Let’s talk Jackson County District 5 Supervisor…

I am hearing things from Jackson County political observers located in a couple of different places in the county that indicate two, maybe three incumbent Supervisors will lose their re-election bids but not all five. I am also hearing that Supervisor John McKay may have enough support to win re-election under a lesser of multiple evils theory. I’d like to hear what you folks think, especially those of you in District 4 5 that intend to vote in the August GOP primary election.

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  1. It is my opinion that Mr. McKay enlisted his opponent to run against him, knowing that the opponent had as many/or more citizens against him. This is what these politicos do – play the odds.
    All that I can say is if either of these are chosen, it would be a catastrophe for Jackson county and a slap in the face to the employees of SRHS. I just don’t see how any citizen of Jackson county could vote for McKay after what he has done to these people.
    With that being said, I feel that these two opponents are in cahoots with one another, but, McKay needs to go either way. He is simply tied in to too many “coincidences” imo to be an honest public servant. Also, it is my opinion that he doesn’t understand the meaning of a public servant, or he would not have stood behind his money raiser, Mr. Boyd, who still works for Jamie Miller at the DMR. (Just to remind the people – Mr. Boyds’ child was one of the children on the “birthday bash” that was compliments of the DMR and taxpayers of the State, just to name a few of the “perks” Mr. McKay’s pals “earn” by being a kiss a$$.

        1. Thank you for the correction. I also have Troy Ross on my mind as well but that is another post.

      1. Doug I have spoken with a friend and have been told that the individual I spoke of is, in fact, not in on the “fix”. So, I will not mention his name without confirmation to give him the benefit of the doubt.
        I will say though, that anyone would HAVE TO BE better than McKay. I hope he will get voted out along with the other scumbags who were responsible (imo) for the plight of the SRHS workers and retirees.

  2. Really hard get a feel with most people only paying attention in the last couple of weeks of any given election. I personally do not think this will be a good year for incumbents in Jackson County. The JCBOS did announce today that they are getting ready to tell everything they have found out about what has taken place at the SRHS. Sounds like an attempt to save themselves from defeat come August. If I had to guess today I would say 3 are defeated and 2 return. Cumbest and Ross have weak opponents so I see them stumbling to victory. I hope I am wrong and all are replaced. They county would be a better place.

    1. They should be thinking about how to explain apparently never reading any of the SRHS annual audits.

        1. you bad!

          I did check in earlier at the Miss Press/JaxCo Stupidvisors Unified Command. It seems the latest joint press release throws Señor Strickland and a select few others under the bus.

          The Incident Command System apparently decided that there wasn’t room for both John “Standing by a Mudhole” McKay and Señor Strickland on the upcoming charter to blameland.

  3. Fishing Trip McKay has the most concerns. Primarily because he has no remorse of his tax paid birthday bash. His opponent is his greatest benefactor, not his ethics or political record. Ross has problems with the Friends of the Harbor group for the backdoor appointment of McKays political favor Danny Boy, but he likely has paved enough roads to keep his seat (IMHO). Interesting is the Judges race in District 4. I’m hearing a deviant encombant and a last place looser are running a third world campaign leaving an obvious choice in this one. Whispers of Breland having off coast license plates, parking in handicap spaces and enticing son to steal opponents campaign signs. Go Honey Badger!!!

    1. Her office is right next to Kim Long II’s . She parks in the handicapped parking space every day, for the shade. But she’s a SUPERSTAR, (her tag is SSPRSTR, from Rankin Co ), so she’s special. It’s hard to miss her magnetic campaign signs on the Black SUV. Makes you wonder if she is even a legal resident of Jackson Co?!?!?

      1. I have seen her park there. She owns that space. I think its terrible that she feels so entitled that she robs truly disabled people of the right to park in desperately needed spaces. For shame!

  4. considering Venus is a convicted felon, his dad was a Dixie Mafia associate who was in the pen and his brother is also a convicted felon, I am very discouraged here.

    1. Venus is running against Ross in District 4. He will not do anything but make people laugh. As a convicted felon how could he hold public office? McKay has 2 republicans in the primary. Louie Miller is one of his opponents. Miller is the person who secretly recorded the conversation with the then appointed Jackson County Sheriff Britt. This recording forced him to drop out of the race. He is a long time law enforcement officer who decided to run against McKay because McKay promised him his support in the appointment to replace Byrd but then betrayed him. Miller does not have a chance and is only making a statement. Randy Bosarge is the other republican candidate but I do not know anything about him. He also has other opposition candidates who are running as democrats or other affiliations.

    2. I wouldn’t throw Venus under the bus. Those people have some very strong ties on this Coast and you might be surprised how many people have had enough of Ross and McKay.

  5. It’s getting hot up in jackson county and I ain’t talking ’bout the weather

    The JCBOS want to tell all “they legally can” which means the watered down version enough of what they think we will believe and acceot and move on.
    They could have prevented most of this by demanding the truth and posting it publicslly but they all felt the need to hide to meet in secret behind closed doors

    One person who has been protected from all this is the grand father of this holy helluva mess and that is Gary Christopher Anderson. I think I speak for everyone on this…. It is past time for that cowardly man to come forward and admit what he did and why

  6. I have heard Venus had his record expunged so he is good to go. Troy gets a free pass. Keep those road paved. How offensive that the pervert McVay is using the diberville Warriors colors – not many St. Martin supporters will approve of his blatant attempt to go for the mass vote and it is unAmerican IMHO. Hearing more rumors of the Honey Badger removing signs – too bad the moron Breland does not have more respect for the handicapped and remove herself from their parking places – no shame from this last place showing.

  7. I believe a complete new slate of Supervisors would be the best thing for Jackson County. New ideas, new thoughts, people who work for the people and for the good of Jackson County. Don’t forget Randy Bosarge who is running against John McKay. He is smart, educated and experienced – A very good man for the job.

    1. Randy Bosarge sounds like a good vote to me! So does Venus instead of Ross. That would knock out two birds with one stone!!!

  8. As a District 4 voter, I cannot support Ross. A wimp, a McKay egg-sucker, a liar and the list goes on. We cannot do worse than reelect these incumbents.

    Bosarge is the best bet in District 5 against blow-hard McKay. Taylor is running strong in District 3 and Smith in District 1. But can anyone beat the Cumbest name? But Barry Cumbest is not lily white!

  9. You must personally know Ms. Breland to know the nickname “Honey Badger”. If you know her that well, you would know the type of person she is and that she does not run a dirty campaign. Shame on you for bringing an innocent child into your bashing of a candidate. Maybe if any of you want to know about the Rankin County tag or the parking issue, ask her. It’s pretty sad that an obvious “friend” is posting such derogatory comments on here.

    1. Kind of hard to see how you can defend someone that parks in a handicapped space? I have always felt these type people have a entitlement mentality and I think the point being made it that is what the voters want to get rid of or get away from. I have eaten at Kim Longs and seen a large SUV with Ms. Breland’s campaign materials onboard with a offcoast tag. If Ms. Breland can defend that and serve office perhaps John McKay can offer her some space next door and the next time her son has a birthday party Mr. McKay would be more than willing to offer a recommendation. You see there is something fundamentally wrong when you don’t offer a plausible reason for Ms. Breland parking in a handicapped space, no coast license plate or removing other candidates signs. You are perfectly Ok with that – no you like McKay, Mice Wiggins, Joel Smith, Greg Denyer, Troy Ross and the rest of the gang – throw up smoke screens and diversions and run like frightened little school children from the truth. Sorry you are no going to win this vote.

  10. McKay is in my precinct and I would love nothing better then to vote his ass out, BUT Louis Miller as his opponent??? It is the lesser of two evils! Damned if you vote either way. Really sucks all the way around.

    1. Louie Miller is one candidate. Randy Bosarge is another candidate. He seems to be the most likely one to unseat McKay. Miller has not been out trying to get votes and has raised no money or spent any. Please tell everyone you know to tell everybody they know to vote for anybody but the incumbents in the Jackson County BOS races. McKay, in particular, does not have a clue about his responsibilities in that position and as the longest serving board member should be held to a higher standard. Hell, they show on one of the other blogs, SRHSWATCH.org proof that he has been deceiving the federal government. He goes to Keesler and buys from the grocery outlet then uses those tax free groceries sold to him at cost to raise money at his fundraising fish fries.That is against the law but hey, hey its McKay. I guess we need to find out where he got the fish from. Probably from the DMR.

  11. My Fellow Americans:

    The answer is simple:

    NO WAY MCKAY!!!!

    NO WAY MCKAY!!!!

    NO WAY MCKAY!!!!!!!!

    1. Eye: I say we start an online campaign and throw support to Bossarge. That way the vote is not split. Don’t know a damn thing about Bossarge and I don’t need to, all I need to know is he’s not Fishing Trip McKay. And he didn’t use tax payers money to pay for his grandson’s birthday cake. McKay used his position and influence to pay a political favor back and got a vote from Troy Back Stabber Ross to get Jallapnovice appointed Harbor Master in OS. And the next time a hurricane slams into the Coast the tax payer can feel all warm and fuzzy when their taxers are raised to pay for all the damage to the new OS High School built in a swamp because of Fishing Trip McKay’s Uranus sized ego and wanting to move OS “east”. So go ahead and vote for this unethical corrupt morally bankrupt moron. Just don’t blow your milk when the truth comes rolling out like a quickly eaten burrito by a drunk at 2 am in the morning. You get what you vote for and you suffer with what you don’t.

      1. Double P:

        I am with you and share the same notions about Bossarge. Although I know the last name Bossarge is quite popular on the Gulf Coast and it would not surprise me if it likely had some Good Ol Boy dirt tied to it. In all honestly, I believe it can’t get any worse than John “No-Way”-“Mutha Fuckin” McKay.

        In just a short time with McKay we have seen freebee DMR boat trips, the SRHS retirement downfall and allegations of mispent campaign money. As seen here:


        Hell, it looks like McKay may be one of the special friends of Pickering by the way this article is written:


        Either way, I think it’s time for McKay to hit the skids. I consider him nothing more than a typical military drone just like Spraggins at the DMR.

    1. I think everyone should vote for Bosarge and give all of them a big surprise!!! That would lock McKay and his clan out!!!! Nothing can be worse than more McKay and cronies.

  12. Charlene you got that right ! MCKAY is the one who has been doing stuff for all the crooks and plays dumb.

    We need to vote his DA self out. He doesn’t need the money. He’s gettng 2 retirement checks

    I for one wonder if he is involved any way with some of morris strickland a businesses ESP the 777 in Ocean Springs
    What I wouldn’t give to get my hands on that little book

    Anyone else heard about that?

    1. GPa Grimm, I am proud of how you have kept the heat on these people. If it were not for people like you they would slip back into office and continue the screw ups. If we all stand together we can rid ourselves of this group of people who have done great damage to our county. Getting everybody to vote is the next big step.We all must get on the phones for change to happen.

  13. People need to read the latest on SRHS Hopes in reference to McKay, Ross, Jalanavich, his selection to the Harbor Master position, building the Imagining Center, etc.

    After today’s BS at the BOS meeting, we know they are hoping that by kicking the can down the road until after the election, people will accept their crap as truth. The JCBOS do not want any competent person to investigate since they are knee deep in do-do themselves with their under the table dealings. And we thought DMR were crooked? Paying Guice all these thousands have resulted in zero information we already knew. Why hire more with taxpayers money? We have to vote these supervisors OUT or nothing will change for retirees or Jackson County!

  14. John, it would be wise for the retirees to go door to door in McKay’s district and talk to the people. Some are not even aware of what involvement he has had since he downplays it as no big deal imo.
    They would certainly get more bang for their efforts doing that instead of protesting at this point. It is getting down to the wire and it appears that Mckay (unlike the average citizens) is not going to have to testify before the election because he is “special” and also one of Pickering’s “friends and family”. If this evil is not removed from positions of authority (along with the rest of his clan), we are in for more of the same.

    1. My Fellow Americans

      I think Charlene had a fantastic idea in regards to SRHS retirees going door to door in district 5. Perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea to also show them McKays campaign expenditure sheet and the regulations and let them formulate their own opinion. And maybe flash a few DMR boat pictures for good measure.

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