BREAKING: Scott Walker wants out early

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Scott Walker wants to serve remainder of prison sentence in halfway house ~ Margaret Baker

He claims that home confinement would be fine too but before he goes back into the consulting business with a local sitting politician we need to hash out a thing or two starting with that brand spanking new Jackson County Adult Detention Center from where the stench of a steaming pile of Maxwell-Walker scat still emanates. Jackson County still has too many CONsultants on the loose as it stands.

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  1. My Fellow Americans,

    It seems that Scotty boy is always looking special treatment or privileges. In my opinion, he got off extremely light in his sentencing, even avoided court costs, and will be back to the same old shenanigans as soon as he is released.

    I personally think the medical excuse is just that–An excuse. He is currently residing in a Federal Prison–a cakewalk IMHO. If he has medial conditions which are being ignored he has plenty of avenues for correction.

    He is just a spoiled, over privileged, white elitist of the gulf coast that can’t take the heat. Suck it up BigHead!!!

  2. With his resume, who in their right mind would hire this crook? I believe in giving everyone a second chance but when you look at his record, he has gotten several chances. The deal in DC, the DUI in Ocean Springs, and the list goes on that never made headlines.

    1. Mr. Rodgers

      Any normal organization would not even consider Scott Walker. He has lived a life supported by the tax payers and jail bird daddy. I’m sure there is plenty of hidden capital left for round two.

  3. If Judge Starrett allows this, then he will be the next one to hit the door in the next election.
    Taxpayers are fed up with these eliteists who think they are entitled to “special favors”. How many other incarcerated individuals are allowed special treatment for lesser charges???? This is an absolute insult to injury after the trouble he has caused at the DMR (which, by the way, is not over yet). He is the cause that the people have to put up with the garbage that is leading the DMR right now. He and his father have broken the peoples’ trust, which imo, is one of the worst crimes ever, because they were given an opportunity that most people are not given, and they betrayed us. NO, NO, NO, his “soft sentence”, needs to be carried out to the end and he needs to serve his time. He did the crime, pay the time!

  4. He wants out early?

    What a surprise.

    The judge should give him a choice. Continue to do his time or report for duty at Cobbs Pit with a shovel. He could be let off the hook when it is all put back. There a few more ought to be joining him on the job at the dirt pit in a just world.

    1. Here’s some additional information on this.

      Miss Press: Scott Walker requests transfer from federal prison to halfway house

      There is a picture at the above link, it looks more like an older Econolodge than a prison where convicted CROOKED CONsultants should be sent for stealing from the taxpayers.

      The caption to the picture:
      In a motion filed in federal court, Ocean Springs native Scott Walker, sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for his role in the DMR and City of D’Iberville scandals, requests to be moved from this federal prison camp in Pensacola, Fla., to a halfway house to serve the remainder of his sentence.

      It had escaped my attention just where this self admitted CROOKED CONsultant was sent to twiddle his thumbs. As with everything, there are lists of cushy places to do your federal time. According to Forbes FPC Pensacola (Federal Prison Camp Pensacola) is #2 on the list of America’s 10 Cushiest Prisons (!)

      Here’s what Forbes had to say:

      Whitacre, who got out in 2007, spent the second half of his sentence at the Federal Prison Camp at Pensacola, Fla. (No. 2 on our list). Prisoners there could visit with their families on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in a tree-filled park, according to Whitacre.

      “More like the privacy of a backyard,” he says. “Fridays through Sundays I had visits, every week. And Mondays through Fridays I was just looking forward to my next visit.”

      Sounds pretty substandard (as far as punishment) already. But Wait: There’s more!

      The Pensacola camp also has a relatively rare feature that is desirable among federal inmates: proximity to a military base. Ellis, the Federal Prison Guidebook author, says that inmates at federal lockups near or adjacent to bases are more likely to enjoy better jobs and recreational activities outside their institution’s immediate confines.

      For Whitacre, that meant a clerking job in an air-conditioned military office and frequent trips to a servicemen’s cinema during his time at FPC Pensacola, which is next to the Pensacola Naval Air Station.

      One more thing. I had forgotten that Judge Starrett had sentenced Scott Walker to pay restitution at the rate of $750.00 per month. How will he make the nut on the fundraising McMansion at 435 and repay $750.00 a month? Even if he makes the $750.00 a month it will take a long time for that sever hundred thousand to be repaid.

    2. Wait a minute McKay called Cobb’s Pit the Grouner Catfish Farm. Your idea of restoration is a great one. I got some extra tablespoons I will give him to work with. With those he would probably finish fixing that environmental mess in about the same time frame he will finish paying back all that money the judge said he owes he us taxpayers. Maybe we could send some other felons out to help.Maybe even McKay would want to spend some time out at his signature dirt pit visiting his long time friend and supporter. Walker would enjoy his company and they could talk about all the got accomplished during their years of working the system together.

  5. I find it very convenient that he is requesting to be released now. His sorry a$$ needs to stay and do his time. Maybe wanting to go see some Ole Miss football is the real reason, not his broken back. We know he doesn’t miss a game…

  6. Holy Broken Back BS Batman,

    Give the SOB some Oxycodone enemas to numb his brain and put him on terlit detail so he can claim he’s working like Cindafella from 5AM to 8PM. Then he can put that in his next brief for the Court to laugh at.

    Carrying all that tax payer money must have hurt his poor back and he’s going to miss an Ole Miss football season – poor Scotty.

  7. I have been thinking about what could be up with the JCADC. If you google around a little you can find the involvement of Scott Walker,Robbie Maxwell,John McKay, Chris Epps and other known questionable characters. I bet we are getting a lot less for our money and this group got quite a large cut for the consulting that went on.I can’t wait for the Slabbed post.

    1. It certanly appears that many of the culprets listed on the master list pop up way too often in situations involving state government corruption and questionable spending. These are the same type of good, wholesome Republicans who stand against Obama and often use word Socialism on a daily basis.

      I have news for them: They are the real socialists and wouldn’t be shit without there inner connections to the RRRMS.

    1. Don’t know if it is related, but it may be interesting: (and make sure to look at the actual invitation – it is a “who’s who” of many “interesting situations”).

      This year, Curt Hebert, after holding several positions since the above-cited article and now at the Brunini law firm in Jackson, held a similar fundraiser for Fitch (I think it was mentioned here). Dane Maxwell, Robbie Maxwell’s son, was Hebert’s chief of staff at the Public Service Commission, but was also a McDaniel supporter, and who, after realizing that McDaniel was a failing rather than rising star, has apparently moved back to the more mainstream MS GOPers.

      1. That was an interesting list of names. A good portion of them heavily involved in DMR activities.

  8. The justice system is for the rich and elite that can such services. Scott flaunted the justice system when he DUI in Ocean Springs. Parents used connections with police department to real charges and then faked a filing claim to drop all charges. Beat his old lady in Washington and guess what he got? A free pass. Still rumors on what they were arguing about. Guess TR has much to be thankful for in this election year. And as I recall last time Scott got a pass while waiting he flaunted his back injury and was seen at his Ole Miss condo, never one to miss a game and then showed up un New Orleans with Chatom Tatum plastered all over social media. Remember the Sun Herald was taken over by the rich Christian Republican guard by this time. Yes my prediction is Scott will once again get a free pass, he will network with the likes of Mr. Seymour of Hancock Co. and don’t forget he played a key role in supplying “clients” in the BP oil litigation. He will also likely network with his neighbor Joe Cloyd who already is draining money via the DMR. He always has that card to play. Stacy Pickering, Joel Smith and Judge Starret have it abundantly clear; justice is for the rich Christian Republicans of this Great State.

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