Hancock County Supervisor Candidate Blaine LaFontaine is out knocking doors in District 3

I know this because mine was of one of the doors knocked this past weekend. LaFontaine, currently on the Diamondhead City Council, is giving long time incumbent Supervisor Lisa Cowand her first real electoral challenge dating back over 20 years. LaFontaine is everything Supervisor Cowand is not: young and a fresh face.

It would not surprise me to see LaFontaine end Ms. Cowand’s time on the Hancock Board of Sups.

Let’s talk Jackson County District 5 Supervisor…

I am hearing things from Jackson County political observers located in a couple of different places in the county that indicate two, maybe three incumbent Supervisors will lose their re-election bids but not all five. I am also hearing that Supervisor John McKay may have enough support to win re-election under a lesser of multiple evils theory. I’d like to hear what you folks think, especially those of you in District 4 5 that intend to vote in the August GOP primary election.