Jim Brown: Same old, same old in Louisiana Governor’s Race!

May 28th, 2015
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Fifty years ago this month, rock band The Who released their megahit rock opera called “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” The song ended with the lyrics: “Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss.” From the early debates in the approaching Louisiana governor’s race, voters are hearing few fresh ideas as how to get the Bayou State out of its fiscal and quality of life disarray that has continued for years.

Those monitoring the previous debates, including members of the press, rarely ask specific, tough questions. All the candidates running are cookie cutter in their scripted responses. Pro, guns, pro life, let’s have a study on fiscal issues, everything is on the table, we will review, will work with the legislature. We’ve heard these same habitual retorts for decades. Isn’t it time to get specific?

How about a gubernatorial candidate who will step up and embrace an unambiguous Contract with Louisiana? An explicit and detailed set of guarantees, put in writing, that offers votes an agenda for Louisiana renewal? Not a list of worn out platitudes that pits one interest group against the other, but a management document that addresses head on why the state is laggard in so many policies and basic services. And back off the right vs. left gibberish. It’s time to talk about the future vs. the past.

Forget about Bobby Jindal. He’s a has-been who ran state government on a day-to-day basis, with no concern about future consequences. Sure, he is leaving the state in financial disarray. But it time for a gubernatorial wannabe to spell out benchmarks to be met on a yearly basis. So what are these targets? Continue Reading………

One thought on “Jim Brown: Same old, same old in Louisiana Governor’s Race!”

  1. I wish I could say like Bush erroneously said, ” Brownie, you are doing a great job” but…..

    Brownie if we take the federal Obamacare money now in a few years we will have to assume full 100% responsibility for all healthcosts and that will break Louisiana’s budget.

    It is easy for you to say take the money and run but we would be running with pants falling off past our knees as our brothers do and having to hold our pants up to make future financial ends meet.

    As far as a change the man I wish could be governor is the State Treasurer, Kennedy, who is a bright Rhodes scholar and has made sound financial decisions for Louisiana and as Governor would put the State on sound financial footings as long as gas and oil prices re-stabilize.

    Unfortunately Kennedy has not the BS politico personality but is a straight shooter and straight, non-politicos don’t get elected in Louisiana.

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