Just a reminder…….

I’d like to challenge the readers of this website to think about how much unconflicted journalism is worth. If the answer is nothing and you like the news you get from State Sponsored media outlets like the Mississippi Press or the Seacoast Echo then you will ultimately get exactly what you want and deserve.

Those that want to see Slabbed continue in its current form can mail their donations to:

Slabbed New Media, LLC
Post Office Box 788
Wiggins, MS 39577

The best way to thank me for what I do is with cash because that is the only thing that will keep Slabbed New Media LLC going. And while lending a voice to the voiceless brings its own non monetary rewards in the form of good karma, the well wishes and expressions of gratitude do not pay the bills.

10 thoughts on “Just a reminder…….”

  1. One of the great things I love about Slabbed is the notion that each time I pull the website up, I never know what kind of surprises will pop up on the screen. You never know what could be waiting for is all to read and we are missing out.

    Unfortunately, I am sitting here “Slabbed-LESS” , a victim of cheapness perhaps, and possibly coming down with a case of “cheap-skate fatigue”

    It’s understandable that some cannot donate due to a major finatial crisis. But for most, a donation of 10-100 dollars should not be a problem. More especially as Doug puts his ass on the line to keep people informed of the truth.

    My Fellow Americans, we have plenty of unfinished business to conduct so please donate what you can. Do it, and do it now!!

  2. Slabbedathon day 4. One more donation received for a total of 2 total donors. Tom, my sincerest thanks for your support.

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