Jim Brown: Re-writing Louisiana’s History Flags, Monuments and All!

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


It looks like it’s time to get out the soap powder in Louisiana. Some elected officials and the state’s largest newspaper are jumping all over themselves to call for the banishment of whatever tattered remnants are left from the aftermath of the Civil War. Not just flags, but monuments, names, Dukes of Hazzard, Aunt Jemima syrup, Uncle Ben’s rice, Gone with the Wind, they all gotta go. The cultural cleansing in the Bayou state has begun.

The current focus of obliterating the past is on the Confederate flag flying about the South Carolina state capitol. Of course the flag should come down, and should have been lowered years ago. But the question is, just how far should government bodies go to pacify those who feel offended by tax dollars being used to maintain past symbols; reminders of a once divisive nation that are an affront to many black Americans.

Actually, despite newspaper accounts otherwise, the Confederate flag never flew above the state capitol in Baton Rouge, both during the time of the Civil War, and in the years afterword. Louisiana adopted its own flag of secession, comprised of a yellow star on a red background. What to see what it looked like? Check out the present flag of Vietnam.

So what happens now? Do reasonable voices want to open up a discussion to learn from history, or will there be an emotional reaction to determine and shape history? Do we purge symbols and inscriptions of the past that causes discomfort to some? Isn’t that what ISIS is doing in the Middle East right now; wiping out monuments that commemorate both the good and the bad of a region’s history? Continue Reading……….

39 thoughts on “Jim Brown: Re-writing Louisiana’s History Flags, Monuments and All!”

  1. Damn Brownie yo’ hitting on All-American cylinders now bro–‘

    ISIS is destroying historical markers in the Middle East and would love to destroy them in America and certain people who call themselves Americans want to destroy them here all in favor of political correctness—- NO WAY BRO’

    The White House is now becoming a personal Bama Billboard used by socialists to light it up with certain colors only to divide more Americans over social/religious issues– Elected politicians are doing backroom deals with international moneybags through non- governmental e-mail servers–

    CHANGE is needed fo’ sure big time and with the government no longer able to do independent investigations/prosecutions of themselves, the media must now step forward and do the job to save this withering republic from Constitutional abuse just like they did with Nixon

    Do like me and call yo’ local Macys’ department store on this FOURTH OF JULY and tell them their attempted economic extortion against people/Presidential candidates to stop their free speech against political correctness will not be tolerated as you and your friends will put a boycott on Macys to bring them to their blackmailing knees until they apologize — This is freakin’ AMERICA bro’, not Macyland parading their big stupid balloons full of BS !!!!!

  2. Jim: The really SAD thing about the burning and burying of the flags, and the removal (or will it be DESTRUCTION) of the historical monuments, will be the fact that NOTHING WILL CHANGE. The monuments to the Negro race will continue to be “dilapidated houses, junk cars, and glass in the street”. Just take a look at their edifices in Sub-Saharan Africa: THERE AREN’T ANY, SINCE HISTORY STARTED BEING RECORDED 4,000 YEARS AGO. Why, many the people of Sub-Saharan Africa are still living (those who haven’t killed and eaten each other) in thatched huts, with mud floors, with no sewerage or electricity. Hell, some of OHOMO’s own relatives are living that way, right now! Now to the “thorny” issues of flags and monuments: I have never owned a slave; my parents never owned a slave; my Grand-Parents never owned a slave; no one in my Family ever advocated slavery. The “n” word, when I was growing up, meant soap or cayenne pepper in the mouth (at least until I was @ 14, and my Uncle and God-Father was pistol-whipped and “gut-shot” as he lay bleeding on the floor of my Family’s place of business on Jefferson Highway by – YOU GUESSED IT – two Negro “aspiring astronauts”). Even then, the word was said “in private”, and NEVER to embarrass or humiliate any of the many Negros that the O’Dwyer Family employed in “real” jobs, that not only put food on their tables, but allowed them to own their own cars and homes (although the Family “gave” some of the homes to their devoted employees). Yes, I grew up seeing Confederate flags, and looking at monuments to heroes of the Confederacy, but NEGROS never entered my mind while exercising my sense of sight. To me, the flags and monuments stand for DEFIANCE and RESISTANCE to TYRANNY, particularly Yankee TYRANNY, and other assaults on my freedom and individual liberty, for which the Federal Government has had so much practice. The flags and monuments were also a source of “Southern Pride”, which set “us” aside from the rest of the Country and those who will use ANY EXCUSE to impose their will on me and mine, and trample on OUR civil rights. NEGROS NEVER WERE PART OF THE EQUATION! So, I will cherish memories of the flags and monuments, and look at old photographs (if they are to still be “allowed”) in private. BUT I WILL NOT FORGET, ANYTHING. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  3. Jim (and Doug): Hope y0u have a “happy” Fourth of July” holiday. Maybe you could remind your national bevy of readers (if they can tear themselves away from James Cagney in “Yankee Doodle Dandy” on YOUTUBE) that while the flags of the Confederacy flew over “the institution of slavery” for only four years (1861 to 1865), the “Stars and Stripes” flew over the institution of slavery from 1777 to December 1865, when Congress passed the 13th Amendment freeing the slaves (and garnering their “votes”, just like is happening with rampant illegal immigration today). Not only were former slaves, uneducated, uneducatable, non-land-owning, paying-no-taxes, and impecunious, given the “right” to vote in the South, but former Confederates were disenfranchised, their land taken from them, and subjected to others acts of “Yankee Terrorism” during “Reconstruction”. So the Negro MOB could vote (and they did, just as their Yankee Masters told them), but white women didn’t get the right to vote until 1920 or thereabouts. So our Confederate flags (OHOMO recently said they were evidence of “systemic oppression and racial subrogation” – But what does that Keynan-born MOZ-SLIME, raised in Indonesia know?) and monuments are relegated to “the memory hole” by “political incorrectness” and OHOMO’s Ministry of Truth. Pardon me for not “celebrating”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. I think the name OHOMO be more “ethnically correct” if it were written as O’Homo (with the apostrophe) 😉

      I am not a “Billy Bad Ass” with a “JD” degree but I do remember a little about history from HS and college.

      If it wasn’t for those damn Yankees then the Revolution may have had a different outcome. I say this because the majority of Southerners apposed the Civil War. Not a surprise as we still see the roots of nepotism and cronyism thriving today which flourished with the “English Proper.”

      If it wasn’t for those damn Yankees and the South won the war, the South would most likely be struggling to survive to this day. The South would have spent the last 150 years fighting human rights abuse issues and having border wars with the Union and Mexico under a government run by rouge radical Christianity.

      I respect the fact that anyone has the right to celebrate (or not to celebrate) the 4th of July as they please (even if BARACK OBAMA is the current President of the United States.)

  4. Let’s see the Civil War has been over for 150 years yet some of us say the ‘South would be nothing and we would be fighting with Mexico’ as per Eye Spy.

    Well ,I contend that the South ,where cotton was King for a long while, provided the cotton threads to cloth those Yankee ‘son- of – a – bitches ‘, as General Patton would say for their cold ass winters; and since I didn’t read where any Yankees volunteered to pick cotton from sun up to sun set and being there were no illegal aliens showing up with green cards I don’t recall the Yanks saying they refused mmto wear their pressed whites cause black slaves were picking the cotton for their threads.

    As far as the South if they would have won having to fight Mexico , well the North won and we are fighting half of Mexico and half of Central America storming the borders to invade us just like the Mongolians invaded the Roman Empire and soon fell to their barbarian illegal aliens ( history does repeat itself fairly often a people and their whore leaders refuse to face a danger but would rather convert invaders to vote Democrat while their country is slowly overcome with entitlement, education burden debt and terrorists among them).

  5. Gee! I’m so glad that Jim and Doug opened this “controversial” subject up for discussion. If one is following the Lame Stream Media’s treatment, one might conclude that Confederate flags and monuments are “symbols” of hatred, rather than “objects” of hatred. Anyway, I want to share some knowledge with any Members of “The SLABBED Nation” who might be interested: (1) Did you know that in Abraham Lincoln’s inaugural address, delivered on March 4, 1861, he said (I quote): “I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the states where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so.” Sounds something like “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”, doesn’t it? (2) And as for “Black History Month”, which I believe should be ENDED in this country, once and for all (along with “Black Student Unions”, the “Black Miss America Contest”, the “Martin Luther King” statute, the “Ernest Morial Convention Center”, etc., etc., etc., I have discovered the following quotation from the Negro “Carter G. Woodson”, who is hailed as “the Father of Black History Month”, namely: “If a race has no history, it has no worthwhile tradition, it becomes (sic) a negligible factor in the thought of the world, and it stands in danger of being exterminated.” Just WHO is EXTERMINATING WHOM in connection with the contrived “controversy” swirling around flags and historical monuments? (3) Last point: I discovered that Thomas Jefferson, who has been maligned by the liberal left, and accused of siring one or more mulatto BASTARDS by a slave named Sally Hemming (which I aver to be a LIE), was the driving force behind the 1807 – 1808 law in the USA which “outlawed” the importation of slaves from foreign countries into the United States. THATS RIGHT: NO SLAVES COULD BE LAWFULLY IMPORTED INTO THE USA AFTER 1808, thanks to Thomas Jefferson. But the “left” wants his monument in Washington, D.C. removed also. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. I guess you failed to read the next address a year later or you have come down with a case of the Pickering’s disease.

      If you conduct a google search you can find many quotes made by Lincoln. Some of them may spark your interest and help with your self induced case of “Negro Fatigue”

      Maybe Ireland would be a better fit for you as you appear to have such a problem with this country while the Chocolate City is eating you alive. I know I am personally quite fond of their food.

      Don’t take this to heart. I’m just busting your balls a little. 😉

  6. Eye Spy & AROD;

    Now that’s what I like, respectful discussion with humor, among the gentlemen of the Slabbed Nation.

    While on the issue of political correctness here are the very last words a young, beautiful lady uttered a few days ago in the very arms of her dear beloved father:

    “Father, help me, Father help me” ; as she lay bleeding to death in the tourist waterfront area of the sanctuary city of San Francisco. Shot for no reason by an illegal alien, who was deported at least five times, who should have been executed on the VERY DAY of his VERY LAST illegal entry.

    Cruelly executed you ask ? Yes, and on national TV, especially on the Mexican propaganda UNIVISION in full color, high definition and with some of that defective euthanasia solution that takes 30 minutes to work. And on the TV in large red letters in Spanish, “Those who wish to come illegally a second time after deportation, especially after crimes committed, need to know we are serious and are absolutely not going to waste tax payer money on persistent criminal illegal aliens by jailing them or deporting them time and time again.”

    Had he been executed as a person with chronic felonies with no legal constitutional rights the very lives of a tax paying American family would not have been tragically destroyed.

    Just the other day at my daughter’s house I let in an appliance repair man who had an interesting helper from Central America. The illegal alien had the balls to BRAG to me, an American citizen, on how many times he had been deported, how many marriages he had been in and children he produced, how he has applied and received every possible entitlement and how he only works under the table and pays absolutely NO TAXES. Believe me had it been my house I would have told them both to leave immediately.

    These are the people Trump is talking about – listen up America before you don’t have a July 4th to celebrate !!

    And if the Republican candidates don’t grow some soon, as Trump has shown off his, the Republicans will get fewer votes then they got last time and this Nation will continue to have rainbow colors shine upon the walls of the White House, oh excuse me “His (my) House”, as per Obama’s words.

    Hopefully the stupid ass Republican power brokers, who can only dump their big bucks on another BS Bush, will after Jeb’s rejection in the primaries all move to Shitty Bunkpork and retire from politics for good.

    And for those who think I’m just a cruel, conservative extremist , after you eat AROD’S grits, you are most welcome ” To eat my biscuits and suck on my Jimmy Dean sausage “.

  7. I repeat: I’m sure glad that Jim and Doug opened this topic for discussion, because it has presented me the opportunity to say things that NO ONE ELSE IS SAYING. So, as we bear witness to the “Orwellian PURGE” a/k/a “Ethnic and Cultural Cleansing” a/k/a “Cultural Genocide” by “The MOB”, and the relegation of symbols of history and culture to “the Memory Hole”, let me tell you a few things about Abraham Lincoln: You know, “Honest Abe”, the “Great Emancipator”. I believe that I previously reported to “The SLABBED Nation” that on March 4, 1861, in his Inaugural Address, Lincoln unequivocally stated as follows: “I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the states where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so and I have no inclination to do so.” Less than a month and a half later, on April 12, 1861, Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard (whose statute at the entrance of City Park here in New Orleans is coming down, as per the wishes of “the MOB”) fired on Fort Sumter after Yankee provocation(s), and the War Between the States began. However, two days prior to Lincoln’s Inaugural address, on March 2, 1861, both Houses of the U.S. Congress passed, by 2/3 vote in each House, something called “The Corwin Amendment”, which Lincoln scholars believe was drafted, in whole or in part, by the President-elect, Lincoln. The Corwin Amendment has also been called “The Original 13th Amendment”, although it was never fully ratified due to the War. It was strongly supported by Lincoln, who lobbied for its passage. The Corwin Amendment stated: “No amendment shall be made to the Constitution which will authorize or give Congress the power to abolish or interfere within any state with the domestic institutions thereof, including that of persons held to labor or service by laws of said state.” Obviously, the Corwin Amendment a/k/a the 13th Amendment (the “original” one) was intended by Lincoln and Congress to PERPETUATE SLAVERY in states where it already existed. In his Inaugural address two days later, Lincoln unequivocally stated that he “had no objection to its [the Corwin Amendment] being made express and irrevocable”. So much for the Confederate states seceding and defending their territory from Yankee INVASION over SLAVERY, which “Honest Abe”, that “Great Emancipator”, and the U.S Congress wanted to continue AD INFINITUM in states where it already existed as of March 1861, right before the onset of hostilities. But there’s “more”. On August 14, 1862, Lincoln invited a delegation of free Negros to the White House, informing them of his plans to COLONIZE THEM ALL BACK TO AFRICA! He also told them: “Your race is suffering, in my judgment, the greatest wrong inflicted on any people. But even when you cease to be slaves, you are yet far removed from being placed on an equality with the white race. The aspiration of men is to enjoy equality with the best when free, but on this broad continent not a single man of your race is made the equal of a single man of our race.” Honest Abe, the Great Emancipator, indeed. WHEN WILL THE MOB BEGIN DISMANTLING THE LINCOLN MEMORIAL? HUH? I SAID: HUH? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  8. So glad AROD cleared up that great myth bout the Civil War and the Confederate Flag being over slavery which I learned in highschool but evidently Half-Moon Moron Mitch must have been writing love notes to his favorite girlfriend when his teacher was clearly revealing that said myth was BS.

    So Mitch, Tom Callihan and all you ignorant liberals out there in cyber space yo’all need to goggle ” Did U.S. Grant have slaves” and you will find the answer – (4). Therefore, I propose that all monuments built to any Union war hero who owned slaves be torn down if and when the first Confederate war hero monument is destroyed or moved into a museum. Additionally, any Black schools bearing the names of any Union heroes who owned slaves should also be immediately changed to the name of a prominent Black civil rights leader.

    And Mitch, give it up my “boy” as you may have won some future Black votes from your anti-Confederate rant in NOLA but you have sealed your lifetime political demise and you will never “rise again” to be elected U.S. Senator from the great Confederate State of Louisiana.

    Maybe a family Half-Moon move to Baltimore, Boston or Washington will get you politically reborn as the next President of the Urban League and possible open up additional political futures for your liberalistic family members.

    1. Locke:

      I think you and Ashton need to load the truck and head to S.C in an attempt to stop the madness and raise the flag again. 😉

      In all honesty could you or Ashton provide a list of 3-4 legitimate reasons of what the rebel flag stands for that is actually good? Just a simple list and I would prefer it not to be a dissertation littered with opinions that serve as nothing more than deflection.

  9. EyeSpy:

    For you and those who didn’t receive a good Civil War history education I will later review what the real, true historical causes were why the Civil War occurred( i.e. generally the North’s political oppressive dominance over the South on many other issues other than slavery), but more IMPORTANTLY it was announced in Memphis recently that the city administration there wants to not only demolish Confederate leaders’ monuments but dig up their and their wives’ rotten corpses buried beneath . Sound hateful ?- you bet yo’ oppressed white cracker ass it is!


    A South Carolina female republican governor gracefully and appropriately gave an INCH ( i.e. flag is now down despite fact the flag killed no one but only a racist madman set off by Ferguson and Baltimore riots intentionally tolerated by city administrations and police), butt now our very own Half-Moon Moron Mitch and now Memphis want a MILE more of double -standard racism.

    Next will be civil war monetary reparations demands and coming real soon the new “rainbow neighborhoods” ( I can imagine the social mixture of these proposed Washington forced neighborhoods promised recently by Mother Clinton.

    Not the previous Clinton’s “village” of the 90’s but the new and improved ” Rainbow Neighborhood” which Mother Clinton briefly mentioned a few weeks ago to perk the interests of the socialists, but which she is now tight lipped about till later when she is sworn in and puts those beautiful, rainbow lights up permanently on the “Clitonhouse”.

    Just remember folks, the politically correct Washington socialists must first “…. pass these Rainbow Neighborhoods initiatives before we get to know what will be in them”….. .Just have faith America and hold on to yo’ Bible cause yo’ done ready fo’ a long ride on the North’s “Politically Correct – Loss of Free Speech Railroad” originating out of the railroad yards of Washington, D.C..

    And REMEMBER, it was the North’s industrial swagger and massive railroad lines that led to the North’s resources/logistical advantage and eventually the South’s defeat.

    “ALL ABOARD, yo’ Confederate bigots !!! First stop Obamaville where you will be forced to enjoy the unaffordable, “Affordable Health Care” , then on through Clintontown with its colorful, forced rainbow-lit neighborhoods and finally on to Memphis with yo’ very own private bathroom chamber/ cremation destination where you will R.I.P with all the other Confederate war SOB’s and their bigoted wives”.

    1. Locke

      Thanks for the info but you did not fulfill my simple request.

      When speaking of why the north won the war, I have heard many theories an excuses including the example you provided above. I will admit I am not a civil war expert as some portray to be on Slabbed but I beleive the south had the distinct advantage in military leadership going in their favor. I guess that didn’t work out to well.

      All in all, people can dissect the “why’s” and “only if’s” but when it comes down to brass tacks, the only thing that matters in a war is who wins. Take a look at the revolutionary war. By default the Colonists (the true Rebels) should have gotten their ass kicked.

  10. EyeSpy:
    WTF !
    You are worried bout the true whys/ways/reasons of the Civil War and why the North won yet the fact that Blacks in Memphis want to destroy Confederate Historical Monuments and dig up the Confederate soldiers’ and their wives’ corpses beneath them doesn’t get under yo’ skin and stir a concerned reply? Are you Yankee born or of African decent? Or, are you playing childish games like ” cyberbaiting” when you should be asking yourself what the hell is happening in America due to the political correct leftists/racists.

    You don’t deserve a Civil War history lesson until you first thoroughly understand what is meant by “Current Events”, the “U.S. Constitution”,” loss of Freedom of Speech”,” destruction of Historical Heritage” and finally what is “Reverse Racism” and then think what all of the above means to you and your loved ones in the future.

    Open a few books in yo’ log cabin and burn some midnite oil educating yourself or turn your TVcable from MNBC to FOX news so you can fully understand what is happening all around your unenlightened mind NOW, not what happened 150 years ago.

    Until you do don’t expect any replies to your base ignorance, along with your disregard and lack of appreciation of the American freedoms you enjoy now yet stupidly assume will be yours and your descendants for eternity.

    1. Locke

      I think it’s pretty clear by my comments that I am not concerned with the “why’s” pertaining to the war you are still fighting. More especially since you are the one who started making excuses as to why the south lost.

      I am not going to answer your question as you have failed to answer mine when I first asked and you have done nothing but tap dance during this discussion. No offense, but I am not concerned with a history lessen that is littered with brainwashing techniques.

      In regards to your comment about me enjoying American freedoms? Well, perhaps you can thank me because I enlisted and assisted with preserving them as I consider myself a normal Ameraican and nothing less should be expected. If you didn’t serve, your fucking welcome.

      In regards to your reverse discrimination claim. Perhaps you should ask me what I think of that topic instead of making false accusations. This is actually what is referred to as ignorance.

      Let me leave you with this (in your own words so to speak)

      “Holy freaking frolicking crazy batman. This discussion has turned into complete compounded craziness. We have a bunch of Yuppy wannabee Yanks trying to tell us about history. My sorry radical rebel ass is on the witness stand, I can’t answer a simple question and I’m feeling the hellacious heat”

      1. EyeSpy:

        If you are so stubbornly ignorant and want to keep your Yankee EYES closed in the Gulf sand, so be it, as I can see you are more concerned with the “whys of the Civil War and who won” instead of learning the true reasons/truths; and more importantly, you failing to instead react to the present and real threats of the South losing their civil rights of historical expression and freedom of unpolitically correct thoughts and speech expressing REALITY.

        Instead of Ashton and I moving from our birth place, how bout you moving to the native soil upon which you were expelled with your afterbirth so you won’t be offended by Southern comments defending our rights to preserve our true history, as we were never and are not now the real racist bigots and hypocrites who lived/and still live in the North.

        This country’s race relations have dropped to new lows ( I wonder why?) as Blacks with rap sheets a mile long resist arrest , some fighting and reaching for the officer’s gun, and when sometimes they die resisting we get mayors allowing Black thugs to riot, kill the police and burn civil and private property thereby injuring innocent people and their businesses. While some of these resistin’, no respect for authority, lifetime thugs collect undeserved civil lawsuit awards ( 6 Million to the asthmatic, overweigh fighting felon in N.Y)..

        Then when the Police, fearing for their lives and from BS civil lawsuits, stop going into dangerous Black neighborhoods to investigate one drug dealers’ murder of another; they are duly criticized by the same Black mayors for not doing their professional duty to protect and serve the Black community ? This is the ongoing typical double standard, racial Bullshit, plain and simple and it needs to be called out as inappropriate and stopped.

        Your beloved president with his BS black attorney generals are almost gone with their premature, jack-in -the- box, uninformed racial prosecutorial orgasms ; and hope is on the horizon for unpolitical correctness and for the real TRUTHS expressed as they truly exist.

  11. To: “THE SLABBED NATION”: A man named “Tim Shea Carroll” has already collected over 15,000 signatures on a “Save the Circle” petition, which those who are interested can sign at the “change.org” web-site. This was reported yesterday on the “nola.com” web-site. The “Save the Circle” movement is GROWING. And by the way, two of the monuments, namely the General Robert E. Lee statute at Lee Circle, and the statute of General P.G.T. Beauregard at Beauregard Circle at the entrance to City Park, are BOTH listed with “The National Register of Historic Places”. I don’t know why the statute of President Jefferson Davis is not listed as well. Anyway, the listings may have some “influence” on what “the MOB” wants to do with these historic monuments. In the meantime, I guess that “the MOB” will continue defacing them, and CRAPPING them up, just like everything in THEIR neighborhoods. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Ashton, Earth to Ashton,

      I feel you would be so much better off if you were to move far, far, far away from the Chocolate City. It’s literally eating you alive.

  12. Earth to EyeSpy:

    If you are a true Southern citizen you would want to help stop this national drive in Southern black majority cities with a majority of Black Council to destroy all vestiges of Confederate History in their cities. As U.S.Grant had 4 slaves during the war while Robert E. Lee had freed all his slaves before the Civil War started , I seriously question why is the South the only area under attack?

    Just another example of the still existing, Yankee Washington politics allowing oppressive things to be forced down the throats of the South, as they did with integration in the 60’s, all the while the North only submitted to integration much later.

    Those wanting to sign the NOLA Petition to stop Half-Moon Moron Mitch from destroying Lee Circle and P.G. Beauregard at City Park please download this safe petition which now has 18,000 signatures below:


    I suggest the Northern Yankees politicos and Black Congressmen to start to tear down all Civil war monuments of U.S. Grant for he was truly a persistent slave owner.

    1. Locke;

      Lets call a cease-fire on this one and just agree to disagree on the subject matter. Deal.

    2. I encourage all Slabbers to sign the petition to save NOLA’s Confederate monuments as hopefully the organizer of the petition will e-mail all petition signees in the future for a white march to Lee Circle to protest, just like our bros’ have been doing for the last 50 years.

      It’s bout time our black bros’ get use to whites marching and protesting and lets see how they react when we express our civil rights. Will they try to stop our demonstration? Will they respect our rights? Will there be violence? This is exactly what our current Socialistic Administration wants – class verse class- and out of racial conflict the Socialistic government takes over slowly.

      At some point in time white America must wake up and defend our heritage and rights, as they are threatened, before our Black ghetto cities drag our Country into oblivion with them.

      1. Locke;

        Now this is a portion that I will agree with. I think there is a big difference between black America of today when compared to 100 years ago. I would be willing to bet the gangsta types were nonexistent back in the day.

  13. EyeSpy:

    So you agree with just one of the above mentioned TRUTHS that ‘… 100 years ago there were no black gangsters….’ ( WOW, gee golly you actually have a fraction of your imaginative leftist eye out of the sand).

    So having that in common you are asking me if you can “secede” from any further debate concerning all the other realities of this blog and just ‘to agree to disagree’ ? Now that’s interesting. Imagine 150 years ago you were living in the South and the North decided to place various tariffs on Southern products, which is in fact one of the TRUE causes for the Civil War. The South asked to be excused from such unfair tariffs only on Southern products but none on Northern products. When the North said ‘No’, the South then said lets just ‘agree to disagree’ and we will secede , just as the original colonies seceded from England’s taxes as per Boston Tea Party/ Revolution.

    But the hypocrites in the North said what the hell are thinking man – you can’t do that and we will force you to stay in this ‘perfect union’ of our great Nation and you just must tolerate our Yankee oppressive taxes!

    So bro’ to you I say, in the Northern tradition of Southern oppression, so sorry but I can’t let you secede from this ‘ perfect union’ of the SlabbedNation, as we have fought side by side bravely against previous oppressive evils together, from further debate on this blog. And if you try to turn your computer off this blog Ashton and I will send troops to keep you tied to your chair with your computer on, whether you like it or not. And if you fight we will burn/plunder your house and your town (i.e. Atlanta) to total ashes.

    And when you expire will we send white extremist carpetbaggers to make sure your offspring are tied up and suffer economically for a long time. Then we will 150 years from now tear down any physical signs evidencing that you once had a legitimate human right to secede from oppressive assholes so that your immoral desires ‘to agree to disagree and secede’ will live on into eternity without any legitimate defenses.

    I say an Eye for an Eye – what you got to say EyeSpy? And don’t you even think bout turning off yo’ computer bro’!

    1. Locke:

      At this point I am really not interested in debating you anymore due to the fact that you continuously make false accusations and avoid/deflect simple questions. Its done and quite frankly, your true self is really shining through.

      For all we know, perhaps you and your “buddy” are a couple of Dixiecrats behind closed doors and are putting up a shield. I actually work with one of these types and find it quite comical.

      I would be willing to bet that you don’t have the nuts to put your life on the line for the beloved rebel flag and it’s heritage.

      1. EyeSpy:

        All you have to do Eye is simply sign the Save Lee Circle petition and Ashton,you and I can all meet at LeeCircle at the appointed time of protest and we will see who has “nuts” and who is nuts about doing away with Confederate History.

        Life on the line ?Eye, I can EyeBall your wide-ass yellow streak from here. I do believe that there will be police presence at Lee Circle and my life would not be in anymore danger than if I would take an evening walk down Bourbon st. to Esplanade and down Esplanade to the Riverfront.

        1. We shall see. I hope to see you on the news with a Tshirt that says Lockemuptight waiving the Devils flag. As for Ashton, I think he will be clearly identifiable by many.

    2. Locke:

      If you would take the time to read my posts you would see that we probably agree on 95% of the crap going on. That’s actually quite good.

      1. Bro’, I’ve unfortunately read all your previous Yankee sympathetic posts but with you declaring for the first time that you now agree 95% with what I’ve posted has me worried that with you finally lifting your face out of the Gulf sand you better put on your Yankee rose- colored sunglasses as you maybe blinded by the Light and Truth which you have so fervently avoided to admit heretofore.

        1. You haven’t read all the posts evidently. Remember. There is a difference between 1861 and 2015.

        2. 95% of the posts meaning 95% prior to this subject. I don’t think even the Great Ashton O’Dwyer could save you on the witness stand now. 😉

  14. Double standard? Isn’t: “What’s sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander?” A teenaged “nut job” shoots 9 Negros and the entire white race is vilified. And because there exist some photos of the nut job in the presence of some Confederate flags, said flags are being BANNED and all public vestiges of the Confederacy removed from view as “symbols of hate”. Then an immigrant MOZ-SLIME shoots 4 Marines and a Naval Petty Officer (among others), and days later “law enforcement” is still searching for a “motive”, with the shooter’s family claiming that their son and brother was suffering from “depression”, partially as a result of being singled out as a MOZ-SLIME. Forget about “Daddy’s” having been on a U.S. Government “terrorist watch list”. Forget about the shooter being fired from his job at a nuclear facility in Tennessee for failing a background check. Forget about the shooter’s recent visits abroad to “hot beds of [MOZ-SLIME] terrorism”. Forget about the shooter’s social media tweets. Forget about the shooter’s attending a MOZ-SLIME Brotherhood mosque. Forget about there being at least 6 variations in the shooter’s first name, namely “Mohammad”, which is “confusing” the Federal investigators, not to mention his name change from “”Mohammad Youssuf Saeed Al-Hjjij” to “Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez”, and the two passports, one from the U.S.A and the other from the Kingdom of Jordan. So when are “WE”, including our MOZ-SLIME “President”, law enforcement investigators, the Lame Stream Media , and various talking heads going to vilify MOZ-SLIMES? Recent attacks by MOZ-SLIMES against “infidels” (that’s US) have included: (1) Fort Hood, (2) U.S. Army Recruiting Center in Little Rock, (3) Boston Marathon bombing, (4) and (5) two separate attacks against New York policemen, (6) Garland, Texas, (7) Chattanooga, and (8) a thwarted attack on Fort Dix, New Jersey. And on the issue of “thwarted attacks”, do you know that in the past 12 months there have been over 60 arrests of MOZ-SLIMES, over 40 of which have involved U.S. citizens, some immigrants, some not? When is “enough, enough”? Personally, I’d like to see the same “fervor”, which has been directed at Confederate flags and monuments since Charleston, directed at the following MOZ-SLIME “symbols of hate”, which I identify as the following, inter alia: the Koran a/k/a Quran, the Sira a/k/a Seera a/k/a Sirah, the Hadith, MOZ-SLIME beards, taqiyahs a/k/a skull caps, topis, thobes(es), disdashas, sirwals a/k/a sarwals, burqas, hijabs, chadors and YES: MOSQUES. After all: “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander”. Confederate flags and monuments, indeed! Ashton O’Dwyer.

  15. And all Members of “The SLABBED Nation” should be on their knees, thanking our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, that no photographs exist of “Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez”* holding an Army of Virginia battle flag! *That’s “Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez” a/k/a “Mohammad Youssuf Saeed Al-Hjjij” a/k/a “Mahammad” a/k/a “Mahamad” a/k/a “Mohammod” a/k/a “Muhammod” a/k/a “Muhammud”, etc., etc., etc. And remember the words of OHOMO, our MOZ-SLIME-in-Chief, who inhabits “The White Mosque” (until January 20, 2017, at noon): “The Islamic State is NOT Islamic”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  16. It is an established principle of the liberal left that once a racist ‘always a racist'( i.e. David Duke) so I guess that means NOLA has a hypocritical racist mayor, Half-Moon Moron Mitch Landrieu, who 15 years ago voted for Confederate Battle Flag license plates in La.:


    I’d like to drink a little Rebel Yell with the person who recalled such a hypocritical statement by the Mitch

  17. Obama’s racist policies have caused this brave Mississippi man , standing up for his right to support the Confederate flag, to be killed by racist Blacks, who have been encouraged by Ferguson and Baltimore socialists to defy and kill police, who have now taken up the attitude of the 70’s Black Power movement again to the point of tracking down and killing their own brothers!


    If a sincere black can support the Confederate flag and exercise his right of free speech even unto his death where do you pussy,white leftists sittin’ on yo’ empathic ass stand ?

  18. Half-Moon Mitch is getting some amorous love comments bout his scheduled secret, two-nite meetings bout removing Confederate Monuments. Seems like most commenters want to see some bright sunlight shine on Half-Moon’s dark doings.


    I personally like the comment ‘….Dearest Mitch ….if monuments are removed where is someone supposed to hide when da’ bullets start flyin”? If it wouldn’t be so alarming as to Half-Moon’s top priorities in the “Big Easy Bullets” I’d be LMAO.

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