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  1. I liked the ‘Shady Bunch’ but you do not have enough spaces for all involved in the problem. It seems Norvel, Barton, Brodnax, etc. were on board when the debacle at SRHS began. And I am sure there are many more involved whose names have not come up in the mix.

    Just voted, St. Martin is busy. People trying to make up their minds of which is the lesser of the evil, thus takes longer at the voting booth.

  2. JR, rest assured, we will be coming up with a new Shady Bunch edition. You’re right on when you said we didn’t have enough squares for them rats to be placed

    My district was jumping like hotcakes this morning

    I sure hope everyone votes and we finally get some kind of Justice seeing how SRHS is keeping our court system tied up

    One thing is for certain McRat will have to give his deposition shortly ????????????

  3. Yes, but will McRat get to tell the judge what items he will address and what he will plead the 5th? In other words, do we have a honest judge?

  4. The Shady Bunch look kind of like they don’t get out in the sun much- probably because of their secret in the dark of nite administrative meetings and perpetual night feeding upon and sucking the blood out of their constituents.

    Like vampires garlic doesn’t cut it and yo’ gotts to done drive a sharpen,wooden vote into their hearts and just like in the movies they start to rapidly decay and return to dirt with all the worms and other creatures living under rocks.

    Maybe Keeping A Talley can report the voter turnout tonite via Slabbed to those not watching TV.

  5. Oh that’s rich!!! I love the collage!!! What a great job SRHS folks!!!! But, I agree – there still are a LOT more whose photos aren’t on display.
    Well, this morning I made an arse of myself at the voting precinct. I told everyone I saw what I thought and to be sure to vote the incumbents out. They all looked at me kind of strange and appeared to be afraid to speak out. But several of them were ready to roll with what I was saying and agreed that we needed to purge them all from the top at Jackson and down to our lousy Supervisor. There was a huge, larger than normal turnout. Are they with us??? Hope so Mr. Keeping A Talley. Tommorrow will tell the tale!!!

    1. It looks like a first round KO in district 5.

      I am not going to boast or smash McKay as we still have plenty of work to do. The next stop–The State Auditor irregardless if he wins or loses this primary.

      1. The flyer did it. I am just kidding. I agree Eye-Spy. We all did it.I am just so exited for the people.My cows are even still up and rooster just crowed. They know if it is past 8 and the lights are still on something is going down.

  6. It looks like Pickering sealed the deal tonight. The voters continue to amaze me. When you look at job performance and dissect the facts, both Pickering and Bryant have a poor record. But, they still somehow manage to receive votes.

  7. McKay gone, Cumbest and Mangum in runoffs. Exceeded my expectations with Cumbest nor doing well.. Vancleave made a difference two ways I suspect.

  8. Glad to see Peterson in a Run Off !!
    But Pickering? The man is under investigation himself and he still gets re-elected? Are the voters that Stupid? I guess the answer is Yes ..
    Some good did come out of the elections. It is hard to change everyone at one time. We definitely need Term Limits on all offices.

  9. Harrison Voter: “The man (Pickering) is under investigation and he still gets re-elected ? ”

    With cronies and crony capitalism yo’ gotts to understand there is an underground political network, politicos helping other politicos challenged at election, which comes into play at elections that overcomes the average voter turnout, even an above average negative turnout against anyone lifetime politico. In politics I’m sure there is a name for this underground phenomenon.

    The Ole’ Boys Club is the laymen’s term, maybe someone can come up with the sociopathic term.

  10. Another reason why Pickering will be very difficult to bring down is if you make an analogy to an old wobbly, wooden spoked wheel rolling down a freeway.

    Pickering being the center hub ( auditor) with a lot of grease ( smooths and reduces friction on the wheel) to make the wheel go far and fast. The spokes are the attached politicos joined to the hub and rim, all working their asses off to keep the hub supported and all in unison holding the rolling wheel together (see my previous comment on why Pickering survived this election).

    When the wheel hits a pothole (scandal) you may lose a spoke or two but the wheel can be repaired quickly merely by jacking up da’ wagon and plugging in another spoke.

    But if da’ wagon goes thru a canyon and an unexpected falling rock hits the hub and wipes hub out, the wheel with all attached spokes is in trouble and can’t work by themselves for the wheel to go anywhere. And the truth is an old greased hub that matches up with new spokes is not easily found at your local AuditorZone.

    So as the greased hub goes, so goes the old wooden wheel.

    1. Humorous analogy. If I may offer an alternative theory as to why Pickering survived the challenge, “Mayor Mary” simply didn’t campaign properly. I’ll leave it to others to decide if she was a “true” candidate or not (and I’m not going into the alternative theories about her candidacy here and now). For whatever reason, she didn’t really campaign on the coast, many Jackson/Madison area voters were pretty well polarized, but I saw little or nothing to attempt to win over the undecideds, and I didn’t see much campaigning in the other population areas, like Vicksburg, Hattiesburg, Tupelo, etc. Given the seemingly lackadaisical attitude of the campaign, for whatever reason, I can see why people might come up with reasons that she was running that have nothing to do with actually attempting to win the election.

      I would not want to be Mr. Pickering right now. Even if he escapes criminal charges from the numerous possible sources (and winning actually makes him a higher-profile target), the bloom is off that rose. His cousin Chip wound up retiring from politics amid rumors (that turned into divorce and lawsuits) of literal hanky-panky and has done OK job-wise. And because he was no longer in office when the stinking poo hit the legal fan, the general public barely just recognizes his name. Maybe he has been giving career advice to his cuz.

  11. For those who wanted the incumbents in Jackson County out, it was a pleasant evening. But it isn’t over. If I wanted to see the 2 remaining incumbents still facing voters replaced, I’d be VERY CONCERNED about voter apathy and low turnout in the runoff. Remember, only the incumbent has an office to lose, but only the incumbent has made mistakes in that office. The challenger hasn’t done anything to help out anyone (above or under the table), but the challenger hasn’t hurt anyone, either.

    If I did want to see those two replaced, I’d encourage everyone I could, in all of Jackson County, to contact friends, family, business associates, parents of my children’s friends, etc. IN THOSE DISTRICTS and ask them to do TWO – REPEAT, TWO – things:

    1) contact the candidates that did not make the runoff and make a case for them to support the non-incumbent in the runoff. In both of the runoff districts, the total votes cast for non-incumbents exceeded the votes for the incumbent. If those candidates that did not make the runoff could get every one of their voters to vote for the challenger, that will make a BIG difference. And if they can get their ardent supporters to help get new votes for the challenger, it would make a HUGE difference, and,

    2) contact everyone they possibly can IN THEIR DISTRICT and ask for support for the challenger. They don’t have to know the person contacted. And here’s a tip: if you are contacting people, in whatever fashion, don’t try to convert the decideds, just win over the undecided. What does this mean? If you are doing door-to-door, skip the houses with the opponent’s sign in the yard. Do not waste time in the vain belief you can convince that person to take one sign down and put yours up, but absolutely visit those with non-runoff challenger signs (and offer a new sign). See above.

    If I were giving campaign advice to the challenger campaigns, I’d suggest going to every event in my district I possibly could and getting my name in front of the voters. And similar to the campaign worker advice, I wouldn’t spend much time trying to convert the decided because you only have about three weeks to win an election. The main things the challengers need to do is GET OUT THEIR VOTERS and use every legal, ethical means necessary to increase the ranks of THEIR voters. Go to every sit-down breakfast and lunch place in your district (only do fast-food places if there is time, and don’t fool with people at dinner unless you are invited). Get supporters to hold a “meet my candidate” party in their neighborhoods and if there is clubhouse or central gathering place in a neighborhood, take advantage of it and try to do as many of those as you can arrange. And out of the blue as this may sound, if you drink, DO NOT DRINK ANY ALCOHOL until after the election, especially in public or at public functions. If you cannot resist, do not do it around anyone except family and the closest of friends. Chivas doesn’t mix well with a candidate’s nerves and stress, and no, you are not the exception who can handle it.

    For the next three weeks, keep this in mind: no one is likely to get very many votes, so every one counts; you might win by convincing just 10 people to vote for you, but you might lose by convincing 10 people to vote for the other guy OR convincing them to just not bother to vote (for whatever reason).

  12. My prayer and hopes for 2016 is the firing of Paula Yancy and Guice.

    And thank God for new supervisors, thus we will have more competent, qualified trustees appointed to the SRHS who will be representing the workers, retirees and the public that use our facility.

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