Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: Iran Deal Opponents – Ungrateful and Hysterical

Published on Jul 29, 2015

Let’s get to the point on the Iran Deal.

If Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, withdrew his opposition to the Iran Deal, the following would happen: 1. Rupert Murdoch would call up his hacks at FOX, the New York Post, and the Wall Street Journal and tell them to shut up about Iran and go back to hitting Hillary on Benghazi. 2. Both Houses of Congress would approve the Iran Deal by overwhelming majorities.

The fact that the leader of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, can stand in the way of the elected President of the United States in his efforts to begin the process of some normalization of relations with a longtime adversary is, at a minimum, ridiculous.

Add in the following factors, and it becomes absurd:

1. Israel has received well over $233.7 Billion (Inflation Adjusted) US Dollars from American taxpayers since its founding in 1948. (See, Haaretz, March 20, 2013.) Israel has received more moeny from the United States than any other country in the post WWII era.

2. Israel has never put a soldier into battle alongside those of the United States in our multiple wars in the Middle East since 9/11 … Afghanistan, ISIS, Iraq.

3. Our bona fide allies, UK, France, and Germany, have signed on to the Iran Deal with us. Each of these countries have sent soldiers that have fought and died alongside ours in one or more of our Middle East wars. None of them receives United States taxpayer assistance. Continue Reading………..

11 thoughts on “Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: Iran Deal Opponents – Ungrateful and Hysterical”

  1. After posting this, I’m anticipating some back lash from the Slabbed “O’Renegades”. 😉

    This is an interesting story. I am all for Israel but one would think they would assist the U.S. rather than sponge off them after all the help they received for quite some time.

    I never perceived Iran as being an immediate threat since we could wipe them off the map within 24 hours even if they had a nuclear weapon. A ground war would also be a joke. Iran lost to Iraq and we wiped out Iraq in the Gulf War within 45 days.

  2. I believe you are right…Iran is no threat to us.

    In fact, Iran has been trying to normalize relations with the US for some time. Right after 9/11 they were helping us on the ground in Afghanistan and helped us get our guy Karzai installed in Kabul. They
    also denied sanctuary in Iran on people that we requested they keep out.

    When it came to taking further steps, the neocons around Rumsfeld and Cheney blocked them and put Iran in the axis-of- evil speech.

    Now, Iran is on the ground kicking some butt against ISIL.

  3. ” In fact, Iran has been trying to normalize relations with the U.S. for some time now”- greatest hero Tom Terrific sayeth.


    Hell yeh, you are so right Tom – Iran shows their love especially by holding four Americans in their 4 star jails just like back under ole’ Jimmy Carter. And by saying just the other day “Death to America” and by spreading terrorism throughout the Middle East, like in Yemen which the Saudis are now having to fight at their back door.

    1. Now Mr. Tight, as a fair person and student of history, I’m sure you’d agree that Iran isn’t the only country responsible for unpleasantness in the Middle East.

      I would draw your attention to “targeted assassinations” that sometimes hit the wrong target or end up killing a whole lot of folks who just happen to be in the area. You can get more information on that in the book Fortress Israel. I think the topic is addressed on Page Eight.

      Even the country we both know and love, the USA, has been involved in unpleasantness. Specifically, assisting Iraq with targeting information as they used chemical weapons against Iran in the Iran-Iraq War. Maybe the people doing the silly chanting are still smarting from the burns they received.

      Who knows?

  4. I personally believe if the liberal Democrats vote in high numbers for the “Iran Deal” which has parts that are secret and have not nor will be exposed before the vote( sounds like what? Obamacare – you are right Tom Terrific ! ); or if Demos don’t vote enough votes to overturn Obama’s veto, we will absolutely see a Republican President.

    Silent Hillary is being slowly reduced to below an ant mound and by January will be no higher than a pile of diarrhea of your dog, the Mighty Manfred”, – so it will be an Obama backed Biden running down the Donkey’s left leg against hopefully a tougher Rubio with a majority of Latino votes.

    So if you would like to see a continuance of political correctness, homegrown extremist killings instead of what it really is- Islamic terrorist killings, continuance of politically inflamed race relations, selling of abortion anatomical parts in violation of federal law, the lighting of the White House in rainbow colors instead of red- white and blue, lack of enforcement of illegal immigrant laws, releasing more Islamic terrorist prisoners, recueing military deserters, ; then you better tell your Demo friends in Congress to vote against the Iranian Deal ( dealt from the bottom of the Muslim deck)

    1. Locke:

      Our entire nation would be much more streamlined if it were to adopt the Mississippi Political Standard for selecting qualified candidates, courtesy of the RRRSM.

      Here is the basic checklist:

      1) Republican

      2) Pro-Life

      3) Pro Gun/Pro-2nd Amendment

      4) Use, and throw the word “God” around like its the golden dildo the desperate crave for satisfaction.

      Its actually gotten so bad, every political flyer that I have seen this year has mentioned 3 if not all 4 of these magical things. Why? Because the politicians in Mississippi know these are the “unnecessary” core values they must have prior to running for any office because the general voter will accept no less due to extreme narrow mindedness. This tactic has even reached the Black political candidates which are jumping on the band wagon. I saw a flyer my friend showed me some time ago with someone named “Regina” running for some office in Mississippi. The flyer was littered with “Pro-Life, Pro 2nd Amendment” and all the other bullshit we see on the Obverse side of most political flyers. I have to admit, Regina has a good political tactic going for her but the shallowness is consistent with the RRRSM. She will seal the black votes just because she is black and may capture enough votes from the ill-informed to make the cut.

      The fact is this, Mississippi will be the last to change in most things due to the leadership we install due to pure ignorance. We continuously install civic leaders who do more harm then good. Our leadership knows this which is why the want to keep em’ pregnant, defy common core educational standards and keep the ranks filled with Republican leaders who will simply “comply” and not ask questions.

    2. Locke:

      You can partially blame Obama care on your “home town boys” who love to employ Mexican labor which generally don’t receive any health benefits. A lot of them know the “system” and continuously plague our society which rises cost. Most employers don’t give a rats ass because they are profiting from Mexican exploitation and can get rid of them any any time due to residing in a “right to work state.”

      The medical industry has been a mess for quite some time. You have pharmaceutical companies pushing unnecessary drugs on doctors and insurance companies trying to control each and every move even if it defies physician recommendations. The doctors are in the middle looking for the path of least resistance which will generate the most profit.

  5. EyeSpy:

    Having a Red Bean Cookoff at my house Thursday for election debate nite and will save our farts for the Trump debate debasement ,which violates Reagan Commandment #1 , to follow at 8 Central.

    Hear there is a new Elephant political group ,Trunks for Trump ,which will probably soon get audited by IRS.

    1. Trump is gaining a lot of momentum each week it seems. He is not to my liking but a character none the less.

      You got any good bean recipes?

    1. Locke

      I think I’ll need one that requires the maximum amout of gas as ill be speaking of John “No-Way-McKay” and Stacey “Pick on the Little People” Pickering over the next few days.

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