DMR Scandal Resurfaces during election season

We are under T minus 60 days until primary election day so I reckon it is only natural the Silver Dollar pictures would trickle back out:

Taxpayer funded charter fishing trips circa 2012 from DMR scandal.  Courtesy of a Reader
Taxpayer funded charter fishing trips circa 2012 from DMR scandal. Courtesy of a Reader

We have a new dress code at DMR but I’ll spare everyone those details for now. What I do not get is people using Twitter Hashtags on other social media. Here is the gang up on the 6th Floor celebrating Mardi Gras with a pot luck lunch.

Photo Courtesy of a reader. 6th floor DMR Krewe doing a Pot Luck Lunch for Mardi Gras.
Photo Courtesy of a reader. 6th floor DMR Krewe doing a Pot Luck Lunch for Mardi Gras.

I see nothing wrong with the dress of this particular group of dedicated public servants that would merit a new dress code myself.

In other news, after spending the better part of a year hearing rumors that a certain politically connected contractor with a penchant for holding political fundraisers has latched on to the DMR gravy train only to be unable to confirm them on the state Transparency website I can now say with certainty that Waldo has finally been located. I’ll cover that in another post.

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  1. I really don’t see a problem with employees enjoying a lunch together for Mardi Gras. What you did fail to point out though, is that all of those employees are new to the DMR (compliments of the Haley Barbour, Palazzo, Bryant, and Miller train). I guess the other employees aren’t “sophisticated and arrogant” enough to fit in with this high society group!! Oh look!!! The old witch who flies her broom to work is even there snuggling up to the single guy from the accounting department!!! Oh, how cozy….. Their lives are so sad. It has to be hard to put on those facades 24/7. And also live their lives kissing butt in order to keep a job. It’s not because they earned them – believe me. They are all throw offs from other political jobs where they weren’t wanted. Nice photo Doug. I love it that you have an insider!!! I wonder where Mr. Miller is? Oh, that’s right, he’s with his even higher up peeps – Frontier and Joe Cloyd. I forgot. Keep up the good work Doug.

  2. My Fellow Americans,

    I am certainly glad to see this photo surface, just in time for the upcoming elections. In my own mind, I cannot fathom why John “No-Way” McKay would even consider running for office under the given circumstances. Even worse, we have another example which provides proof that Sen. Wiggins was right along board with the rest of them. Don’t let him fool you with his recent bombardment of government accountability tactics. the fact that his father obtained government funding though a program which enabled him to go on a wild cannon chase should also raise a red flag. Its kind of funny that this has not been brought to the surface. Perhaps we can thank Stacy Pickering or someone else covering for the Regime. In my own mind, Wiggins has done nothing more than set up a ploy and smokescreen to change the minds of avid voters. The photograph tells the story.

    As far as the DMR dress code goes, I have heard rumors of a dedicated UNIFORM being issued since the appearance of “The General” and I personally believe the dress code is nothing more than a derivative of the original idea which brought extreme criticism. I think it’s clear that “Director Miller” (as he loves to be called) has no clue of how to lead a state agency and is a poor excuse for leadership.

    As Doug mentioned, I also can’t see what is wrong with the clothing the DMR employees typically wear. This is nothing more than a control mechanism.

    1. Just so people are clear on this…

      “The August birthday trip on the Silver Dollar charter boat wasn’t actually that, McKay said. The trip had been scheduled several months before, but McKay’s mother died in July. McKay had to call Bill Walker and tell him he wouldn’t be able to make the trip planned for himself, his grandson and friends. He said later Bill Walker told him there would be an opening on the boat, which happened to be near McKay’s grandson’s birthday. About 10 children, many of whom were McKay’s grandson’s friends, went out that day.

      “It happened to be within one week of my grandson’s birthday,” McKay said. “We just casually called it (a birthday trip), even though we didn’t have a cake, there was no presents, wasn’t anything. It was just word-of-mouth that’s what it was. It just happened to fall that way and wasn’t anything planned.” Source

      Or is that explanation for a different trip?

    2. At the risk of elevating this comment and string to relevancy, I stand on my record of accomplishments and it is there for everyone to see from my own posts to my Facebook and Twitter sites to the legislature website. I am proud of the representation I have brought to my district and state with my legislation, including the DMR Accountability and Transparency Act, the Hospital Open Meetings Act, the Early Learning and Collaborative Act, and those laws strengthening our crimimal laws for which I received the Legislator of the Year Award from MS Law Enforcement, and MS Champion of Children Award from the state children’s advocacy association. I WILL also continue to build on my record of transparency. If anyone has any questions about me, my family or anything related to us you can call me at 228-324-3141. I will take your call and/or meet with you in person; we can do so at a public restaurant if you so choose. In fact, regular commenters on this site have met with me on occasion. I have also given my email. If I don’t here from you or anyone who supports your position then the presumption will be there you don’t really have support for or believe in what you have posted. Personally, respect is due those who address issues like adults. I will be waiting on the phone call as I look forward to discussing any issue. In the meantime, I will continue to respect and appreciate well informed debate on current issues in this forum and other forums.

      1. Mr. Wiggins, would you mind telling the public how many times you went out on the private charter boats arranged and paid for by the DMR? My other question would be when the taxpayer funded fishing trips were made public, why did you not man up and repay your share of the cost of the trip(s) and just simply apologize to your constituents? I do agree that you have some positive accomplishments under your belt but I hope you agree you totally mishandled your participation in these private fishing trips that were nothing more than a misuse of the taxpayer’s money and only offered to a select few. Thanks for chiming in.

        1. Give him a call Tommy. Senator Wiggins has always taken my phone calls and even opened his office to meet with a group of us last labor day and this despite the fact none of us lived in his district.

          Personally, given the sheer numbers of luminaries that Bill Walker had sailing in the sound on his private, taxpayer funded fishing fleet I cut the ones with oversight responsibilities a bit of slack and that includes Thad and Kay.

          Others, like Supervisor McKay, other Jackson County officials and Boss Hogg’s old cronies not so much, because they had no business on DMR boats or charters.

        2. Mr. Gordon, your questions make (erroneous) assumptions that I am happy to address with you. I am more than happy to sit down with you, talk about it and you can ask me whatever questions you want. You can also bring whoever you would like. My office is 645 Delmas Ave., Pascagoula. In fact, I am at my office tomorrow. If that is too far to come, then I am happy to meet you half way. After our meeting, if you want to tell “the public” I am totally fine with that.

          1. Mr.Wiggins,Thank you for the offer to meet with you but that will not be necessary. I had two basic questions that I sought answers to. Going behind closed doors will not change your reluctance to give these answers to myself or anyone else. I would like to know how my questions make erroneous assumptions? What does happen, when you can’t get to the truth of a given matter, we are all left to assume. In closing, I think most folks are tired of what goes on between politicians and those who seek to influence them. The Walkers were always trying to buy influence and resell it. The DMR’s misuse of millions of dollars, most never recovered, is just another sad example of how our hard earned tax dollars are improperly handled. The one picture posted above of the fishing trip for a select few is just a snapshot of how much of the misused money was spent. You can call it reef sampling or state agency oversight or an aquatic meeting, if you wish. Most will always remember those DMR fishing trips as a waste of the public’s money. Hope all is a success for your son in Maryland. Good day.

      2. Senator Wiggins,

        First off, I would like to personally thank you for coming to Slabbed to address your concerns and thoughts publicly. I have a lot of respect for that and I think it shows you at least have a set of nuts unlike Pickering, Palazzo, “Director Miller” along with other members of the thickly embedded Regime of Republicans who dictate public matters in the state of Mississippi.

        Although I am glad you made an appearance on Slabbed Nation, you will never gain my vote or support unless you were to do the following:

        1) Publicly acknowledge your participation on any illegal DMR boat trips (if any) and give the money back to the public.

        2) Publicly acknowledge any tax payer money that you or a blood relative ever received through the DMR channel, if applicable. Some people refer to this as “The DMR Friends and Family Program”

        3) Launch an investigation on the hiring actions and practices that have occurred at the DMR since Jamie Miller took office. This is low hanging fruit that would probably bost your polls by 10% as long as you don’t mind chapping Phil’s ass.

        You can invite people to your office or to lunch any time you want but remember, when that happens they are playing on your field against your rules and I don’t buy into that line of BS.

        With all due respect, remember that you actually work for us, we do not work for you.

        1. I am happy to come to the location of your choosing even your house and discuss all of the above as well as any other legislative issues. We can make it a public place if you like. You can invite anyone you want. You are right that I work for you, and all other 50,000 people in my district which is why I am always happy to meet (in fact it is my duty to do so) and talk with my constituents. I have left my phone and email on this site so you can contact me anytime. I will be out of town from Sun. to Wed. with my son attending the National History Day finals in Maryland and the first week of August I will be out also receiving one of the national awards from DNA Saves ( for authoring and passing Katie’s Law last year. Other than that, I am here or in Jackson. I look forward to hearing from you.

          1. Senator Wiggins,

            Thank you for the response and I really appriciate the time you have spent communicating with members of Slabbed Nation.

            Unfortunately, I will not take you up on the offer due to similar reasons outlined by Tommy Gordon and the fact that my concerns are extremely straight forward.

            First, you should personally be able to defend any questionable boat trips or grants received by family members by way of a public statement to clear the air. If these are untrue then I suppose you have nothing to worry about. 😉

            Second, the issues about the DMR hiring practices are nothing new on social media and among legacy employees at the DMR. This would require nothing more than to obtain a list of employees hired during the Miller dictatorship and verify if these personnel were hired under the rules and regulations of the state personnel board. If discrepancies exist, I would not hesitate from throwing Miller and HR under the bus. This could be your ticket to becoming the real government accountability hero.

            Anyway, I appreciate your time and have a good day.

          2. At best Mr. Wiggins you are being disingenuous. Your offer fakes of contempt for free speech and accountability. Rather than address the fact there are photos of you participating in the DMR free fishing trips you create smoke screens to hide the man behind the curtain. Rather you could quite all criticism with a full accountability of your actions – untoward or not. Yet you keep hiding behind “your” accountability “act”. No sire you are a small minded contemptible politician that seeks not true rather re-election. I do know you participated in the free DMR fishing trips, not sure about your father benefiting on the cannon run with CIAP funds. I never saw any evidence of this claim; I would appreciate your candid response to this claim. I don’t have any expectation you would respond directly to this claim as you faltered with the fishing trips. I would suggest it would be in your best interest to address these issues in a candid, open and honest way. An example of how not to address these issues is the side-of-month by John McKay. See what that got him and has the potential to cost him even more.

              1. Thanks again for your reply. I remember the SunHerald article you posted which says you were unsure how the chartered fishing trip was paid for but thought it was private. Not long after that article it was revealed that the fishing trip(s) you participated in were paid for with misused taxpayer money. When you were made aware of this why did you not at least offer to pay your share? Such an easy solution to bring all of this to an end. You have totally ignored this resolve. The questions that I and others have asked over the past few days still remain unanswered. The SunHerald article only reinforces why you are still being questioned.

              1. What ever you say buddy. I don’t beleive that story covers everything that has been brought to question on this Blog thread.

                No hard feelings on my end as I will not be the one loosing votes. Good day.

              2. For your benefit I went and re read the SH story you attached a link to. As I stated before your response to legitimate concerns is disingenuous at best. All you stated in the article was the DMR was not curing political favors from your participation in the free taxpayers fishing trips. You admit you went on them and participated in the freeness of the taxpayers. What we are asking is now that you know they were wrong in that we the taxpayers funded them, a little contrition on your part Mr. Wiggins. You are as arrogantly defending the trips as McKay did. It cost hom one election and certainly is not helping his current election bid. You would be wise to learn from this.

        2. Eye….you have made it perfectly clear that the people of the Coast want something done at the DMR. And not only the peop0le of the Coast, but also the employees working there and the employees that were mistreated for no reason also. And I am sure that Mr. Wiggins and the other ELECTED legislators that “work for the people”, can understand the english language. Philly and Milluh need to get their noses out of the fishermens’ pockets!!! So, now that you have put your message across, maybe we will see some action?
          If I were you, I would see that the Sun Herald had a copy of the interaction between yourself and “our employee”. Just a thought.

  3. I am glad that some of you haven’t forgotten!! RFP, you failed to mention that one of those ten children at the birthday party belonged to Jan Boyd, who is the head of the Wetland division at the DMR. He is not only a “dear friend” of Mr. McKay, but also a card-playing pal of Mr. Miller!! Can you imagine that?? Mr. Boyd helped raise funds for Mr. McKay during a past election and I guess he received “Payback” by getting the child a free boat ride and feed, paid for courtesy of the Taxpayers. Mr. Boyd should not have put that child in that position; knowing fully well that it was illegal. He ran from office to office to talk about how important he was and how he was “buddies” with Bill Walker and Joe Zeigler and about Alaskan trips he was offered. Just a braggart and leech of the Taxpayers in my opinion. He is a P2 (Political Parasite) in my opinion!
    There are plenty of DMR employees still there that benefitted hugely from the Walker/McKay regime. They knew what they were doing, but still held their hands out for more. They are still kissing ass every day waiting for more crumbs. But it is a travesty that Mr. Miller did not “clean house” like he claims he did. The crooks are still there, and the only house cleaning he did was to the employees who wouldn’t kiss butt and who knew too much. Only the ones he was intimidated by and those who he was told to fire (like a puppet) by Puh-lass-o, Philly, Billy, and McKay, Cloyd, etc. were relieved of their duties. Many of the “clan” are still intact and more are being added as needed.
    I DO agree with you – Mr. Miller is a VERY weak leader at best. He is much better suited as a big size puppet because he has no mind of his own imo. Do your job Mr. Miller!! Get rid of the crooks and associated members of the clan.

  4. I was told there were over 50 fishing/party trips on private charter boats that the MsDMR paid for during Bill Walker’s time as director. Why has a detailed list of these trips not been released to the public? Why has not one person received a demand letter in an attempt to recover the taxpayer’s money misused on these private party trips? RFP, McKay was on multiple trips including the one pictured above and the “not a birthday party” trip with grandson and friends. This will be a campaign issue again for him but the SRHS debacle and cover up will be the one that will send him home to enjoy all of those retirement pensions he has been blessed with.

  5. Let us not forget the dmr sponsored trips on the keesler dolphin either… Complete with deep fried goodness courtesy of the “cooking team”. As far as the “uniforms” i have been told that one must be in “dress” clothes unless you are field personnel, at which time you would have a uniform to wear. What a crock! I do believe everyone pictured is part of the new regime. Just another way for “tha dictator” to manipulate his followers with his lack of skills…

  6. Here’s some rumored secret Silver Dollar audio recorded by a blowfish on board to go with picture:

    John to Scotty,” Scotty, sure glad we didn’t bring Miller Lite …. tends to be not filling and wussy tasting.”

    Scotty to John, “Hey John , we done caught twice our limits …. when are we gonna blow out yo’ kid’s birthday candles?”

    John replays, ” Hey Scotty when you shut and put a few mo’ dollar bills on my hook so I can catch a few mo ‘ of dem sucker fish in dat Singing River system”

  7. The hits just keep on coming for the DMR illums. The word is that the Head Honcho Millah, Brice Wiggins and others of the Red party were seen cavorting at Kasey Eure’s condo over in Orange Beach, AL. Most amusing to this captn was that they went over there to get around the Red Snapper limits on the MS coast. Something about being on a ship called My Girl, and even shoehorning employees into acting as fishing guides or face retribution for their conscience. Seems like the house cleaning only left more crumbs for new rats to find.

    1. I do believe that would be the Gary’s (his lovely wife’s family) condo… And if i’m not mistaken their yacht as well. You are correct with the name… However, i do believe the snapper limits are the same for all the gulf states.

    2. I would urge caution Captain, you may have inside knowledge of Chief Davis’ whereabouts on opening day of the red snapper season and shrimp season, but I have heard the Chief is more interested in the light on him rather than the act or potential way actions are perceived. The high expectations at the DMR are not for Casey or Phill’s appointees but on the long term DMR employees that are apparently suffering under the rule of another dictator. It is now common knowledge of the new dress code, I am hearing it from multiple sources. From what I am being told it is another waste of taxpayers dollars as Miller tries to make his employees look like private school kids with uniforms.

      1. PP – I am sure that Milluh is miffed because some of the workers there are classier dressers than he. You have to be born with class. Once again, the intimidation is shinning through imo – like his mentors – Billy the Kid, Philly and Puhl-ass-o. I sure hope that the taxpayers get their numbers for this next election. Philly would simply die if that lady beat him….hmmm….maybe some fundraisers are in store to give her a boost.
        None of the new people running should need a boost against Philly, Billy, Puhl-a$$-o, My Dear Friends Pickering, or any of the others associated with the DMR scandal. Ole Fat-a$$ doesn’t dare run for anything for fear of being run out of Mississippi. It is my opinion that Mississippi has had enough of all of the trough suckers.

  8. I am hearing General Joe is trying to find out who is leaking info from the Bolton Building. He is mad as hell and is probably getting the salt water boarding equipment ready down in the basement. All he will have to add are the jelly fish and sea nettles. Be careful DMR people he can be brutal. He has his orders to silence the leaker. He will not stop until they do.

    1. Hehe. I have heard those rumors for quite sometime myself and I don’t think it’s been a very successful evolution. Maybe the General has a back ground in intelligence which may give them the edge they need. I have heard jokes that many have even known about “traps” being placed before it even happens.

      The bottom line is if management is doing right then they wouldn’t have to worry about people leaking information.

    2. Good luck with that!!! The insider has more sense in their little toe than the old tired general has in his entire body!!! The insider is enjoying their self watching the old man tripping all over himself and chasing his own tail!!!

  9. I guess Terry Miller and Josh Eldridge were having a birthday party too? Seems like everyone’s in on the favor train these days.

  10. Oh, the fun never stops!!!
    I feel so sorry for those DMR employees. They are doing whatever the Milluh tells them to do or else they will lose their jobs. I wish they would all grow a pair and stand up together. It would put an end to all of the shennanigans down there once and for all.
    What business does Puhl-ass-o and his minions have screwing up a STATE facilicity any way??? Isn’t it a no no for Federal to interfere with State??? Hmmm….maybe the FBI is on to something anyway??? Has anyone investigated the money being put into the Lyman Fish Hatchery? Some one needs to check into that. I understand that $4 million is on contract for “work” there. Someone has some ‘splaining to do!!! That is a fresh water facility. How can a marine facility justify putting any funds in a fresh water hatchery?? It was taken from the Wildlife people, who were using it for freshwater fish production. Now it is doing nothing except housing a washed out law enforcement officer and may still be housing Diane Hunt and her “business”. David Rose has coffee every morning with his peeps out there behind a locked gate. He is one of the minions. How can you explain that Mr. Puhl-ass-o?? They say birds of a feather flock together.
    Riddle me this: What does Mr. Miller, Puhl-ass-o, Billy the Boy, Joe Ziegler, Leonard Bentz, and John McKay have in common? Think about it.
    P. S. Except for the fact that they all think the Taxpayers owe them entitlements imo.

    1. Most of the time i agree with you charlene…however, i do believe you are mistaken about David Rose. He was done wrong many years ago by the prior regime and continues to be done wrong by the present one. He did not ask to be placed out there. Some people do need to keep their source of income…especially so close to retirement…

      1. Desdemona, I am only saying that the officer out there is just sitting there while the “big whigs” land there in helicopters so that the public can’t see what is going on. And for sure, if Puhl-ass-o, Bentz, and Milluh didn’t want him there, he wouldn’t be there NOT doing police work. Why isn’t the DMR police chief putting Mr. Rose to work on the water where he is supposed to be? What are they hiding out there? What purpose does Mr. Rose play in all of this along with Diane Hunt? Who has their pockets open waiting for BP money to fall in??? Is Frontier handling the “contract”??
        Keep the info flowing to the public so all will know. Good job Doug and friend inside the DMR!!!

        1. If im not mistaken, Rose’s official title now is hatchey manager. He answers to Dr. Lucas (who had more qualifications to be director than the current dictator). Rose filled an officer pin number and good ole Chief Davis needed it to give a job to one of his people. So Rose got the boot. Anywho, its a long story how he ended up there, not a story I am at liberty to discuss on a public forum… You will have to trust me when I say its not by his choosing. I do understand where you are coming from Charlene and I too want answers as to why these people are still allowed to get away with the things they are doing…

  11. My Fellow Americans,

    I am sure most who live in Jackson county have seen the political candidate signs littering the intersections and the like. While driving today I noticed one that said “Let’s Support John McKay”.

    Then it dawned on me. It appears we actually have been supporting his recreational welfare while he has been serving in public office.

    John “No-Way” McKay = Just another member of the RRRSM

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