All in the family pictures

Welp folks, I got another Department of Marine Resources care package that contained some pictures, including a few Silver Dollar group photos. But what was most interesting was a tip I received on the Slabbed Action Line involving alleged family-blood and/or in-law relationships in the current DMR senior management team but the tip was not specific enough for me to pursue.

I’ll see what I can develop and present from the care package and tip.

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  1. More DMR pictures of the privileged group enjoying a taxpayer funded fishing trip to a private reef ? Please hurry, a crowd is beginning to gather.

  2. I would love to see these DMR pictures. Perhaps they are being saved just in time for when election heats up. 😉

    Hmmm….Alleged family-blood and/or in-law relationships at the DMR? Say it ain’t so because this would be a first for that outfit……….;)

    On a realistic point, I personally don’t think anyone who has the inside scoop on current DMR activities would be surprised if something like this were going on. The reason I say this is due to the fact that there have been numerous rumors since Jamie Miller took over. I will not divulge on them because I have posted comments about them in the past.

    Here is one thing I will say. With respect to all the rumors of suspicious hiring practices in the recent past, that tells me 1 of 2 things-or a mixture of both. Either the rumors I have heard are all false or the HR department has jumped on the Miller Dictatorship Train and is sitting back, enjoying the ride sucking the Kool-Aid.

    It sounds like its time for an audit of personnel hiring practices at this agency to assure they have been in compliance with state regulations and laws. I have a hint that two particular “signatures” will most likely be prevalent.

  3. Yes Eye, I am sure that nothing about that bunch would surprise you or me. The HR head has been on the Miller lite for quite a while since she is “tight” with Puhl-a$$-o along with M2 (I will let you decipher that one if you can eye). They are all prominent members of the R3MS clan and drink the kool aide (along with other spirits). I am told that the HR chic has no life except her work and imo, she appears to be a very unhappy individual. She has not been successful in cultivating permanent friendships because people quickly learn what type of individual she is and they don’t like it – imo. Also, an HR leader is supposed to be able to be discreet and keep their mouth shut about employees; however, the buzz is that she and M2 had given some bad feedback on an employee that used to work there and they are getting ready to be slapped with personal lawsuits for failure to follow personnel laws (kind of like hippa laws I assume?).
    You can no longer bad mouth employees to other potential employers I understand, as it is against the law and is that employee’s private personal business. So, I will be watching for any news in that area.
    It is about time that someone give that bunch what they deserve. And I think that lawsuits against them personally would be the way to fix that little nest. Maybe they would think twice after they got their livelihoods jerked out from under them like they did so many of the innocent employees that they trumped up reasons to fire. I wonder how their family would feel about that? Let’s keep our ears open on the little HR chickadee and M2.

    1. Ill be honest up front Charlene, I cannot decipher the code M2. Either I’m too stupid or my secret decoder is malfunctioning.

      I cannot vouch for the lifestyle of the HR chic other than the fact than I have heard very suspicious rumors regarding the behavior and hiring practices. In terms of popularity, I have also heard rumors about the HR officer and how she is just as unpopular. I think it can be clearly seen that she is hidden behind sheets now a days-away from public image.

      1. To my post above. I meant to say how the HR director is about as popular as the PR Director who has been hidden from the public eye.

  4. P. S. Don’t keep us in suspense too long Doug !! Let it all hang out!!!

  5. Once all is said and done and the onions fully peeled, we shall see the largest most convoluted insectious relationships to ever be seen. DMR in bed with SRHS whose in bed with JCBOS with many others = one helluva mess

  6. Holy Kodak Kleptomaniac Kid Moments Batman,

    Not really ready to see dem fatass elephants partyin’ and eatin’ the BS crap out of each others’ assholes but I’ll peek thru my fingers.

    REMEMBER – Don’t leave yo’ voting booth without yo’ new politico cards in yo’ wallet only obtained when you-

    Cumbest Barry , melt Harris, numb Mangunum, toss Ross and KO McKay

    Pursunally, I done rather have a few liberal jackass donkies watchin’ over da’ multitude of thievin’ elephants and occasionally have dem hep kick crap out of dem conspiratorial stampedin’ pachyderms clean out of dere pubic offices. But then when da’ stubborn donkies start wit dat sit on yo’ ass mentality, get lazy and over multiply its time to call the stampein’ elephants back in.

  7. I would like to see the photos although I can’t imagine they would be any different than what has already been posted. But if Fishing Trip McKay can’t loose his entitlement mentality, why should the documented photos be an issue. I would imagine he is proud of them. Proud that he got his grandson a free birthday trip at taxpayers expense. DMR shouldn’t have an issue, they too are proud of being able to pay the way for public elected officials to have free services at taxpayers expense. What’s the issue, everybody wants a redress. Print away Doug!

    1. And people are forgetting that McKay also invited one of the Marine Resources “Directors” kid to that birthday party, and the head of Coastal let his kid go!!!! There is no doubt in my mind that Jan Boyd knew all about the Walker yachts but still allowed his child attend the party knowing that the boats were illegal and the party was illegal and the Marine Resources was footing the bill.
      Now, if Jamie Miller was really interested in doing the right thing and “cleaning house” like he promised the legislators he would do, then Mr. Boyd would no longer be working there because his family had personal gain from this, and HE KNEW IT WAS WRONG!!! So, ignorance is not an excuse. He should be above board. So pray tell me, why hasn’t Jamie Miller replaced him?? Maybe because he’s a kiss ass??? Or is it because he hosted a fund raiser for McKay at his house a few years back???? Either way, he needs to be shown the door with the rest of the crooks still working at that Agency. What about it Mr. Miller??? You got the coconuts to do the right thing? You talk the talk – so walk the walk; or maybe you need to look up hypocrite in the dictionary??

    2. You are correct about the pics with a few exceptions. I will have a post on this out before the week is done,

  8. I have observed and participated in political contests all of my adult life. I predicted, with pinpoint accuracy, the outcome of the Biloxi mayor’s race on Slabbed when almost a dozen candidates were running. I also stated Swetman would drop out of the HCBOS race the night he was trounced by FoFo. I am not trying to slap my own back. I do substantial homework before picking the winning horse. Based on all I have read lately, I cannot see how most of the current JCBOS can be re-elected. The negatives they have created are off of the chart. I do not see any event taking place that will change the way they are perceived between now and the primary date. If more pictures of any current candidates misusing tax dollars surface, they are assured of being defeated. The only thing that may be worst is if Gov. Phil Bryant comes to town in his Chevy Nomad with a trunk full of endorsements for all of his dear friends.

    1. So true BB. The icing on the cake would be if [email protected]$$ and Puhl-a$$o added their endorsements… would be the kiss of death!!!
      Maybe Joe Cloyd would like to jump in?? That might help McKay. Or maybe Melba Toast Harris???? Or maybe even old Scot Walker??? Bill Denyer??? The Harbor Master in Ocean Springs???? Come hither folks….where for art thou??? Mr. McKay needs you!!!!

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