Jim Brown: All Lives Should Matter

June 12th, 2015
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


The rallying cry by protesters that has gained momentum after Ferguson and Baltimore is that “Black Lives Matter.” Within the context of all society, that’s a truism. But like so many other older citizens, I volunteered to join the military (something few protesters or politicians do any more) because, liked most Americans, I felt that all lives matter.

But let’s call it like it is in real life. Some black lives do not matter. Pick up a large city daily newspaper, turn to page 9 or 10, and you read too often that a young black man was shot and killed by another young black man. The killing gets scant attention and becomes merely a statistic.

When major demonstrations take place as was seen in Ferguson, Long Island and South Carolina, protesters are too often selective about just who they are demonstrating against. Do black lives really matter to them that much, or is the protest more an effort to scores points against the police?

A case in point is what happened last week in Lafayette, Louisiana. Robert Minjarez had been arrested last year for“making a disturbance” outside a Texaco gas station. He was unarmed when the police came to investigate. Video surveillance cameras at the gas station and dash cam film from several police cars on the scene tell the story of just what happened.

Minjarez had no weapon and had his arms in the air when approached by police with canines in tow. Four officers wrestled him to the ground. ; His voice is heard on the video saying: “I didn’t do nothing to nobody, why are ya’ll doing this to me?” Minjarez continues to scream as the officers struggle with him. “You’re going to kill me, you’re going to kill me!” he exclaimed. “I can’t breathe.” “You’ve got 265 pounds on your back,” one of the officers tells him. “You’re not going anywhere.” Three more times, you can hear Minharez scream that he can’t breathe. Continue Reading……………

One thought on “Jim Brown: All Lives Should Matter”

  1. Of course, Jim; haven’t you noticed that the “protesters” don’t have the “revolutionary fervour” to go attack a police station, or for that matter, burn down the city hall or the welfare assistance office? After all, there’s not much future in attacking heavily armed buildings (easier to go after the disarmed citizenry as seen in Maryland) and you don’t expect anyone to cut off their source of money by burning down a welfare office, right?
    As for Lafayette, just goes to show that the average worm who sits on a grand jury is – a worm. Sheeple are the types who will applaud as the noose of the police state is drawn ever more tightly around their necks.
    And face up to facts, what is the deterrent of a civil suit, Brownie? After all, in Louisiana if the State kills you, the max you can get is $500,000 (and that is in 1995 dollars). Rather cheap when you think about it given medical care costs much more. And judges and jurors bend over backwards to justify State-sanctioned killing – and if a case slips through the cracks and the State has to pay, the State can both refuse to pay (see there, serfs, now YOU try that!) and the Legislature will pass another immunity statute in the next session. (Something on the order of “You-look-crosswise-at-me-and-I-get-to-shoot-you-without-consequences” Bill or something to that effect).

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