Guest Post: Jackson County Supervisors not completely honest with Jackson County residents

It appears the Jackson County Board of Supervisors and their appointed Trustees are not being completely open and transparent with the residents of Jackson County. The claims of protecting the hospitals privacy is just that – claims. Could their actions or rather lack of action be an attempt to protect current and former employees, friends or perhaps themselves by withholding public information? Who are the individuals responsible for the Singing River Hospital System’s pension downfall?

Honesty and revealing the truth to the citizens of Jackson County should be easy. The many inconsistent and off-the-wall statements our supervisors have uttered make it difficult to believe that any one of them is credible.

Are the Board of Supervisors saying the Trustees have all the power of operating the Singing River Hospital System? If the appointed Trustees are as qualified and levelheaded as some proclaim, why haven’t they unearthed the many improprieties reported to the Singing River Hospital System over the years?

In the upcoming Jackson County Board of Supervisors’ election, remember the incumbents who are asking for your vote. Have they performed the duties they were elected to fulfill?

Why not ask a Singing River Hospital System retiree their opinion?

Maxine Ramsay

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  1. Maxine it is so great to see you back girl! I hate to say it though these thugs have paved enough black top and filled in enough wetlands to purchase their way back in office. McKay can afford to be a thug because he knows he has the votes with his High School, soccer field and selected inside political appointments. Ross has the Villa votes and could care less what you or the Friends of the Harbor group think. Dumbest has the family name game and only a couple hundred people vote in his district so most are either kin or neighbors. No challenge there. So you see there is not much hope. The only true challenge would be if the retirees organized, choose a candidate in each of their districts so the vote is not split and campaign by word of mouth. It is almost too late for this and the incumbent thugs know this. I see most if not all going back in.

  2. Common sense is uncommon in this day of self-indulgence and self-serving, and sometimes people do not want to hear the truth, they want to hear what their itching ears want them to hear (Timothy 4:3 for you that believe and have a soul).
    A. Collusion can be a slightly difficult thing to detect, and surely KMPG will use this as one of their defenses. One bad apple spoils the barrel, but when you have two: it often exponentially increases the damage. The apples were two rotten administrators, and some others may have had some infection as well; KMPG auditors were the inspectors; and the Supervisors were the owners of the barrel. This does not mean the Supervisors are not culpable, and we can hate them all we want, and I am not defending them, but, they didn’t put the rotten apples in the barrel. KMPG was paid handsomely to be the watchdog and they should have seen this. There is enough blame here to spread for miles, including the Supervisors, but throwing stones can be dangerous.
    A great recent example of collusion is the two prisoners in New York that escaped. Two working together is harder to spot. And when three or more work together, even harder. But, it should have been noticed, and, it wasn’t. In light of that, while the Supervisors may be in some way culpable, Jackson Countians better be careful because there are even worse candidates out there. History has no shortage of worse candidates winning and making things worse. Hearing some of the opponents speak lately on social media should worry you. Some of them are probably better, but some are outrageously insanely worse. None of them would have noticed this situation either (hard to hear, but true); everyone should have noticed it actually, even their opponents. So be careful! People who say you could not do worse better be careful, you can always do worse. But I digress from the point, to answer your question, who is responsible? Just as in the prison escape, many are responsible, but the ones who are MOST responsible are the culprits themselves. The two who escaped from Singing River are clearly most responsible. Will they be caught and punished? Probably not in this life, maybe in the next. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.
    2. Has anyone claimed the trustees are levelheaded? Rather the opposite has been claimed. In fact, those Supervisors of yours called for their removal. Political tactic or not, they asked for them to be removed so they are not as “revered” as you have heard. In the above illustration, maybe the Trustees were the barrel, that should have provided some guard, or maybe they are the ones who should have kept the apple rot under control.
    3. Now to your part about ask a retiree. I hear the prayers of most retirees is that the hospital stays open. Only a very few have a radical “victory or death view.” In fact, I heard and saw a few of the retirees verbally spit, hiss and heckle the nurses at the County Supervisor meeting when they suggested the picketing might be better served elsewhere because it is running patients away, and then a certain retiree who does not speak for the majority condescendingly told them ‘go back to the hospital and win some more awards.’ Then they told them, in writing on social media, for the judge to see (not good for them), that they “would pray for them.” How hypocritical to abuse the ox that is pulling the yoke for your life. The working nurses and nurse leaders are the very ones who can make the difference between you getting any earthly retirement or getting nothing, ever – and not to mention saving your life when you walk in the hospital. Those nurses who spoke are losing a percentage of their retirement too – in fact, they are losing MUCH MORE than you are, because they do not get COLA, and they have to wait until they are 67. So if you are getting 80 percent, they are really getting closer to 50 percent in effect, so the retirees can have more. Solomon would give the working nurses more, to your extreme detriment, and now, he might. Be careful with that baby. And if you think you are going to get 100% with the way this Affordable Care Act is going, you probably will wish that you had been offered to “take the money and run” in some form of lump sum, because in a few years when it dips again, and it will (there is nothing new under the sun, history merely repeats itself), you can kiss 50%, 80% – and for sure 100% – goodbye.
    So, the point is, you could lose it all if you don’t stick together. The current employees are sacrificing for the retirees to get as much as possible, so to degrade these nurses is a horrific act of selfishness. The retiree who hissed and jeered at them really made their situation worse – when the judge sees that video and the written social media remarks about them, he will consider that the working employees have been slighted to the favor of the retirees, and change the deal, just SRHSwatch it.
    Don’t let the fact that you are in a hell-storm make you hate each other, because if you do, you all lose more – more than money even. So why not ask a retiree you ask? Because a few “speaking” of late do not represent the majority – the heart of the majority want a compromise or solution, so they can sleep at night and stop worrying about this constantly. They do not want what an itching ear wants to hear – “100 percent or no deal” or “to hell with those nurses” is not the voice of the majority. The majority of the retirees and working people selflessly care a little bit about the working nurses and the current patients, and they will also get the higher amount, in this life and the next.

    1. Mr. Dent, Your rather lengthy post is full of good intentions and some reasonable advice is offered. Where I think most would disagree is with your opinion that some of the good people who have stepped forward to run for the supervisor’s positions are “outrageously insanely worse”. I have not read anything that would lead me to this conclusion. Can you please be more specific . If you have read social media comments by some of these crazy candidates and can post them, this would also be very helpful. I think it is time for some new leadership on the JCBOS and while you cannot totally eliminate risk in the selection of people, you can bet the risk with these current members could be even greater. Just look back over the past 8 years and you can find many things in Jackson County, in addition to the SRHS disaster, that should make one question the ability of some who currently serve. These positions should not be held by people who only want to enhance a state retirement. In closing,I am not a participant in the SRHS pension but if I were I would be on fire with anger. Maybe in the end these good people, who were made a party to a retirement pension agreement, will have to settle for less than they were promised. I just hope those involved that have lied, deceived, and altered the lives of so many will be brought to justice. I also hope that those public servants that sat back and allowed this to happen because of their inaction, ignorance and lack of knowledge about the areas under the oversight of the position they held are voted out of office next month. Give me an honest crazy over a dishonest politician for a change. I am just really tired of all of the lies we have all been told.

      1. Primarily this exposed itself at the Vancleave forum, bits and pieces on people’s personal facebook sites (one or two dozies that I am not sure can be reposted, one has been taken down), and even a minor one on that Scott Taylor blog that Doug pointed us to. But, you could be exactly right, given today’s events as reported in the Sun Herald, it’s a circus for the ages that just keeps on keepin on. My point was, it was also time for new leadership when freaks like Hitler came to power, and while it would be VERY hard to get worse, the constant shock and awe could lead one to believe, it actually could, and sadly, probably will. It least it won’t be as bad as Germany. But still really bad. And sad.

        1. The “better the devil you know” argument includes an exoneration for current players who should not be punished for their wrongs, but instead an endorsement, not for their good acts, but simply for fear of what might be. Playing on fear is the last resort of those who do not have truth on their side. See Nazi rise to power

            1. I think that Godwin’s law would only apply to the comment, or the commenter’s line of reasoning (8:56PM July 5 and continuing) supported by the comment in violation, and not the thread.

    1. Did I hear Johnnie Gunna DeCay possibly say its going to be an instant 3 minute oatmeal breakfast meeting on the “good things… what’s positive”?

      No wait, I think that was Obama’s meeting today over at the Pentagon with 30 kissin’-his-ass military brass on his unknown strategy against ISIS ?

    2. I just realized that Not a Birthday Fishing Charter McKay may have misspoken or been misquoted!

      I report YOU Decide!

      Sun Herald: “It will strictly be a promotional thing,”…

      Could have been/ should have been: It will strictly be a self promotional thing, we are running for reelection in case you haven’t heard…

  3. BREAKING NEWS….. John McKay announces a feel good campaign event for his “LETS SUPPORT McKAY” re-election. At today’s JCBOS meeting McKay said ” This is strictly a promotional thing. We want to get to know the people running our hospital system (into the ground). So we have requested that our newest super attorney, Mr.Billy Guice, send out subpoenas to all of the SRHS management and trustees to assure their attendance to this deposition , I am sorry, meet and greet. Of course John McKay yard signs and bumper stickers will be available at the door for your convenience. This event was totally my idea and I further assure you I am the only member on this board who will not vote to raise my property taxes, so any group of people can have some peace of mind. I got my two retirements and if re-elected one last time I will be in excellent financial shape. Vote John McKay on August 4 because Louie,Dewey and Screwy have no clue on how to do my job as your “Stupidvisor” (borrowed)”.

  4. Speak to anyone who worked at SRHS. They will tell you there was a culture of false positivity and enthusiasm. (To the extent that the catch-phrase “world class” was used as a term of derision.) They were assessed on this in evaluations. A bungling and incompetent party might not lose her job, but a skilled and valuable one could lose hers simply for speaking truth. It is this culture of punishing the honest and forthright and rewarding the treacherous that has brought SRHS to its current position.

    It is no surprise that SRHS would seek to limit comments to only those that are positive and not care to hear what employees and retirees might have to contribute. It is engrained. There should be no surprise that critical thought and observation are not welcomed by Mr. McKay. The public is invited, but not welcomed.

    To be more blunt: the culture of SRHS management in regard to employee complaints of corruption and malfeasance is to place fingers firmly in the ear canals and shout “la la la la la la!”

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