Signs of the times

So commenters on Slabbed wanted names named and the retirees were happy to oblige. Merci Beaucoup.

Retirees Protesting outside Singing River Hospital in Pascagoula May 29, 2015. Photo courtesy of SHRS Hopes Group on Facebook
Retirees Protesting outside Singing River Hospital in Pascagoula May 29, 2015. Photo courtesy of SRHS Hopes Group on Facebook

10 thoughts on “Signs of the times”

    1. They should be hanging their heads in shame to put this poor woman through this the last days of her life. Those crooks probably shortened her life a few years by putting all of the extra stress on her.
      I still don’t understand how these people can live with themselves Doug. You just don’t do fellow human beings this way. Goes to show what Fat-ass, Philly, and Puhl-ass-o think of the working people of this State. Gene Taylor wouldn’t have stood for this for one minute. How disappointing that we have to put up with incompetants running our wonderful State imo. Whoever votes for these loosers deserve what they get. People better wake up. We are almost under martial law with Philly, Fat-ass, and Puhl-ass-o leading the team. Vote them out!!! Get off of your butts and go to the voting booths!! Vote for whoever is running against them. I don’t care who it is – imo it is better to vote for anyone but these radical arrogant trough suckers.

      1. P. S. How can Philly even show his face down here on the Coast?? Wish we could throw tomatoes at him when he gets up to the podium – but that would be a waste of good tomatoes.

  1. They forgot to include Philly, Stacey Pickering, Puhl-ass-o, and any other associates of the R3SM clan.

    Clean house!!! Vote them out!!!
    Clean house!!! Vote them out!!!
    Don’t forget – we won’t quit!!!
    Don’t forgtet – we won’t quit!!!
    Dump McKay – he can’t stay
    Dump old Ross – he’s no boss
    Dump Harris – his mind is in Paris
    Dump Cumbest – he can’t stand the test
    Lose Mangum – forgot where he came from.

    This is all the result of this State being run by Radical Republicans and Tea Partiers that “claim” they are conservative. Conservative my butt!!! Conspiracy, misappropriation, money laundering and funneling are words to look up in the dictionary in my opinion.

  2. Troy Ross is no better, he is part of the good ole boy system giving McKay a pass on the Ocean Springs Harbor master appointment. At the same time many new roads were paved in high profile voting areas; coincidence. Also, remember John “fishing trip” McKay. DMR favorite bad boy, I hear the pictures of his famous trips are available. These along with Cumbest decide the fate of honest hard working Americans. The retirees are a big voting block with lots of friends and family. They also represent a high percentage voting demographic. So those individuals that personally benefited from having Ross, McKay, Magnum, Harris and Cumbest have a little soul searching to do before the August election. Vote back the despicable supervisors or give up the personal benefits with the friends and family plan. They do have a chance to make it right for the remaining survivors of the SRHS disaster.

  3. The above photo may not win the Pulitzer Prize in journalism but it made my day. I hope it makes our crooked supervisors’ day also. Retirees just keep on, keeping on. You may not replace all the supervisors but you can say, “We tried!”
    God Bless!

  4. What I can’t understand is why aren’t national news networks picking up in this [email protected]?$&ng mess in jackson county? Really? Ms Shoe died fighting fir her pension for the last 6 months of her life.

    I bet not nare one of them crooks will show their respect for her

  5. The voter just needs to remember a little story when he draws the voting machine curtain behind – “I’m voting to Cumbest over the face of Barry , numb Mangnum, melt Harris , toss Ross and KO McKay”.

    How about you, what do you want to do in the voting booth?

  6. But before you enter the voting booth all voters need to get their mind right ,especially the employees and retirees of SRHS, by asking yourself this question- “What politico card is and has been in yo’ wallet?”

    Yep , we need to get a new card dat pays back cash not steals it!

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