Eye Spy with my little eyes……

There must be nothing more low-down in Supervisor John McKay’s world than “fictions names”.

Screen Cap Courtesy of a Reader
Facebook Screen Cap Courtesy of a Reader

I’ll admit that I met Frank Leach many years ago up in Jackson at continuing education (I mean many years ago). I made such an impression Frank didn’t remember making my acquaintance but we did get reacquainted back in January if I remember right. In any event I suspect the real Eye Spy would be amused to know he has managed to get under Supervisor McKay’s skin.

So who is Eye Spy? I am in a position to answer that question and I’m giving a hint below the jump.

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  1. Oh me, oh my….you have done gone and done it now Eye. Look behind the curtain – the all powerful “Oz” has spoken and you have been rebuked!!
    I can’t stop laughing. Who does Mr. McKay think he is fooling?? He has long ago betrayed any medals or awards that were granted him when he took the “birthday trip” on the Taxpayers’ dime and letting down the SRHS employees and retirees. I notice that he did not address any of that. Since he has two retirements (or more), and since he is such an outstanding citizen, maybe he would donate one of his retirements to one of those poor people at the SRHS. How about that?
    Whoever you are Eye, just want you to know that the people know the truth. But just how many of the kool-aide drinking McKay folks are still sucking from the teat, I can’t say. It looks like it may be a tough race. And why he would want to continue as the Supervisor beats me. How can he look people in the face after stabbing them in the back?

  2. I read the content of the screen capture and what I find most estonishing is not that “Eye-Spy” was mentioned. What’s really estonishing is the tone that McKay used and how full of himself he really is.

    Sure, the screen capture shows that I may not be very popular with McKay and I really do not expect to be anyway. Its no skin off my back as he has the right to express his own opinion. As a member of the Regime, he can openly express his opinion unlike the “fictional world” I and many others live in on Slabbed. I don’t want to sound like a suck up, but I would like to once again thank Doug for providing this avenue for many to state their thoughts and opinions.

    McKay needs to understand that there are reasons that these fictional worlds have been created. If corrupt government officials were brought to justice and good government was in place, most of these fictional worlds may not even exist. To put things into perspective, he should look at the “business” he and his buddy Bill Walker brought to Slabbed and other social media outlets.

    In closing, I have something special for the citizens of Jackson County Mississippi:

    While “pointing at my head” I say to you–I honestly believe “you DO get it” and know the answer. That answer being:


  3. This is my opinion of John McKay.
    You are a pint size clone of Haley Barbour, Phil Bryant, Stacey Pickering and Donald Trump and FYI, this is no compliment. You are an arrogant, blow-hard, and I only hope and pray your other a$$ kissing members of the Jackson County Board of Supervisors will be defeated August 4th. My vote will not be for ANY INCUMBENT!

  4. I’m disappointed in so many ways. McKay thinks outing an informed tax paying citizen that questions the ethics and integrity of a lowlife like Himself is somehow Godlike. Where was McKay’s bible when he pushed his grandson in the free taxpayers birthday cake line. Where was his moral backbone when offered free taxpayers fishing trips. No go bach with your dimwit side kick Ross to political favors for votes. Nothing moral or ethical about that. But it keeps you in office. You sir are a egotistical dimwit and there no arguing with that.

  5. There should be a debate (moderated by Doug!) so people can make sure a bad situation isn’t actually made worse. I hear ya on all this but I have heard REALLY bad things about one of the people running against. It is tragic enough, yet it would be estonishingly awful if it gets even worse by having a physcopath in there instead of an egotist.

    1. Darkside:

      A psychopath ? Yo’ mean like an elected person without a conscience who would be addicted to making conspiratorial alliances with friends, business associates and other politico members of the local county/state for sweet heart contracts/deals/ kickbacks ? Hell, aint’ dat what Mississippians done have quite an abundance of elected all over da’ state now?

      Mississippi is No.1 in political corruption – can it get any worse if a few populist Democrats with reform platforms get elected?

  6. McKay did serve this country and should be respected for that. His time serving on the JCBOS is a totally different matter and not so stellar. His petty arguing on line is almost teenage-ish.

  7. After Tuesday’s debacle, it looks like Frank Leache will have the last laugh after District 5 had enough of John McKay and elected a new supervisor.

    Even though I like in District 4, it thrills me to death that such an arrogant so and so bit the dust. When one thinks they are so above the average person, speaks down to people, pulls so many unethical dealings, etc., they will eventually get their just rewards.

    McKay, you deserved to be defeated!

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