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  1. This is a great morning for Mississippi to move forward. I am happy that Philly and Billy have had their last great hope of defiance satisfied by the latest court ruling. I am also amazed that Philly is relieved that the court said people could still feel that it is wrong if they wanted to because he sure doesn’t give a dam* about the feelings of the taxpayers of this State (see Stacey Pickering FUBAR with investigation of the DMR and SRHS).
    As for Mr. Pickering’s investigation on the west side of the Coast – too little, too late, Mr. Pickering. Where were you when the Taxpayers were being robbed of BIG money at the DMR and SRHS?? I guess you don’t have any “dear friends and family” over that way huh??
    If Philly and Mr. Pickering get reelected this time, then all I can say is – Taxpayers you deserve what you get!!! Stop voting these dumbos into positions where they can rob you if you want change. You reap what you sow.

  2. Mr. Pickering’s invasion of the west side of the coast is supposed to be a secret Charlene. I’m impressed.

    Since we’re sharing there are also at least two active Ethics complaints regarding two local governments here on the Westside, The City of Diamondhead, which the local Citizens Group announced earlier this week along with the Bay-Waveland School Board.

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