These moments of media insanity can be explained

There are large segments of the main stream media that simply do not get out enough, especially in the U.K.:

This Dildo Flag Was Mistaken For An “ISIS Flag” By CNN ~ David Mack

But it gets even better.  Mention intolerance and homosexuality in the same sentence and otherwise bright people become blithering idiots:

Star Wars ‘reeks of misogyny’: SJW satirist punks BBC World Service ~ Milo Yiannopoulos

Seems to me on these hot button social issues all you get are the extremes on both sides which is why I normally tune this sort of stuff out. But since I did this post, here are the two extremes with a bonus of the second link being used for analysis purposes in the CNN ISIS Dildo flag segment.

CNN International reporter Lucy Pawle Spots ‘ISIS Flag’ at London Gay Pride Parade ~ Youtube

ISIS throw man off tall building for being gay, crowd stones him to death ~ Youtube

Closer to home is our pesky state flag. I’m personally in favor of changing it.  A central Mississippi artist has published a few concept designs to twitter, the first one well over a year ago: Continue reading “These moments of media insanity can be explained”

Election 2015: Harrison Co. Chancery Clerk Candidate Brian Carriere on the Woody Pringle embezzlement

In 2010 it was discovered that the trust accounts of dozens of Harrison County residents had been raided by an attorney responsible for overseeing these accounts.  The Chancery Clerk was required by MS statute to audit these accounts annually, but is allowed to do so more frequently.  John McAdams failed in his duties and responsibilities and the attorney committed suicide when the embezzlement was discovered.

I am running for Chancery Clerk to protect every citizen of Harrison County, especially our most vulnerable.  It is a travesty that this occurred in the first place, but it is even more of a tragedy that the Clerk is claiming he, too, was a victim and that we should credit him for stopping the embezzlement.  The culture of corruption that exists in Mississippi politics MUST end.  We can only do it one office at a time but on August 4 the voters in Harrison County have an opportunity to replace one incumbent with a new perspective.

I promise to be a FULL TIME Chancery Clerk.  I have plans to implement strong control measures to secure your tax dollars and the estates and property of our vulnerable citizens who have been assigned to the Chancery office by the court.  To learn more visit and please vote for Brian Carriere in the Republican primary on August 4 in Harrison County.

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Best thing to happen to the divorce specialized portion of the Bar in US History….

Same-Sex Marriage Is a Right, Supreme Court Rules, 5-4 ~ Adam Liptak

Locally the pipeline of potential new clients begins to fill up and the media is right there documenting the event for posterity.

Supreme Court says same-sex couples have right to marry in all 50 states: Track what’s happening in south Louisiana ~ New Orleans Advocate

I also saw this from the Dallas Morning News via Naomi Martin and Periscope showing the rush at the Dallas County Clerk’s office.

Speaking of Periscope, Slabbed New Media has a new account, which we’ll use occasionally for things like City Council meeting coverage etc. Signing up for Periscope is easy and it all starts with getting a twitter account.

Back to same-sex marriage. Over time the notion that we have second class citizens in the US that somehow deserve less than the full slate of constitutionally afforded protections has been rejected time and again, including today’s Supreme Court ruling. From that perspective I think today’s Supreme Court decision is absolutely the right one.

FUBAR: A Jackson County Political Tradition

More than anything else the events of this week revealed exactly why the Jackson County Board of Supervisors hired Billy Guice. Campaign season can no longer be put on hold for incumbent Supervisors, who hired Guice to run interference for them, ultimately using Guice to throw their own political appointees under the bus in one last effort to save their jobs. The cost to the taxpayers for this political expenditure is $345,000 and counting. I’m fairly certain the retirees that are fixing to get screwed are not very happy with Guice’s recounting of the obvious for the Sups, which has been covered in detail on both these pages as well as the Sun Herald for the past 7 plus months.

Let’s start with the Sun Herald, which was excluded from Bronco Billy Guice’s Wild West Show, a fact they were clearly unhappy about:

Jackson County has spent $345,000 on SRHS probe ~ Anita Lee

Jackson County taxpayers should have saved their money ~ Sun Herald Editorial Board

A short snippet is in order but the entire Op-Ed is fine reading:

Looks as though the Jackson County Board of Supervisors brokered a deal for the taxpayers to buy a wheelbarrow full of fool’s gold for the low, low price of $345,000.

A subscription to the Sun Herald would have saved the taxpayers a ton of money — we don’t see anything in the report about the investigation into the Singing River Health System pension fund that hasn’t been covered in the paper.

Even better Jackson County taxpayers could have saved the S/H subscription and read up on things right here on Slabbed. 😉

Moving right along WLOX got in on the show with the following report which uncritically parrots Guice’s press release that ran in the Mississippi Press, which coincidentally is also a public relations prelude to screwing the SRHS retirees in my opinion:

Attorney Billy Guice gets on bad side of both SRHS executives and retirees ~ Mike Lacy

Poor Billy Guice had no clue he needed firefighting training before taking on this $345,000 no-bid CONsulting job with Jackson County as we turn our attention next to the Jackson County press release disguised as a trio of new reports which ran yesterday in Pravda, err, I mean the Mississippi Alabama Press: Continue reading “FUBAR: A Jackson County Political Tradition”

2015 Election: Jackson Co. Circuit Clerk Candidate Frank Corder Pledges Support for SRHS Retirees and Employees

What has transpired in Jackson County with the retirees and employees at Singing River Hospital is a failure of leadership on the part of those who were entrusted with protecting the futures of so many of our friends and family as well as a personal and financial tragedy for our neighbors and their families throughout our community.

If elected as the next Circuit Clerk, I pledge to do all I can to ensure the county keeps the promises made to these retirees and employees, whether it be through trimming the department’s budget and returning it to the general fund for this purpose, donating a portion of my own salary, or other avenues legally and ethically possible in an effort to support this commitment

Jackson County taxpayers as a whole should not have to worry about paying the price for poor decisions made by a few.

Over the weeks and months ahead I will be researching what I can do legally as Circuit Clerk to add to the ability of Jackson County to make these retirees and employees whole while also gaining further insight on just how to best lead that office and be of influence on this issue and other issues that need someone who has a record of communication, transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility as I have displayed during my time previously in public office.

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Jim Brown: Louisiana to the Treasury Department – Leave Old Hickory Alone!

June 25rd, 2015
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


There is a major push by the bureaucrats in Washington to put the first woman on the face of paper currency. There are a number of choices, and you will get no argument form me that there certainly is a place on one of our bills for a woman. But one of the options is to take Andrew Jackson off the twenty-dollar bill, and that ought to be fightin’ words down here in Louisiana.

For a number of years, social reformer Susan B. Anthony adorned the dollar coin, but she was replaced by congress in 1997 with Sacagawea, an Indian guide of the Lewis and Clark expedition. There certainly are a number of praiseworthy women who well deserve to grace paper money. The list of proposed female names is long including Susan Anthony redux, Eleanor Roosevelt who redefined the role of First Lady, Rosa Parks, the first lady of civil rights, Rachel Carson, who spurred the modern American environmental movement, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, called the “founding genius” of the women’s rights movement, the Bayou State’s own first Lady Lindy Boggs, a nine term congresswoman and U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican; the list goes on and on.

Now I’m personally a big supporter of equal rights and equal pay for women. Heck, I introduced the first legislation to adopt the equal rights amendment to the constitution back in the early 1970s when I served as a Louisiana State Senator. So I’m all for a women on our paper money. But please don’t mess with Andrew Jackson. The seventh president of the United States was as important to Louisiana as any political leader in the state’s history.

Jackson was the son of Scottish colonists (like me), and was the only president to fight in two wars, the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. He was a Tennessee Senator and Judge, before becoming a national hero leading the American victory at the battle of New Orleans in the winter of 1814. The British waged an all out attack n the Crescent City in an effort to gain controlling sea access to the Mississippi River. Control of the river meant control of commerce, and ultimate victory, as the South found out during the Civil War. Continue Reading…….

Jackson County Chancery Clerk Candidate Chuck Fulghum pledges financial support for SRHS retiree pension

Let me tell you how much the SRHS retirees mean to me. If I’m elected, my first order of business will be a 10% cut to my salary to be added into the general fund of the retiree’s pension. If the County won’t do it, then I pledge to donate it myself.

It’s bothersome to me that administrators and officials in this county haven’t stepped up to the plate. We need to do everything in our power to keep the promise.
You have my word that I will keep my promise. This is the resolve of one person to finally step up and do what’s right.

I will contribute 10% of my salary every year I serve as Chancery Clerk until the pension is funded in full.

You earned it.

Publisher’s Note:
Slabbed New Media is interested in hearing from candidates for elected office in the three coastal counties on issues of interest in their localities. Those interested in having a short statement published to Slabbed should send their submissions to Slabbed New Media via email.

Hancock County Supervisor Candidate Blaine LaFontaine is out knocking doors in District 3

I know this because mine was of one of the doors knocked this past weekend. LaFontaine, currently on the Diamondhead City Council, is giving long time incumbent Supervisor Lisa Cowand her first real electoral challenge dating back over 20 years. LaFontaine is everything Supervisor Cowand is not: young and a fresh face.

It would not surprise me to see LaFontaine end Ms. Cowand’s time on the Hancock Board of Sups.

Let’s talk Jackson County District 5 Supervisor…

I am hearing things from Jackson County political observers located in a couple of different places in the county that indicate two, maybe three incumbent Supervisors will lose their re-election bids but not all five. I am also hearing that Supervisor John McKay may have enough support to win re-election under a lesser of multiple evils theory. I’d like to hear what you folks think, especially those of you in District 4 5 that intend to vote in the August GOP primary election.