Baa, Baa, Black Sheep…….

Broussard parody after guilty plea deal was struck| New Orleans Levee | October 2012
Broussard parody after guilty plea deal was struck| New Orleans Levee | October 2012

Oh the horrors!

Aaron Broussard wants sentence cut citing bathroom cleaning, other prison hardships ~ Paul Purpura

And the time spent in the Hotlanta Pen was evidently hell. But….

I was there when Aaron Broussard was sentenced and had to deal with the aftermath. By aftermath I mean the disappointment felt by the public on the relatively short sentence Broussard received. As for his sentencing, I heard the man take responsibility for the crimes to which he pleaded in unequivocal terms first hand. 46 months was not a bad outcome given the life of crime Broussard led. And now he wants outs early, before he gets the full Bureau of Prison experience.

Fact of the matter is time flies by and Broussard only has 14 months left to serve. That said once he hits the ol’ half-way house he’ll be scrubbing terlits like mad and maybe that’s what he trying to avoid. Who knows? In any event he’s not getting much love in reader comments to Paul’s story. Here is a sampling:

Wait! Aaron had to clean floors??? By himself? Well at least they weren’t flooded lke mine were after Katrina. Darn pumping stations.

Now I have to ask, just what kind of work is he qualified to do on the outside that does not require a professional license that lists moral turpitude as a disqualifier? Maybe if more of the politicos did time in the same conditions there would be less incentive to steal from the public

If he’s really in so much debt, how’s he able to afford a high priced lawyer like Buddy Leman?
Makes you wonder where all that money is coming from.

This guy is a piece of work! Cry, Cry, Cry is all he knows how to do. Aaron, you are pathetic.. You are getting exactly what you deserve. Try for once in your life to take it like a man.

Sounds like his day is easier than mine!

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    Broussard’s lawyer writes to Judge Head “From 5:30AM to 5 PM, Broussard cleaned bathrooms, trimmed weeds, picked up litter and used a pressure washer” & “From 5:30 AM to 5 PM, Broussard cleaned bathrooms, sweeping, mopping and taking out the garbage Monday through Friday.” He also writes Broussard somehow had time to also be ” active in bible study, joined the choir, began tutoring and handling mail, took continuing education classes in real estate, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, taught three 8 week courses to inmates in civics, world affairs and current events.”

  2. Hmmm, wonder if Baldie keeps up conversations with the Queer Nation in Nova Scotia?

  3. One of the comments deals with monies he is paying for his lawyers….. Someone should do a FOIA on the prison system to find who is funding his prison account…..I’m betting it’s a who’s who’ of Jefferson Parish politics…past, present and future…Smart money is on the same names are funding the attorneys
    Sherman, Chehardy, Coulon, Bob Harvey. Ralph Fontcuberta….in my opinion could be some of the names that may show up.
    I suspect some of the ones he made rich have left him on the wayside

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