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  1. This song by Buffet is so appropriate for what is going on over in Jackson County. “Are they fake or are they real?… looks like Billy Guice done cut a deal” and the last verse “All this useless and important information…. Useless….Important….Useless….Totally useless….Important.” Of course we could have some real fun by changing a few words if this was not such a serious and sad situation. Please mark my word that everything this attorney says or does has to do with the re-election of his clients, the existing JCBOSs. Every word will be cautious and presented to the public in a way to make all appear honest. No statement will be released until it has been reviewed by the people running the campaigns of these incumbents. All blame will be assigned to others and a resolve will be said to be just around the corner, which happens to be sometime after the first week in August. I hope not one more SRHS retiree passes away before they can rest in peace here on earth knowing that their fight for what is owed to them was a success. God bless them all.

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