Jim Brown: What Should Louisiana’s Next Governor Do First!

Thursday, May 14th, 2015
New Orleans, Louisiana


Louisiana’s next governor will take office in less than eight months, and will jump into the abyss of a state with massive fiscal problems, an educational system that is dysfunctional, a healthcare system that needs a major overhauling, a highway system that has been neglected for years…get the picture?

So where to begin? Maybe he (there is no she running, at least for now) ought to take a deep breath, clear his head, and curl up with several books. What you say? The Bayou State is going to hell in a hand basket, and the best you can come up with is to begin a reading list? OK. Just calm down a bit and read on.

A responsible new governor (has this been a past oxymoron?) needs to first address the biggest single failure by the state’s leadership at many levels, and that’s the fiasco of not having a well thought-out master plan. The brushfires will continue to burn, so a short period of “getting a handle” on what to do in the long run will be critical for actually finding some workable solutions, rather than just plunging financial holes year after year.

First on the reading list is Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. A New York Times best seller for years, Gladwell talks about how one can “catch up” when they are far behind in any given area. If a state lags in educational attainment and needs to make a huge leap, as does Louisiana, it’s not just important to adopt what other progressive states are doing. Louisiana is at the back of the pack in many areas, so there has to be a quantum leap forward. The Bayou State is to far behind the curve to merely try to catch up. Continue Reading…………

One thought on “Jim Brown: What Should Louisiana’s Next Governor Do First!”

  1. I love Jim Brown’s articles. And all of this is so true. My question is: How much further behind NO is MS? We are running a very close race with all of the white collar crime, misappropriation of tax dollars and pensions, and just outright illegal conduct by the same network of thieves. If the people in this great State do not wake up and vote out the garbage, then we will be right where NO is…..lost with little hope.

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