3 thoughts on “Diamondhead: A boiling cauldron of lust, sex and avarice”

  1. Careful with those webcams folks- especially when you are asked to whip it out for all the internet to see.

    “Make me pleasure.”

    That Facebook message was directed at Bill Kintner, a 55-year-old Nebraska state senator, while the politician was in Boston for a conference last July. In his hotel room, Kintner had started chatting online—using a state-supplied computer—with a woman who went by “Vinciane Diedeort.” Her English was not idiomatic, but she looked good. And she wanted Kintner to masturbate with her on Skype.

    2016’s craziest “cybersex” political scandal comes from… Nebraska- Skype sex scam caught one Nebraska politician and changed state policy

    Talk about an unhappy ending.

    Can it get worse for Kintner?

    On August 10, State Senator Ernie Chambers of Omaha—a legendary figure in local politics and the only black legislator in Nebraska—decided to up the pressure.

    “If Sen. Kintner is a member of the body in January [2017],” he wrote, “I plan to use him and his illegal, scandalous, vulgar behavior as source material for rhymes throughout the 90-day Session. Be prepared for the pun, the double entendre, and other verbal techniques to ‘keep the issue alive.'”

    Chambers then offered up a free sample:

    1. Anyone know if Senator Bill Kintner was the senator ,who like Mary Landrieu , made a deal with the devil and was a vote that put Obamacare over the top?

      If so , it would be poetic pornographic justice for him to finally “get off” the Senate floor for good.

      he, he,he

      1. Nope…… Kintner is a state Nebraska senator and not the U.S. Senator that pushed Obamacare over the top but Kinky Kintner’s web orgasms will cause him to ” shrivel and shrink” in stature.

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