PSA: This is what spice does to you

Sue Boes Mugger via the Sun Herald
Sue Boes Mugger via the Sun Herald

The key here is to understand the friend and family relationships to understand the narcotics conspiracy police just unraveled here in Bay St Louis.

Props to Chief Denardo and his guys at the Bay PD for nabbing the drug scourge of 2015 in accused spice peddlers Sue Boes and Jerry Harris:

Police: 2 people received shipments of Spice by mail at Bay St. Louis home ~ Wes Muller

The key is in the context as Spice overdoes deaths across the coast have dominated the news since early spring including here in Hancock Parish.  Here are two local links that are close enough in time proximity to the above arrests that made me wonder if there is a connection between the accused and the following:

‘Spice’ cocktail leads to overdose death ~ Dwayne Bremer

Breaking News: Another dead, two hospitalized after allegedly smoking Spice ~ Dwayne Bremer

I am certain that Chief Denardo and his guys along with Sheriff Adams and his folks will leave no stone unturned in the investigation. Chief has already ruled Boes and Harris out of the poisonous spice deaths here on the coast per Muller’s article.

Now back to the friend and family relationships I mentioned the following being an example of family.  I could be wrong as it has been a while but I think that house on Chapman belonged to this guy right here.

In any event, given the rash of deaths resulting from bad spice in Mississippi of late if the Chief has the goods on the accused perpetrators, both Boes and Harris are looking at very long prison sentences. I’ll be keeping an eye on this case.

5 thoughts on “PSA: This is what spice does to you”

  1. This just in.

    Aaron Broussard stays a loser.

    ” Head has yet to publish the reasoning behind his decision, but the U.S. Attorney’s office’s response to the request argued that Broussard offered no evidence that he would have proceeded to trial had another prosecutor stepped in to replace Letten’s team.”

    TeamGoat as witnesses? lol. Nope.

    1. You’d think Broussard would man up and serve his sentence to the crimes that he admitted without all the theatrics, drama and falderal but it wouldn’t be the Goatherder crime family without theatrics, drama and falderal.

      For a man that spent close to a lifetime in office pushing people around, he sure is a wussy now that the power of elected office has been stripped from him.

      1. “You’d think Broussard would man up and serve his sentence to the crimes that he admitted”

        Why would I think that?

        Once a weasel always a weasel.

        He probably does feel lonely and butthurt as in a just world there would have been a busload of his peers and stooges accompanying him to prison to break rocks for 3 to 5 years.

  2. Either Spice or Meth……..This looks like the common type found around public fishing piers and above I-10. 😉

  3. Users deserve mercy— for they know not what they do to their temples and family.

    Sellers deserve a Meth explosion or life endin’ it all before mo’ innocent users get hooked or die.

    Mug shot kinda’ reminds me of a dirty Caitlyn, unfortunately ——– ” Our Heroine of the Year” Media Award Winner.

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