists, murderers and violators of human rights in the history of the World. I’m so “MAD”, I could SPIT. But I have no control over what is happening and what will “happen”, here and elsewhere. But thanks for “the Open Thread”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

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