Meantime in the SRHS Litigation, all hell is breaking loose on two fronts (Updated)

We have retiree pitted against retiree in the federal court cases before Judge Guirola and in Chancery Court, Singing River has filed Motions for Sanctions against retiree lawyers Earl Denham and Harvey Barton. I’d present more but time is a very short commodity for me this week. RFP was kind enough to link one of the documents that I am referring in comments.

The litigation was bound to get nasty given the acts rumored to have been perpetrated and this does not count rival bands of retiree lawyers fighting among themselves.

Update: Meantime on the Jackson County election front:

SHRS Retiree Flyer

Wedding Bells for Councilman Chris Roberts????

But what about Mrs. Roberts???? I will say these two things for now.

  1. The rumor mill is going full tilt.
  2. The prospective Mrs Roberts hails from Lafitte and is a smoking hot babe.

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