Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals: State Farm stole from the NFIP

Then again most everyone that lived the Hurricane Katrina experience already knew that but it is nice to have some affirmation:

Whistle blowers win appeal of State Farm wind vs. water case ~ Anita Lee

As I observed on Twitter, time for Ru$ty to part with $ome corporate ca$h. Hopefully it will be put to good use cutting that pesky NFIP deficit the insurers caused by their illicit post Katrina claims handling processes.

3 thoughts on “Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals: State Farm stole from the NFIP”

  1. How does one reconcile this decision with the EDLA’s decisions on flood offset? It was argued on numerous occassions that a flood offset should not be allowed because such an offset would reward/rubber stamp fraud. The Rigsby decision should be required reading for the judges in the EDLA.

  2. Ten years, almost. Justice is slow, now others should sue to regain what was stolen by this insurance company. This is what insurance is all about, take the money and delay, under pay, and deny.

  3. Two weeks to consider a plea deal? He has already dodged an upgrade to felony charge apparently.

    Son of former Gov. Barbour considers plea offer

    WASHINGTON – Haley Reeves Barbour Jr.,

    One Initial report: Haley Reeves Barbour, Jr. was at a bar when a man complemented his wife. Police say Barbour then started to make fun of the man’s hairstyle, and then repeatedly punched him in the face.

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