“It’s on like a pot of neck bones!”

It sure is folks.

Through-out many of the posts Slabbed has done about the Singing River debacle one of the management decisions I questioned most was insisting on sticking with Dogan & Wilkinson despite the documented related party transactions. Background on that can be found here, here and here.

Click the image below to obtain the full 89 page pdf of the filing, which now names the SRHS Law Firm of Dogan and Wilkinson and former SRHS Board Attorney Roy Williams as a co-defendants:

Click the image to obtain 89 page pdf
Click the image to obtain 89 page pdf

9 thoughts on ““It’s on like a pot of neck bones!””

  1. Dentons has gone to work on the case by issuing statements to the media, after being admitted pro hac vice last week.

    Nunn Yabidnez postulated that an insurance carrier may have mandated the addition/change. Now that Roy Williams and D&W are named in the suit, will they be able to continue as counsel for SRHS?

    Certainly seems an interesting position for the Dentons crew, having to defend their client’s interests along with local counsel who are also named as defendants. All the while SRHS has Susman Godfrey going after co-defendant KPMG and Daniel Coker suing Williams’ son.

    Again, then incest jokes write themselves.

  2. The first problem Dentons has is that it is hip-deep in redneck morons who have committed a variety of real _crimes_, “crimes,” ethics violations, wanton conflicts, nepotism, etc., etc., etc. and have gotten away with it for so long because it was all kept local (as in all Jackson County). I’d suggest that is going to change with this latest situation. The second problem for Dentons some of those redneck morons are either their clients or Dentons’ clients are liable for the actions of those morons, and either way, the redneck morons are guilty as, well, sin.

    Here is an early sorta-prediction: several get indicted (or cut a deal), including at least 2 Dogan and Wilkinson-connected people (and considering at least 4-5 have “issues,” it could and ought to be more), 1-2 trustees, and 2-3 “civilians,” not including any “internal” SRHS people, save for the trustees above. They are the wild card for me because I just don’t know that much about them internally: it could be 1, it could be 50.

    As to the money, unless the taxpayers get tapped to bail the retirees out, they lose about 50% of what they are owed because there is just no way to make the pension plan work any other way. If SRHS could (magically) fund 250 mil in pension cost requirement with just 125 mil, then the pension would not be “underfunded” and every pension manager on the planet would pay a fortune to learn how to do it.

    For those who don’t think they understand such complex stuff, you do understand. If your house payment/rent is $1000 a month, your car payment is $500, and you spend another $1000 a month elsewhere, for a total of $2500 a month, or $30,000 a year on average, you cannot pay your bills with $1250, $15,000 a year. If you pay half the housing and half the car each month and survive on what is left, and even if the lenders go along with it, you’ll never “get out of the hole,” you’ll never pay everyone off. A single $20 dollar bill is simply not two $20 dollar bills, and when folks think about it, they understand. In other words, “saving” the pension with the money it currently has so it can pay as expected cannot be done. It simply cannot be done. Period. Full stop.

    The positive about it for them is that I suspect there will be some pretty serious disgorgement. I suspect some of these sorry MFers will go back to being just as broke and nobody as they were as kids and trust me, that is among the worst things that can be done to some of these social wannabes.

    1. What ever could this mean? I find it rather intresting that a week after the mayoral elections he decides to not to be involved in politics anymore. I have a few thoughts as to why this could be happening, however i dont want to be the one to start rumors…. Any thoughts? Anyone?

      1. Hey SOP how much does it cost to place my bet on “loans”?

        If it’s cheap to bet here then I also want “MDA” or “investigation” if they are still available.

        1. There have been rumors involving MDA loans and SRHS involving certain transactions that were not exactly copacetic since early on. I wonder what discovery is producing because it sounds bad.

          1. Had noted there has been at least one unsubstantiated statement made on the internet. It seemed specific enough to either refute or confirm,and if I had something enlightening I might have already posted it.

            That said, today’s announcement will have to speak for itself until something else does.

  3. I was unable to sleep tonight and decided to catch up on slabbed. After reading the posts here, I am wondering now if this thing about Mr. Swetman might have something to do with all of the rumors that we have been hearing about indictments? You know, prior to Mr. Martin’s demise? I had also heard that after we lost Mr. Martin, along with him went information needed for indictments. Of course, that was hearsay, so I have no way of knowing if any of that is true.
    I can not imagine Mr. Swetman getting out of politics without others falling also, like the Airport guru, Mr. Bentz (who has been “saved” many times already by his father), Mr. Miller (who was named in a lawsuit with the S. H. Anthony fiasco), along with others.
    I am now wondering if the FEDS were turning a blind eye to give them enough rope to hang themselves really good prior to coming in and laying down the law – right here at election time. Hmmm….something to ponder.
    If anyone can enlighten us on this, please enlighten!!

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