Anyone that witnessed the performance of the State Auditor in the DMR Scandal should not be surprised……

According to Geoff Pender at the Clarion Ledger the FBI is looking at State Auditor Stacey Pickering’s use of campaign funds for personal expenses, the suggested criminal angle being that Pickering may have evaded paying income taxes when he converted his campaign cash to personal use. Following is the link:

Sources: FBI probing Pickering campaign funds

There are two things that really stand out to me in the story the first being the FBI actually taking a look at Mr. Pickering based upon the on the record comments made to Pender by Tiffany Parrish, who worked on Pickering’s first campaign for State Auditor back in 2007. That said this does not mean the FBI is looking at anything regarding Pickering today. Since the FBI does not generally comment on its investigations how would anyone know otherwise for certain? All that said the Clarion Ledger running this story twelve days before the primary election strongly suggests otherwise.

The second thing that stands out to me is the allegation that Mr. Pickering was  living out of his campaign funds.  This would explain a few things regarding the State Auditor’s dreadful handling of the DMR scandal from the ill advised Joe Cloyd fundraiser that inspired a grassroots protest to the public records coverup orchestrated by Pickering via the misuse of a federal grand jury subpoena, for which he was later found to be in contempt of court.

Of course my long held opinion when it came to Mr. Pickering’s friends that were looting the DMR, is that Pickering’s role was to contain, rather than investigate Mississippi DMR.

Mike Hurst, the GOP candidate for Attorney General has based his platform in large part on promising to prosecute more public corruption cases, drawing a distinction between himself and incumbent Jim Hood in the process.  The first step in my opinion would be to have a State Auditor that did more than obstruct high profile investigations in between the fundraisers.

I doubt we have heard the last of this.

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  1. He is also holding up the Audit for Tim Keller. He has sent a bill for the Audit to the Supervisors but says he isn’t finished with it. Come on it doesn’t take rocket science to figure he is holding it up till after the election.

  2. Foot in Mouth Award announces Stacey Pickering is already a semi finalist this year!

    Pickering responds to alleged FBI probe

    Pickering said the RV is used for campaign purposes and, “this is a Class B, not some big Chris McDaniel-type (vehicle).”

    $Because comparing yourself to Chris McDaniels is an affirmative defense when …

    $Because when it comes to comparing, size does matter…

    He seems a little angry…

  3. My Fellow Americans:

    As Doulas indicated, I also believe in my heart that this is not the last we have heard of this. In due time, the public will be enlightened as to the dirty political scoundrel Pickering really is.

    I think his claim of being a target is exaggerated. If remotely true, it’s not because of his job, it’s due to his methods of approach.

  4. Holy FBI Probing, Picking Peck Of Pickled Pickering Peppers Batman;

    Da’ Clarion has sounded da’ trumpets on a forgotten field of over ripe/rotten peppers in the nick of time to cook/can dem and just before the public maybe picks some new peppers?

    Sometimes when a Company cooks over ripe peppers dem end up bitter, full of foul, hot gas and forced to be recalled from public consumption. Some cans also have been known to get so angry from pressure dem explode and peppers bees lying all over demselves and all over da’ place.

  5. We are all awaiting a comment on this matter from Charlene Silkwooder. Stacey Pickering may soon need to change those billboards in his campaign commercial that show all of the dollars collected from corrupt politicians to billboards that reflect all of the dollars wrongfully spent by corrupt politicians. I could not ever vote for the man after he carried on the DMR records charade in Judge Schloegel’s courtroom. Buying a BMW, using campaign funds, for your daughter to drive to Ole Ms? Come on man!!! This shows his total disregard for the laws he claims to uphold. He will be forced out of office very soon as he should be. He does not have the courage to step down.

  6. My Fellow Americans:

    According to the reports I have received, the way Pickering and his gun carrying thugs conduct business is neglectful and could be considered criminal by some. I can’t seem to think there is more to the reported story than we see as the FBI is involved.

    I wonder how many police reports were filed when his property was stolen or ransacked as he claims?

    Uninformed people need to realize that Pickering is nothing more than a publicity hog and his main intent is nothing more than to make himself look good at the tax payers expense.

    1. What’s worse is he admitted having a patronage system at OSA, where it is perfectly OK, based on what he said to use his investigators as part time fundraisers introducing a political component to the agency that I’d argue undermines it’s integrity. How many of Pickering’s investigations are political animals like DMR? Based on what we now know, I doubt it was just one.

      1. Doug,

        No doubt about the situation undermining the integrity of the organization. Even if legal, it is highly inappropriate. His true self shows through.

        The DMR case was “literally” thrown into his lap and he had to act in order to save face and the politically connected. As far as I am concerned, I strongly believe there was no plan to audit the DMR any time soon. Probably due to the OSA’s “limited resources” as they love to use for a convenient excuse.

        For the most part, I believe his day to day business is nothing more than self promotion. I remember a short time ago he audited a judge just before election time and I heard rumors it was all frivolous. Does anyone know what happened with that?

        1. You know Eye, I just had a thought. You were right in the above post – the DMR case was “thrown in his lap”. My question is: Why did the FBI back out of this case? They were in the middle of it also and investigated. Why didn’t they proceed with the case? It is not as if they did not have enough evidence and witnesses. Who is interfering with prosecutions of these slobs down here? Is it through the Rat or Puhl-a$$O?? Maybe Wicker?? Who is pulling the FBI strings – that is the question.

      2. How many? One is bigger–UMMC (IHL) no touch, no speak, no hear, no see…..just shove that complaint to bottom of the stack investigators! Rotate it daily to the bottom of the stack ….hahahahahaha. The billion dollar political pet that feeds our politicians and the taxpayer is either ignorant of the monopoly and sly dog tactics or just plain stupid.

  7. I believe the Snake Nation use to call Pickering “Rat” Pickering and that was for a reason. It is well deserved. Today we have read another example of how the rat Pickering and his gang are pure thugs. As I recall there were comments to the effect of Pickering using State vehicle to ferry his kids to school. I guess that was not technically correct, in the same way Pickering sold out Larsen and Perkins over travel they did not file. And now we see the coward Rat Pickering for who he is a Rat; throwing his opponent under the bus rather than take responsibility for the crimes he is accused of. Pickering allowed those responsible at the DMR out for a free pass because they were politically connected and he keel hauled the people that helped his key stone cops with the investigation. I hope he sleeps well tonight. Maybe just maybe he will be up plotting ann investigation of Finch and her $80,000 office remodel at taxpayers expense. Or maybe just maybe Pickering will be burning the midnight oil investigating John McKay and his fake Horn Island non-profit that he set up with his now Harbor Master buddy Danny Jalanivich to milk away the SRHS employees hospital contribution portion into the retirement fund. Naw what the hell was I thinking; that is the job of the FBI and has always been !!!! Ha, ha ha ha ha Sleep well Mr. Rat Pickering. Sleep well.

  8. And another thing, wasn’t it Rat Pickering that was investigating the political contributions of Bill Walker’s CON-Profit? Why yes, Gomer I believe it was. And the Sun Herald, before they prostrated themselves to the Republican Party, ran an article about who all accepted some of these political contributions, but Rat Pickering was awfully silent during this time. Got me to wondering, Hey Rat Face want to be bold and do something honest for a change and publically deny that you took money from this foundation? A word of caution, better make sure there is no evidence out there before you open you fat lying mouth.

    1. PP if you get some documents and back-up for what you say to the SH, I bet they will do a story on it. I think they were threated with lawsuits maybe? by a rat, so they have to have evidence of what they print. See what you can do to help out the cause PP.

  9. Oh my goodness!!! I can’t believe that you people are being so mean to Mr. Pickering!
    After all, part of his “dear friends and family” are in jail, although Billy Boy’s brother-in-law, Joe “the mouse” Zeigler, got a get out of jail free pass. It is my opinion that was because he had the goods on alot of our legislators and politicos, maybe including a “rat”???
    Any other individual, especially in the position of State Auditor that went against a sitting Judge’s orders as he did, would have been thrown out of office. Yet, all of his cronies gathered around him, including Federal ones!!! How many of those records in the truck were destroyed?? We will never know because our State Auditor took it upon himself to have them wisked away to Jackson instead of following a bonafide Judge’s orders. And we all sat and watched it as he disrespected Judge Schloegel. I would like to turn her loose on him – I bet she would love to have her say to him.
    I feel sure that Fata$$ has run and hid because he’s next. He cleared out early in the game, but I don’t think he is going to get away scott free either. Wonder how many “funraisers” the Rat has been holding lately along with his little bird Finch?? Since Joe Cloyd has lost his buddy boy Snotty Scotty to prison camp, he has been quiet as a mouse! (Not to be confused with JoeZ the mouse). Come out Snakes where ever you are!!! Snake Nation needs to arise and get back on the job!
    I have always felt that the house cleaning at the DMR was “selective” because Ms Perkins was innocent and was fired unfairly. But she was one of several that were fired because they knew too much and our wimpy “no balls” legislators allowed Billy the Boy to push legislation through that allowed Mr. Miller to fire people at will (claiming that they were involved in the “criminal element” at the DMR). But that was simply untrue. People were fired that were loyal and hard workers but wouldn’t “play the game” and watch the misappropriation of money going on. Most of the ones fired just tucked their tails between their legs and left because Mr. Miller had something on them, or they didn’t have any money to hire an attorney to fight the machine. I still believe that there are a couple of those people who are going to give that Agency a BIG SURPRISE!!! Oops! Did I say that out loud????
    I have always felt that there were several “key” people that were allowing this network of thieves to operate so blatently in the Publics’ eye. The Rat was in a key position, as was Bill Walker, As was Billy the Boy, as was Joey the Mouse, Philly, Puhl-a$$o and of course, let us not forget: Fata$$. It is a large network, but that comes under the name of RICO, which involves coercion, conspiracy, organization, intent, etc. And it takes a while to get all of the dots in a row.
    So, all you fake republicans out there who have been stealing, robbing, and pillaging the Taxpayers of this State and making yourselves big and fat and rich – it is time to pay the fiddler! The people of this State will have their say and you will be kicked out one way or the other. Choose your poison – you can leave now, or later….it doesn’t matter to us.
    BTW, Mr. Rat, been nice knowing you and your “dear Friends”.

      1. I don’t think the snake nation would eat any of these rats….they are all too full of themselves and $*&t! How about it you guys?? Any rat eaters out there??? And as far as the testicles – they are probably even too small for the snakes to find!

  10. The modern state auditor has been a mixed bag with some being corrupt and others acceding to the governorship. A little bit of history of the OSA, prior to Pickering there was:

    Phil Bryant – elected governor
    Steve Patterson – forced to resign in his second term after pleading guilty to filing a false affidavit to avoid paying taxes on a car tag
    Pete Johnson – quit to run for governor losing to Fordice in the primary
    Ray Mabus – Hardliner who took on fraud and became governor
    Hamp King – Reigned 20 years. A quote from Bill Minor “Citizen delegations who came to King to report suspicions of chicanery on the part of county officeholders often found that before they reached home, word of their visit had already gotten back to county officials.” In addition, a PEER report found that King left the office 581 audit years behind.

    Hopefully we haven’t returned to the bad old days of Hamp King and the insider state auditor who protects the good old boy network.

    1. SRHS WATCH:
      Hmmmm. Very interesting compilation of past political State Auditors acceding into the Governorship.

      All I have to say is dat U-HAUL caper was about the most ballsy act by a politico and to stick one’s neck out with a contempt of court further—- Well, I must say that if such self- risks qualify one for Governorship then Pickering has a proven record.

      Lets hope the voters of Mississippi have smelt the rotten DMR fish to nausea and will elect to stop Pickering’s food chain accent to
      Top Elephant.

      1. Now let me ask you a silly question Doug? Is it a qualification of our State Audior to be “pure of heart”? I mean, he has been slammed with a sitting Judge’s reprimand and contempt of court. Is it even “legal” for him to run again for State Auditor? A State Auditor should be beyond reproach, wouldn’t you say???

        1. Charlene.

          I personally would still like to know what happend with his investigation with a Judge within the last year. I beleive the Pickering clan rang him up for 100’s of thousands of dollars. Is that judge in jail yet or was there proof a faulty audit.

  11. Well the wife noticed a little kick in my step this morning as I left to have breakfast with the gang. Topic was the Rat Pickering and his restructuring of his campaign contributions. So he wants his “family” and “friends” left out of his investigation but lost no opportunity to destroy the DMR employees when their time was up to bat. Came down to the coast apparently in vehicles purchased with campaign funds while his daughter was off to college in a campaign vehicle fund raising with all those Kappa Deltas. And after reading the recent news article I can see now why he could not figure out the restructuring of Tina Schumate’s personal checking account funded with state money. Apparently he has the same arrangement with his finances. I can now see why he could not figure out Bill Walker’s Non-Profit used to provide cover by funding local politicians re-election campaigns; Pickering used the same accounting methods and restructured his campaign funds to water the lawn. Maybe Byrd was his accountant? Perhaps it was Colin Byrd driving the lawn mower and wouldn’t it be a laugh if it was Greg Denyer that installed Pickering’s garage door.

    1. And don’t forget his other “dear family and friends” such as John McKay, and Joe Cloyd, just to name a few.

    2. And while the Byrds were working on his lawn, I bet that was when Philly “smelled gasoline fumes”!!!!!!!

    3. Point Park

      According to old intelligence there was information provided that Pickering took care of some of his “friends” during the DMR investigation.

      There are a lot of things Pickering “conveniently missed” during the audit—even when it was presented to his clan of gun yielding auditors in plain view.

      Here is what sucks for Pickering–objective evidence exists.

  12. Can you really believe anything Stacey Pickering says anymore? On April 16,2013 at a news conference in the Bolton Buildings DMR offices when asked if state and local officials found to have used the boats at taxpayer expense for fishing trips,birthday parties and other social outings would be held liable for that expense he said “Absolutely”. Full article here at For some reason not known to the public he did not follow thru with this. No investigation was even necessary because the people who misused the taxpayers money for these outings put themselves on Facebook bragging about these trips. To add insult to injury these trips were even worse than originally thought because it was not even the lease boats we were already paying for being used but an expensive fully catered private charter boat at their service. Pickering could still right this wrong in his final days as state auditor. Maybe he will cut a deal with the Feds and tell all about who intervened in the DMR investigation.

      1. Yes, but there is no making up for what has been already been done.

        There were some rumblings a while ago that something like this was on the way. Paybacks can be a bitch. If your name is made by stepping on people, then you best be sure you are doing things by the book. Even the appearance of misconduct ought to be avoided if one is smart. Living an arrogant and entitled life usually doesn’t usually produce smart behavior. Too many honors and not enough performance imo.

        I thought the first Pender article seemed more like prep fire intended to flush Pickering out. Today was the real opening salvo after Pickering had show where the target was.

        I expect there will be more revelations on Sunday or Monday, in time with the typical mainstream news cycle.

  13. The Ms.Republican party has sounded the battle stations,battle stations,battle stations alarm that can be heard from state line to state line. Pickering will be thrown overboard by the party members into the shark infested waters of the Campaign Season Sea. He is more than just bloodied. He is a politician walking dead as of the moment the Clarion Ledger article was released. Will he take the party down with him is now the question on many Republican candidates minds.

  14. Doug, I am not going to do a “victory dance” until the entire bunch involved in stepping on the Coast, raiding the Katrina and BP money for their own greedy purposes, and innocent DMR employees are brought down. These scum have ruined innocent peoples’ lives with their arrogance, hunger for the almighty dollar, and insecurities. It appears that the only thing that makes them happy is other peoples’ money! They don’t care whom they step on, use, lie to or steal from – YET – they still hide behind the Christian name. It is my opinion that none of them know the God that I know. I’m afraid that their God may sport a pair of horns, cloven hooves, and a forked tail??? Where I come from, you don’t mess over innocent people and we were taught the golden rule as children: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. This bunch of trash has turned the name of the DMR to mud and made it into a social club – not an office of public servants. Danny Guice was our one chance to salvage the DMR and would have done a great job for his home town where the people loved him. But of course, a handful of “family and friends” did a hatchet job on him, as did the SH, and he was replaced with someone who doesn’t have good sense and isn’t fit to kiss Guice’s behind, much less “try” to run an agency. Guice had experience managing people, budgets and he cared about the fishermen and Coast. The current puppet has no experience managing people, but can just manage drunken parties in Washington for Puhl-a$$o and passes money to the right hands imo. What a joke he is and he will get his just due too in the long run. Bet he isn’t sleeping too well now either. Wonder how he will look in bright orange?? Other prisoners love little men and they are real “good” to them.
    I hope that they all get their just due. It is past time; but I still grieve for the poor families that they have ruined and hope that in some way, this State will right the wrongs they have done to those families. I can think of a dozen individuals that were mistreated right off, and one family that never will be the same, while Snotty Scotty finishes playing golf at Fed prison and will return to his mansion on the beach in Ocean Springs and continue his happy life; and instill the same values in his children that he and his family have lived; so the cycle will continue and we will have more arrogant politicos on the loose with unchecked morals.
    Please keep us informed Doug, as the stomach churns…thanks for all you do and I hope that everyone who is able will help support you financially so that you can continue this site and the great work that you do. Please don’t forget him folks!!!! We are all in this together.

  15. As I recall Stacy Pickering had a fun(d) raiser at Scott Walkers house right next door to Boston Whaler Cloyd. I feel the defensiveness in Pickering when I watched him on the news yesterday. Another coward politician caught and trying to justify his despicable conduct. I have a solution for the apparent contradiction between his and his wife’s version of the campaign “bus”; let the donut eater at DMR do a press release for them. It will be off topic, no facts and nobody will have a clue what is being reported on. While the FBI is investigating seems like they should take up ADD Davis and his tax paid golfing excursions with Casey Eure during working hours, or maybe the beer bridge cover up incident, or the Sex-Gate Hair Dresser Scandal. Pickering and the DMR have a lot in common.

  16. My grandchildren’s Cockatiel can say “term limits” that is no lie. I know Doug does videos on here sometime. If only I could catch him saying it, I could submit it as a post. This is true!!!!!! His cage is in the same room as the TV!!!!!

  17. One can only wonder what is listed on Pickering’s tax statements and if they would provide any “truth” to a few of the accusations. Of course, there is also a risk that those were also in the back of the U-Haul truck that “his boy” was driving to Jackson around mid-night with the DMR records.

  18. You all have it wrong…
    Mr. Pickerings web site says it all…”In God we trust, all others I audit.” if its on the internet it must be true!!! Also found on Craigs list Jackson, slightly used BMW and class B motorhome priced for quick cash sale.

    1. I see he borrowed Phil Bryant’s old slogan.

      As an observer of the agency dating back to the Mabus administration my opinion is the last decent state auditor was Pete Johnson. Since Pete left the office every reform Mabus made to the agency has been systematically dismantled.

  19. My Fellow Americans

    Anyone who knows Pickering probably wouldn’t argue that he is quite the glory hound and is always looking for publicity to promote himself.

    It’s pretty funny how he has be awful quite for the last 3-4 days.

    Maybe Pickering and “The Children of Frontier” are hatching the master plan.

  20. Vote Mary Butler for change. Without being elected she is already working in our best interest by getting Pickering Investigated.

  21. My Fellow Americans,

    Get Ready!!!!! Join the DMR at The 2016 State of Our Coast which will be commencing tomorrow at the Golden Nugget Casino!!!–5/11/2016. As rumor has it, there will be good variety of very influential people attending this event. If your lucky, you may have the opportunity to meet DMR and Gulf Coast Elites such as:

    1) Numerous members of the RRRSM (Radical Republican Regime of Socialists of Mississippi)

    2) Jamie Miller (As himself)

    3) “Two Faced-Bitch Tits” (Who can’t stop Giggling)

    4) “The Whore” (Who has a fetish for married white men with status)

    5) “The Skanky Meth Junkie” (Who manages to survive and get promoted with no credentials)

    6) Ashley Edwards (As himself)

    7) The Doughnut Eater (You better get their early………)

  22. My Fellow Americans,

    Get Ready!!!!! Join the DMR at The 2016 State of Our Coast which will be commencing tomorrow at the Golden Nugget Casino!!!–5/11/2016. As rumor has it, there will be good variety of very influential people attending this event. If your lucky, you may have the opportunity to meet DMR and Gulf Coast Elites such as:

    1) Numerous members of the RRRSM (Radical Republican Regime of Socialists of Mississippi)

    2) Jamie Miller (As himself)

    3) “Two Faced-Bitch Tits” (Who can’t stop Giggling)

    4) “The Whore” (Who has a fetish for married white men with status)

    5) “The Skanky Meth Junkie” (Who manages to survive and get promoted with no credentials)

    6) Ashley Edwards (As himself)

    7) The Doughnut Eater (You better get their early………)

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