Jim Brown: Louisiana to the Treasury Department – Leave Old Hickory Alone!

June 25rd, 2015
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


There is a major push by the bureaucrats in Washington to put the first woman on the face of paper currency. There are a number of choices, and you will get no argument form me that there certainly is a place on one of our bills for a woman. But one of the options is to take Andrew Jackson off the twenty-dollar bill, and that ought to be fightin’ words down here in Louisiana.

For a number of years, social reformer Susan B. Anthony adorned the dollar coin, but she was replaced by congress in 1997 with Sacagawea, an Indian guide of the Lewis and Clark expedition. There certainly are a number of praiseworthy women who well deserve to grace paper money. The list of proposed female names is long including Susan Anthony redux, Eleanor Roosevelt who redefined the role of First Lady, Rosa Parks, the first lady of civil rights, Rachel Carson, who spurred the modern American environmental movement, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, called the “founding genius” of the women’s rights movement, the Bayou State’s own first Lady Lindy Boggs, a nine term congresswoman and U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican; the list goes on and on.

Now I’m personally a big supporter of equal rights and equal pay for women. Heck, I introduced the first legislation to adopt the equal rights amendment to the constitution back in the early 1970s when I served as a Louisiana State Senator. So I’m all for a women on our paper money. But please don’t mess with Andrew Jackson. The seventh president of the United States was as important to Louisiana as any political leader in the state’s history.

Jackson was the son of Scottish colonists (like me), and was the only president to fight in two wars, the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. He was a Tennessee Senator and Judge, before becoming a national hero leading the American victory at the battle of New Orleans in the winter of 1814. The British waged an all out attack n the Crescent City in an effort to gain controlling sea access to the Mississippi River. Control of the river meant control of commerce, and ultimate victory, as the South found out during the Civil War. Continue Reading…….

One thought on “Jim Brown: Louisiana to the Treasury Department – Leave Old Hickory Alone!”

  1. As in Bush’s infamous words” Doing a great job brownie” but you are wrong bout old hickory as he with Washington and Jefferson were all slave owners and all slave owners should be called out and all buildings,cities,monuments to all said slave owners should be destroyed just like the Confederate flag.

    Thusly Washington should be renamed Whoreville and all Jefferson cities in all states renamed African names and all buildings renamed along with destruction of all their monuments. Then every AfroAmerican paid 1 million in reparations.Thats the least we can do now after Charleston but there will ongoing complaints till America is no longer named America but AfricoAmerica because of AfroAmericans’ great contributions such as unlimited welfare, unlimited food stamps, the right to sit on your ass from birth to death,right to bitch about slavery forever,etc..

    Come on brownie shape up and let’s have you start thinking more like a democrat and less like a republican.

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