Thursday Tease

The bat line has been ringing off the hook today with tips concerning public officials in a two state area that I would describe as simply Slabbed since it is information the public should know but which would never see the light of day in the main stream media. I am also pleased to report today that some of you guys that read these pages have stepped up in a big way today on the donor front. I appreciate the support including the very generous donation Slabbed received today from the Jackson area.

First things first, Slabbed has been covering two hospital disasters through time though one has been the slow motion variety that you good folks with SRHS reading Slabbed today are likely not familiar in West Jefferson Medical Center, its politically connected CEO Nancy Cassagne and the Parish’s attempt to privatize the Hospital.

It is a strange world at WJMC that over the last two weeks has seen a respected community hospital M&A expert smeared by a TeeVee outlet that took its tip from a politician that should have made the cut to be featured in the Peabody Award winning news series Louisiana Purchased but for whatever reason always seems to get a free pass from the TeeVee media in New Orleans. The hypocrisy is simply too much for Slabbed New Media to resist, especially coming out of a sweep month when the archives here are getting a workout and that has been the case over the past week here at Slabbed New Media with WJMC.  As a bonus we even have one of those pesky audit adjustments to examine to boot.

Finally I’m getting information on another Jackson County blast from the past that features all the usual suspects from Maxwell-Walker Consulting to the Jackson County Board of Sups and I am working diligently to source the leads.

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  1. We are still waiting on “the blast from the past” Doug….don’t leave us hanging!!!

    1. Slabbed is still a day or so out from being ready to roll the post Charlene. Meantime I’d encourage all you SRHS folks to read about the three ring circus involving West Jefferson Medical Center off my twitter feed. Yesterday’s Parish Council meeting is a bit long at 1:52 but also well worth the watch:

      Click the Parish Council tab to start the replay.

  2. I just watched WLOX and the JCBOS including their lawyer Yancey claiming it is the fault of the Retirees of the pension plan debacle. Of course, we did not view the entire confab but listening to McKay flap his lips was enough.

    Can you believe their audacity?

  3. The next featured music here on Slabbed needs to be “Send in the Clowns”. That would have been the perfect back round sound for that JC Board meeting yesterday. Did you see those clowns trying to act like they give a damn about the retirees or the pension on TV just for re-election purposes? Both Ross and Cumbest looked so lame and afraid. Now they pretend to want to hear what the people in the audience had to say. Joe Boy gave them a real piece of his mind and was a great representation of how all really feel. These current supervisors are to dumb to even get out of their own way.Where was that hired gun Guice? Yakety Yak Yancey was acting so tough and full of knowledge. I bet Ross was stomping on her foot trying to shut her up. And the loser McKwack, now he wants to thank the retirees for successfully campaigning against him just before he tells them that if they do not settle for pennies on the dollar the hospital will go bankrupt and they will lose all because the attorneys will get the money.I wish God would open the door in that second floor BOS meeting room and kick him out. People,stay the course. The answer to resolving the financial problems at the hospital begins with four new supervisors. We got two down and two to go. Do not buy into the lies about trying to help because first of all they do not know how to help and second they do not care about anything except getting re-elected. If Cumbest and Ross lose they have to go out and get a real job again. They will never be capable of solving any complex issues because they are mental feather weights. Their end is near as supervisors. Let us all vote to make sure it happens.

  4. Tommy Gordon, you stole my words! Everything you stated is true and all Ross & Cumbest want to do is get reelected. At first, McKay told the retirees to take it easy and things would work out while now he is speaking bankruptcy. What a frigging liar! No wonder, District 5 canned his butt.

  5. Just wanted everybody to know I am alive and well. I have not been kidnapped by the dirt pit perpetrators . That was just a rural myth. I had to have some out patient surgery to resolve my sign elbow. Just kidding,I decided to have some minor surgery that may help prevent a future aneurism while I was waiting on Doug’s next Jackson County story. All is well and I am getting ready to kick myself in high gear and split my time between District1 and District4. I did have the pleasure of watching the retires protest over at the OS hospital on Tuesday from my truck. I think about 1 in 4 of the people there were folks running for office.Funny how these fine senior citizens are now sought out by candidates for their blessings. I have also recently spent the better part of a couple of days in Wade,Hurley and Helena visiting with relatives and friends talking the run off. I feel the lady running in District 1 has the momentum on her side.I plan on really pushing starting next week. Now that we have McKAY GONE AWAY we must get ready to finish strong. I am going to give it all I got because I want to finish with a 4 out of 5 record. Are you with me?

  6. Keeping a Talley:
    In baseball you bat .300, you are an All-Star, Hall of Fame–

    In politics you bat .800, you need to watch that you don’t get offered a professional sign contract by the bad politicos.

    God Speed to you bro’

  7. Thanks for the update.

    Truly impressive fact sharing and commentary on the dirtpit fiasco there Talley. Couldn’t have happened at a better time. I wonder if the deposed stupidvisors would agree?

    I haven’t been posting as much here lately, kind of busy and enjoying the summer too. Besides, I wouldn’t want to accidentally get out in front of what’s coming. Don’t want to spill anything before things are baked to Doug’s satisfaction.

    Since I know of at least two unblogged scandalous type things out of Jackson county fitting right in with the dirt pit doings and the SRHS bumfuzzlery I’m be sure to be left with at least one to add to the mix soon. When it comes to the coast and some of these pols and the friends and neighbors participants the possibilities for muckraking are too numerous I guarantee!

    Somewhere out there there is at least one GOPmer checking to see who is posting what here and elsewhere. Might be your turn next!

    Change of subject- reminder to mark your calendars on the bosshog son up on charges in the deecee bar hot mess! Apparently the Plea bargain was rejected and a trail date set for October 6.

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