On this date ten years ago: A Katrina plus 10 remembrance

Around this general time I got my first shower (cold) since the day before the storm hit. It wasn’t just a case of being funky since we had been in the storm surge so this event marked a major quality of life improvement. On the way back from Stone County we found the liquor store just inside the Harrison County line on Highway 49 was open and inside of five minutes we marked a second major quality of life improvement that day.

There were not many volunteers around at that point so I have no one to thank except by business partner for letting us use the shower and the nice folks at the liquor store for opening up without power in the sweltering heat along with Gram Grams for providing ground transportation.

In any event those of you that are reading from across the nation trying to figure out the last Katrina post and comments it isn’t that the folks here aren’t grateful for the outpouring of support but….

For some, Katrina’s anniversary can’t pass soon enough ~ Andy Grimm

As the annual updates on Katrina recovery reached their fever pitch this weekend, Carbo was not alone. A NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune article titled “Things to do Saturday that have nothing to do with Katrina” had garnered more page views than a comprehensive listing of Katrina-related events.

Jim Ferly, who rode out the storm in 2005, opted to spend Saturday dodging the August heat and memorial events with an afternoon showing of the comedy “American Ultra” with his girlfriend.

Ferly said that his home in Uptown was undamaged by Katrina, but he has plenty of friends who lost houses and loved ones, things that are hard to forget even without the annual flurry of Katrina coverage.

Here is a sampling of relevant social media. Continue reading “On this date ten years ago: A Katrina plus 10 remembrance”

I’m personally sick of all this sappy Katrina nostalgia

And I for one am happy Obama did not come to the coast because we have too many filthy, lying politicians lurking about right now as it is.

That said I am getting inquiries about whether Slabbed would be marking the occasion that gave rise to the name of this internet community, which would be fitting and proper given the circumstances. OTOH I do not know anyone that has a desire to relive the Katrina experience because first it sucked and then life after it sucked even more though most everyone managed to muddled through.

In any event I’ll let reader comments serve as the guide on this. I’ll go ahead and mark AROD down as a yes because he emailed me wanting coverage.

The Irony of Avid Life Media passing legal threats on the internet is delicious

If Avid Life Media aka Ashley Madison used fake female profiles to lure men to paying for the service, such customers guaranteed to keep their mouths shut if they were not satisfied with the results who also had to pay $19.99 to leave Ashley Madison with a “full delete” service that itself appears to be a scam, at what point does the following come into play since Avid Life used the wires to conduct the business enterprise:

(1)“racketeering activity” means (A) any act or threat involving murder, kidnapping, gambling, arson, robbery, bribery, extortion, dealing in obscene matter, or dealing in a controlled substance or listed chemical (as defined in section 102 of the Controlled Substances Act), which is chargeable under State law and punishable by imprisonment for more than one year; (B) any act which is indictable under any of the following provisions of title 18, United States Code: Section 201 (relating to bribery), section 224 (relating to sports bribery), sections 471, 472, and 473 (relating to counterfeiting), section 659 (relating to theft from interstate shipment) if the act indictable under section 659 is felonious, section 664 (relating to embezzlement from pension and welfare funds), sections 891–894 (relating to extortionate credit transactions), section 1028 (relating to fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents), section 1029 (relating to fraud and related activity in connection with access devices), section 1084 (relating to the transmission of gambling information), section 1341 (relating to mail fraud), section 1343 (relating to wire fraud)………

Following the link to Wire Fraud, a predicate act under this statute reveals the following:

Whoever, having devised or intending to devise any scheme or artifice to defraud, or for obtaining money or property by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises, transmits or causes to be transmitted by means of wire, radio, or television communication in interstate or foreign commerce, any writings, signs, signals, pictures, or sounds for the purpose of executing such scheme or artifice, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

You know folks, depending on how you look at the Ashley Madison hack, I could see an argument for the Impact Team being considered whistle blowers if the above is true.  Maybe the FBI needs to divide its Ashley Madison hack investigation in two and explore whether websites like Ashley Madison are a modern day version of a lonely heart scam that used to be perpetrated by old fashioned snail mail back in the day. Continue reading “The Irony of Avid Life Media passing legal threats on the internet is delicious”

Runoff elections bring more change to Hancock and Harrison Counties while Jackson County reverts to the mean

Depending on the November general election here in Hancock County we may end up with a completely new Board of Supervisors but at the minimum four of the five Supervisors will be new now that Sup Tony Wayne Ladner was eliminated in yesterday’s runoff election. Meantime in Harrison County there is a new Sheriff in town to go with three new County Supervisors and Superintendent of Education.

We also had runoff elections in Jackson County with two County Sups in runoffs. Before I link Anita I’d like to revisit what was the prevailing thoughts on the primary elections dating to late July and the confab between elements of the media including Slabbed and the SRHS retirees. While there was no candidate promotion at that meeting a very frank discussion was held about all the candidates for the County Board of Supervisors as well as what people thought was their best guess at board turnover, such speculation also periodically appearing here on Slabbed in comments. Everyone pretty much agreed there would be no more than three seats change with two seats being the more likely number. No one saw what would come on August 4th, with two Sups losing outright and two more being forced into runoffs, especially given the overall low voter turnout raising the possibility of four new Supervisors. For those wanting change the Primary election exceeded expectations. After the runoff elections my mathematically oriented mind immediately thought of mean reversion to make sense of last night’s results:

Jackson County: Cumbest returns; Taylor wins; Ross advances ~ Anita Lee

I thought Sabrina Smith had Barry Cumbest on the ropes and he surprised us with a strong finish.  Political newcomer Sabrina Smith ran a spirited, grass roots campaign against an incumbent Supervisor that comes from a large Jackson County’s family that has been around for hundreds of years and took him to the wire.  She should be proud of the campaign she ran and to borrow and slightly change a football phrase she left it all on the campaign trail. Kudos to Ms. Smith.

Troy Ross advancing to the general election did not surprise me, especially since I was aware that he had the significant support among the SRHS retirees. You see folks people are motivated to vote for a number of reasons many of which are noble but mostly people vote their wallets. I disclosed the reason Sup Ross would win before the election here, specifically:

Ross supporters point to the fact he is a less divisive personality than Brodnax and that Ross will be able to more capably work with the new board to fix the myriad of problems the county faces.

Slabbed has had the privilege to report on this incredible story that involves the intersection of a major scandal with the fields of auditing, finance and the law, in the SRHS meltdown.  Even more significant is the political component in a group of people that cast aside personal differences to create a grassroots movement with a unified voice in the SRHS retirees. They have become a political power in Jackson County.

This group of folks and their determination to see justice done included picketing in the cold of winter and the worst of our summertime heat almost nonstop. This has gone on so long that the group has seen a few of its members die and yet more step up to post. I rather suspect these folks, despite the close bonds they have forged with each other, would much rather be inside in the air conditioning that manning a picket line in the 95 plus degree heat.

So think about the runoff from a retiree’s standpoint. Continue reading “Runoff elections bring more change to Hancock and Harrison Counties while Jackson County reverts to the mean”

Hacked Ashley Madsion data reveals high probability of widespread use faked female profiles to lure men

And this folks explains in part some of the rhetoric used by the Impact Team in their interview with Vice. It also explains the vast numerical gender discrepancy on the customer lists that are leaking out. Its also suggests the gender divide on Ashley Madison is more than the men paying for the service while the woman get their hookups with free accounts. Here is a very good article that explains it:

Ashley Madison faked female profiles to lure men in, hacked data suggest ~ Caitlin Dewey

Included in Dewey’s piece above is a link to a GQ article by Teddy Wayne circa October 2013 which contains some very tantalizing clues, albeit of the anecdotal variety, which tend to support the Faked Profile Theory. It is a must read for those wanting to get a handle what drives real women to use Ashley Madison. Here is the revealing snippet which illustrates:

As is customary for women on Ashley Madison, she gets bombarded by suitors, then rejects about 90 percent of those she meets. To her, the main contrast in the libidos of the genders is not their size but their pickiness.

Circling back to Dewey’s WoPo piece, using fake female profiles to gin up business from males exposes the ugly underbelly of the industry: Continue reading “Hacked Ashley Madsion data reveals high probability of widespread use faked female profiles to lure men”

Taking an unscheduled detour plus a few other announcements

We’ve been fairly successful building a readership that is not only high quality but one that also ranks in the thousands. So when you take normal traffic and triple it in one day that is no big deal from a resource standpoint and that is true even when it triples again the next day. And then the next day you double site traffic and then the next day you double again. Poor ol’ sparky the file server just wasn’t made to handle thousands of calls a second so yesterday this is what happened around 12:30pm:

Slabbed came back up in a more scalable environment this afternoon around 3:05pm and by the time I made it to my computer and checked usage around 3:15 we already had over 1,000 site visits. To the extent we are still tinkering and configuring on the backend something had to give and that something is the two posts on the Ashley Madison database queries, which I have disabled for the time being.

Thanks to the brave new world of virtualization we can now literally clone Slabbed with a click of the mouse. That, coupled with a high quality proxy service like CloudFlare means should Slabbed ever again begin clocking 1,000 site visits a minute we’ll be ready. Until then bear with us while the Slabbed Tech Team finishes the tweaks that accompany this major upgrade. Special thanks to James who worked into the wee hours of this morning making this happen.

Today is runoff election day and I will be back with a few thoughts after the polls close.

Most everything you need to know about the Ashley Madison Hack

The Ashley Madison hack has been in the news since last month, but with the release of user database which ended up on websites that had html zipcode database query functions along with dumps on sites like Pastebin, Ashley Madison user information has leaked out in a big way.

The following links will get everyone up to speed on the hack and its ramifications for Avid Life Media customers.

The Ashley Madison data dump explained ~ Daniel Victor

Who released the information, and why?

A group of hackers calling themselves Impact Team posted a small portion of the data in July, and they threatened to release the rest unless the site was shut down.

The hackers said they were upset about Ashley Madison’s policy for deleting user data when requested. The company has long offered members the ability to scrub their profiles and information from the site for $19, a feature that BuzzFeed News said generated nearly $2 million in 2014. But, as the breach showed, the data remained.

“We have explained the fraud, deceit, and stupidity of A.L.M. and their members,” Impact Team wrote, referring to Avid Life Media. “Now everyone gets to see their data.”

How could I check who had an account?

A reminder: The information found in the data has not been verified.

But two different search tools have surfaced that claim to show whether an email address was used.

More than 15,000 email addresses in the breach were hosted on United States government and military servers, The Hill reported.

So with that set up there is a rumor spreading like wildfire that the next data dump will feature nude selfies and the like. The bad news is the Impact Team evidently has the user photos and private chat transcripts. The group indicated it would not dump “dick pictures” on the internet but they also did not rule out leaking private chats and other images posted through the ‘cheaters’ site.

Here is an interview with the Impact Team hackers that appeared in Vice. Here are a few snippets: Continue reading “Most everything you need to know about the Ashley Madison Hack”

Paid Mississippi Ashley Madison List (Updated)

These have been getting zapped quickly so those that snooze will lose. H/T Anonymous @ Pastebin


The Pastebin page linked above has been zapped. Someone evidently put a new Mississippi paid list up and my perusal indicates it is the same data as the one above which has been deleted.

To the extent some of you are evidently not very cyber savvy please note that Pastebin.com does not belong to Slabbed New Media nor did Slabbed New Media create it. We are linking it for purposes of discussion on the Ashley Madison Hack.


It appears all the Pastebin links have been broken. Slabbed New Media will continue to follow this story but we’re moving on from pasting links to the user lists. Thank you.

Publisher’s Update:

Despite the fact that I mentioned immediately above the Pastebin links were all bad, Slabbed still has huge amounts of outbound useless traffic to Pastebin from Slabbed. To make things crystal clear I disabled all the hyperlinks. While I love new readers you guys are killing us with kindness. I’d submit anyone with a familiarity with this area and just a bit more than a passing interest in what happens here should start coming everyday because the leaks all happened late last week and you really had to be present to win. Thank you. ~ Doug