Meantime in the SRHS Litigation, all hell is breaking loose on two fronts (Updated)

We have retiree pitted against retiree in the federal court cases before Judge Guirola and in Chancery Court, Singing River has filed Motions for Sanctions against retiree lawyers Earl Denham and Harvey Barton. I’d present more but time is a very short commodity for me this week. RFP was kind enough to link one of the documents that I am referring in comments.

The litigation was bound to get nasty given the acts rumored to have been perpetrated and this does not count rival bands of retiree lawyers fighting among themselves.

Update: Meantime on the Jackson County election front:

SHRS Retiree Flyer

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  1. Retirees great flyer!

    Here are the District Supervisors in office at present you may like to add to your flyer:

    District 1 – Barry Cumbest
    District 2 – Melton Harris, Jr.
    District 3 – Mike Mangum
    District 4 – Troy Ross
    District 5 – John McKay

  2. My Fellow Americans,

    That’s a great flyer and I hope all citizens pay attention and vote smart. Personally, I totally agree with the theory to vote them all out.

    Lets start a chant:

    No Way McKay!
    No Way McKay!!
    No Way McKay!!!

  3. I concur. You need to add the names of supervisors you wish voted out and why. The average voter often has no idea who is actually representing them and responsible for this mess.

  4. Senior Supervisor John McKay takes charge when they go into executive session. I am told this by a person that has recently been in the closed door sessions. He is spending the Morris money raised and is still doing the Boots and Spurs 2 step with the voters. He and the others have a plan,in my opinion. They will continue to use Guice as the pit bull to keep moving the information release date forward. These facts and figures that has been gathered, with taxpayer money, will be held until all is well or they are gone. They have a telescopic stick with the carrot dangling that will keep being extended thru August. This is a good thing because I think it will guarantee their defeat.All must be sent home to the cushy pensions they all must have. Senior Supervisor McKay does not care because he has 2 pensions. Grass roots can give them all the boot.

  5. I am so proud of those employees! Okay people, it is our turn to rally behind them to take out the trash!!! No one deserves to have their livlihoods pulled out from under them after being promised to be paid retirement. When an employer makes a promise, they should be forced to stick to it and the crooked need to be made to answer for what they have done to our retirees.
    Please get out and vote and support our workers and retirees. It doesn’t matter if they are your neighbor, your cousin, your uncle, your brother. They are not doing what they have sworn to do – they have NOT protected or represented the people of this county!!! They are not doing what they have been paid to do. Fire them!!!! Vote out the riff-raff!!! It is the right thing to do!!

    1. Charlene,

      Lets heat things up a bit:


      I would love to see this on SRHS protest signs. If McKay looses the election lets hope he doesn’t make out to be a sore loser like Windy Swetman did. The sorry ass who started bitching about social media. I honestly think that was clue to how soft of a leader he would have been.

      Lets hear it louder:


  6. No way McKay! We will remember in November!!!

    No way McKay! We will remember in November !!!

    No way McKay ! We will remember in November !!!

    With all new Board of Supetvisors we will be getting all new SRHS board of trustees. Yall start thinking of folks that we can get in there that will do the right thing

    Now, just where is crooked Chris hiding along with mischievous mike and hoe-key holland and fata$$ Nebo? Oh, hiding behind their now 32 attorneys

  7. Where are the FEDS??? Doesn’t a theft of this magnitude deserve attention??? It is obvious that Stacey Pickering has some more “dear friends” involved in this or else he would be trying to put some of those poor secretaries working at the SHRS in jail to cover for his lax in duties imo. Where are you hiding Stacey Pickering??? I guess you are getting ready to be dumped this next election – better be finding a hole to go to like your chief of staff did.
    All the way – Fire McKay!!! All the way – Fire McKay!!!

    My suspicions are that McKay and his goonies are planning some sort of smoothing over immediately before election time. I hope that no one falls for that. He needs to get his a$$ packing – right off to the pen.

    McKay must fall – dump them all!!!
    Then what will happen to all of his DMR buddies???? Like Jennifer Wilder (forgiven felon), Rhonda Price, Mr. Miller, the General (wishes he was anyway), Jan Boyd, and the rest of the clan that was left at the DMR to “report everything to McKay and Philly”. The house needs to be cleaned including Puh-la$$o. Imo, he is a big fat joke.

    R3 must fall – dump them all!!!

  8. P. S. Forgive my happy chanting this morning. It is my next to last day off this week, so I will be back to the grind come Monday. So today, I will help my fellow employees and support their cause – and BTW R3 stands for Rogue Republican Regime (so named by Eye).

    1. Charlene

      That was one of the best posts I have seen in a long time.

      R3. I like that. If I remember correctly I think I phrased it like this:

      Radical Republican Regime of Socialists of Mississippi. (RRRSM).

      In algebraic form it could also be expressed like this.


      No doubt Pickering is hiding in the woods. I’m not sure if this is a part of his Jurisdiction or not but if it is, I am totally shocked he hasn’t sent the troops in to bag and tag admin assistants and secretaries. I have gotten the impression he lives for public opinion rather than doing his job the right way.

  9. The Dentons billing machine is getting up to full steam in both Federal and Chancery courts. Multiple long motions and memoranda in support of same, all filed in rapid succession.

    A lot of whining and crying by Dentons because certain of plaintiffs’ attorneys don’t want to bend to their discovery delay and obfuscation tactics. Carly Duvall is a hired gun for the defense who, in her own words, specializes in “resisting and limiting discovery” especially in pension related matters.

    It was interesting to read SRHS’ opposition to Almond’s amended complaint. After a solid five months of defense delay tactics, they now come preaching about the need for speed.

    Dentons now expects us to somehow believe that Almond’s addition of the BoS and other of SRHS executives somehow nullifies their obligation to produce discovery. This is discovery to which SRHS told Judge Hilburn would be produced days ago. The same discovery which has already been produced by defendants in Federal court.

    Another beyond belief nugget in the motion was this in regard to the addition of Roy Williams and D&W as defendants: “Not only is suing opposing counsel a rare occurrence (and one clearly designed to manufacture a conflict of interest between SRHS and its counsel).”

    There is no need to manufacture a conflict, one has long existed. This self-dealing between Roy Williams, SRHS, and the BoT is central to the issue of hospital cronies operating in their interests, to the detriment of the hospital, the employees and pensions, and the taxpayers of Jackson County.

    Williams as consigliere for the BoT and SRHS was intimately involved in all decisions regarding the pension plan, to the point of influence and execution. This level of influence in even operational matters has already harmed SRHS, as demonstrated by SRHS’ allegations against William’s son Gentry Williams and Gentry’s Jackson County Outsource Group.

    SRHS entered into at least one contract with the son of Roy Williams which is now the subject of litigation where SRHS is suing their lead counsel’s brother. Notwithstanding the allegations SRHS has against certain of the members of the Williams family, SRHS continued to employ Roy and Brett Williams along with Dogan & Wilkinson.

    We were expected to believe Roy Williams, as board attorney, swayed no undue influence on the board, or upon SRHS executives, and even if so, no malfeasance would arise. Yet, SRHS finds itself in court seeking relief against the same family who are expected to defend SRHS’ interests in pension related matters. (Again, write your own incest joke; to borrow from Nina Simone “… and everyone knows about Mississippi…”)

    If it is the opinion of the SRHS BoT and executives that there is no conflict of interest between the Williams family and SRHS, logic would suggest that the interests of SRHS and the Williams family are similarly aligned, if not the same. In that case, logic would also hold that adding Roy Williams and D&W as defendants.

    Tune in next time when we’ll discuss:
    Divide and Conquer: The SRHS litigation strategy for causing dissension amongst the ranks of retirees
    Resist, Limit, Delay, Hoot and Holler: SRHS strategy to stall, baby, stall
    Whose Bed Have Your Boots (‘n’Spurs) Been Under?: Tracking the incestuous investments of SRHS BoT, executives, and counsel.

  10. I agree these selfish self serving freeloaders must go. Especially Troy Ross and John “fishing trip” McKay. I well remember those post when DMR was in the spotlight. I seems McKay enjoyed spending the taxpayers money on his grandsons’ birthday party onboard the DMR “yachts.” When confronted with the bitter truth of his indiscretion his reaction was that of a ridiculous overlord: I aint done nothing wrong and I aint going to pay nothing back to the taxpayer. Sound familiar? Now he is doing the same thing to the SRHS retirees. When they dare to speak up about the effects and impacts his actions have done to their security and health; his reaction is to tell them to shut up and go away. All I can say is you get what you vote for and you are stuck with what you don’t! And remember Troy “backstabber” Ross; this self serving “public servant” acquiesced his public duty and allowed John McKay to choose the Ocean Springs Harbor Master. Another backdoor deal that betrayed those in his district. Again, you get what you vote for and your are stuck with what don’t. They all need to go as did all the Commissioners at DMR. But that didn’t happen did it? And I don’t have high hopes these ridiculous elected officials will either.

    1. You are correct about the Marine Resource Commmision. Richard “fish the gulf dry” Gollott has used that position to line his pockets for years. For example, take a look at the commercial red snapper season and the speckled trout length reduction.

  11. Hey ,hey ,what dat you say,
    If there’s no way for Mc Kay,
    Then Troy Ross has gotta bees a Loss,
    Gotta too scumbagum a certain Mike Mangnum,
    All when we have us a votin’, revoltin’ freakin’ Cumfest
    Up and down and over Melton’s and Barry’s political con-tests!

    It’s gunna be messy folks but fun to wait, watch and wildly wail with victory !!

  12. All jackson county taxpayers and citizen, need to pay attention at all the corruption in our county,all the way across the gulfcoast. It’s the same cronies embedded in everything going on. From the Dmr debacle to srhs debacle , including the srh trustees, upper mangement, Jackson county board of supervisors, Jackson county economic developed , srhs attorneys . If you watch closely with all the fundraiser and special events all the cronies are close nit together ,so they can keep their secrets among themselves. Well the latest out of srhs is Mrs ceo has had enough and shes getting rid of someone ,wow it will be a good one to see if Mr ceo is stripped of all his wealth.??? Stay turned in for more. It’s a shame and disgrace that all those retirees are forced to get on picket line to try and save their pension,something they are entitled to for serving years of dedication being loyal,faithful,honest and giving the excellent care they did to all of Jackson county citizens and surrounding areas. I certainly hope on August 4th they vote all those Supervisors out. They have disgraced all citizens especially all those dear retirees. They are covering their zzzzzzzzzzzz . Oh where can we find Stacey pickering hiding?? Where is tony lawerence, I is he doing anything? Where is fbi? When will they come forth and give some kind of report? This debacle is the worst thing I have ever seen or witnessed . I hope they have to pay big time. Lockem up tight

  13. Sad Retiree,
    You hit the nail on the head! But with the rumour of Mr and Mrs CEO, here’s the deal… They would rather have people think mrs ceo is fed up with mr CEOs womanizing ways than the real truth. If they are truly parting ways it is solely for financial benefit. See, if they are divorced he will turn over all the assets to mrs ceo. That way if mr CEO goes to jail etc their hard earned assets are safe

    Mr and mrs CEO are having to deal with the same things former mr CEO and mrs CEO dealt with. Difference between the two couples, former mr CEO was married when he met his current mrs CEO. Former CEOs current wife broke up former ceos first marriage and has put up with a lot of crap and gossip and rubbing it in her face to keep ole crooked former CEO all to herself

    In my honest personal opinion, they have all had a part in spinning this huge web of deceit

    None are innoncent, none.

    It just goes to show how good of a teacher crooked c was to hookey h in every aspect

  14. Attorney Guice has changed his tune. He now says there was no theft or embezzlement from the SRHS pension plan.

    And I have a lake side resort to sell you in Arizona!

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