7 thoughts on “Wedding Bells for Councilman Chris Roberts????”

  1. WTF?!? I heard he was banging Jennifer Gaubert in the West End boathouse that always used to have the Vision van parked out front.

  2. Holy Smokin’ Hotbabe Haven Batman?

    Bro’ everytime I went fishin’ in Lafitte my big wiggly worm woodie always seem to done get caught up inside an old rusty ,barnacle layden battered crab trap.

    Heard a report dat using a small artificial shrimp, an Ugly Stick wit’ a 1/4 oz. jig head and an occasional jerk is da’ secret ?

    1. I’m frankly surprised Roberts is running for re election Lockie. Conjemi has almost $500K to throw at the race and despite his more advanced age a few less skeletons to boot.

      And then you have Jennifer Van Vrancken Dwyer leaving as John Young’s COO to join the boys in the District 5 race. And to think the skullduggery and the inhumanity to man are kicked up all these months in advance of the election.

      The only “dirt” the Astroturfers are finding about Van Vrancken Dwyer on Slabbed would be this insanely good post here (if I do say so myself) which turned out to be spot on in terms of political analysis and what actually came to pass.

  3. Oh Pagie you are so busted ! Think twice before you parade a marry man around town. Yes she is hott but power hungry not a good look for Jefferson parish. If Chris really wanted a divorce he would have got one by now, he’s making a fool out of her.. Just trying to figure out why??

  4. Why is Chris Roberts Asking Mike Yenni for his Resignation when he’s been fooling around on his wife for no less than 13/15 yrs but adultry is more exceptable these last 20 years I the country . Your president Bill Clinton got away with it how many times ? I said yours because I didn’t vote for him or your friend A Broussard and you idiots voted for him twice

  5. After more than a decade of aggravation from Airboat Adventures in Lafitte, all of a sudden Chris Roberts gets indicted and the aggravation quiets down. Tim Kerner the mayor and close friend of Roberts is responsible for the unrelenting noise from the airboats. Is the airboat company (Klien Perrin) one of Roberts side businesses? Someone has been protecting the asshole adventures and Kerner has relatives working for the airboat business. So much fuckery in this little bayou town. Tens of millions of tax payer money wasted on stupid buildings that lay empty most of the time. Chris Roberts and Tim Kerner working together to cheat the tax payers to line their pockets. Both useless buildings built by the same contractor that was the low bidder because he had the inside information on the bidding process. People threatened to stay quiet or have their private property destroyed for speaking out. People staying quiet because they are afraid that their home would not get elevated because they have to go through the Lafitte town hall to get on the list. That’s federal money. So much fuckery in a little bayou town.

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