Friday Omnibus

A few announcements. In the course of doing some software upgrades I inadvertently cleared the moderation que so if you left a comment and it does not show up that would be the reason. Also to the nice person that stopped by a week or so ago I appreciate you coming by but the best way to get face time with me is by appointment. I manage two businesses and my scarcest commodity is time.

I’d like to thank those of you that took the time to send donations to the P.O. Box. I’ll disclose that the response has generated close to $1,000 though half was with one donor group. Year over year donations are down about $800 and that is not the because of a lack of a PayPal donate button, which I removed a bit over a month ago.

It would be misguided to not continue supporting Slabbed just because I unlocked the site as I’m still not satisfied with the top line in 2015 and that must change out of necessity. The next time Slabbed offers an electronic payment option the site will be behind a pay-wall. My overall goal is to spend less time engaging readers with fundraising in order to spend more generating content. Go forward content will have a stronger correlation to the geographic areas which support Slabbed New Media. Eighty percent of the donations sent last week were from Jackson/Harrison Counties. I’d like to see more reader support from Hancock County for a couple of reasons the main one being the news here is under reported in the local main stream media.

Those of you that want to help out should click here for more information. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Friday Omnibus”

  1. Doug,
    You are generous to a fault to say the news is under reported in Hancock County.
    Let’s just be clear that what is selectively reported is so skewed and twisted it is beyond belief at times.
    I even wonder about the authorship of one publication’s “news” articles.
    I remember the day when the Sun Herald had an office in the Bay. Now, we can barely get a reporter that knows what they are doing.
    So, keep on keeping on. Those of us who support “facts” are behind you.

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