18 thoughts on “Come join Jackson County Sup John McKay for a Fundraiser Tonight at Boots and Spurs”

  1. Don’t you find it strange that this “party” is on the same date as the Biloxi election?? Hmmm.
    I’ll bet the top floor of the DMR will be there with Joe Cloyd, Bill Feidt, Rhonda Price, Jan Boyd, Jennifer Waggner, Joe Zeigler, Frontier group, and the upper echelon of the SRHS. It is just unbelievable. I believe that Eye got it right when she said that McKay just doesn’t get it. The towers are tumbling…it is almost time to pay the piper people. I’m surprised that this party isn’t being held at the State Fish Hatchery at Lyman! Oh, excuse me, that one will be for Puh-la$$-0 and his other cronies. Be diligent people. Watch and learn!

    1. Mis- spelled a name again. That would be Jennifer Warner instead of Waggoner….sorry for the error….typing too fast and not putting brain in gear!

      1. I will say this in regards to the employees you mentioned. Some mentined have a “filthy” past as I have been told and I don’t dare reveal the details. 😉

    2. Charlene,

      That is a very interesting list of DMR names. I have no doubt in my mind that most are “connected” with the inner circle in some shape or fashion.

  2. Just in time for the fundraiser happy hour chit-chat.

    New judge wants SRHS pension documents, accounting of why it failed

    In a hearing in Jackson County Chancery Court on Tuesday, Hilburn ordered all attorneys in the case to meet and set up a schedule for the county hospital system to begin turning over documents about the plan.

    “I will require defendants to disclose information to explain how the pension got to where it is at this time, a full and adequate disclosure of transactions that have occurred,” he said, especially what brought it to the point where it failed.

    And he said he plans to have someone apply accounting principles to the documents received from SRHS.

    Oh one more detail.

    SRHS would like to offload their plan. “SRHS attorney Brett Williams said they want an institutional trustee to handle the entire plan.”

    Carry on.

    1. A professional third party trustee???? That’s the best idea I’ve heard out of this SRHS gang in over 7 months. There should have been one in place the whole time.

      1. Yes, there should have always been an independent trustee(s) over the pension fund but SRHS/attorneys should not have anything to do with the appointment.

  3. Funny how the fabulous birthday party for dear ole John won’t let go of him. I bet DMR is finding a way to support him from behind the curtain. DMR is funny like that. The machine may now provide the curse of death and support McKay. Can’t wait for that Governor’s endorsement – past or present Governor. Ha Ha Ha!

  4. Ode’ To Da’ Hey Say Mc Kay:

    Hey, Hey it’s McKay
    Say, He don’t know nut thing “…dat Morris ever done wrong”,
    Except make his faux residency known earlier says da’ dong.

    Hey, Hey it’s McKay
    Say he don’t know Boots and Spur owned by Morris,
    Stupid Mc must be demented and lost in da’ forest.

    Hey,Hey it’s Mc Kay
    Say maybes Morris gonna move back in wit his mamma,
    All Republicans be movin back cuz economy by Obamma.

    Hey,Hey it’s Mc Kay
    Say if Mc gets re-elected he could reappt da’ Morris,
    And dem again could bees another shit Singing River chorus.

  5. Oh me, oh my – now this can present a problem. Just how is ole Philly and Fat-a$$ going to make the upcoming hogg ride this year??? Philly lets Billy ride behind him and Billy the Boy hold on tight. I guess Fat-a$$ can ride Puh-l-a$$-o behind him (He will need wide tires); but what about ole McKay and Mr. Swetman??? Now that Philly and Puh-l-a$$o have stuck their necks out for Mr. Swetman and McKay, they will have to hang ride along too??? Maybe Philly and Fat-a$$ can each buy side-cars for them to ride in!!! Yes – that’s the ticket!!! Then they could ride side by side – three by three!!! How quaint!!! Losers all imo.

  6. New SRHS exhibits are available.

    Cue up some Gerardo and lets get right to the high grade muck.

    Here is your invite and access instructions: Click for SHRS Hopes document info

    Once logged in one can view the minutes of the SRHS Retirement Committee. (Select Almond Circuit EXH B-F) It appears they met infrequently to apply the rubber stamp of approval as instructed.

    Observation one: See page 2 of the Minutes of August 22 2006 SRHS Retirement Trust Committee Meeting (page 16 of the pdf). The effects on the plan of the early retirement offers in 2000 and 2005 are discussed. One might wonder if they are seeing two hats and wonder under which one is the fiduciary duty to the Plan. It looks like the minutes report that due to management decisions in running the business the plan is required to “manage our funds better”. Perhaps I misunderstand the meaning of the discussion as reported in the minutes. Perhaps that means something other than increase yield and consequently the risk. Perhaps management should have had an actuary evaluate the impact on the retirement plan and then used some of the payroll savings to put the plan were it was before the early retirements occurred?

    Observation two: Refer to the Minutes of December 20, 2007 SRHS Retirement Committee Meeting (page 17 of the pdf; and here I will assume the minutes accurately reflect the meeting.) The presentation and statements made by SRHS CFO Mike Crews are quite the thing. Had I been present I fear might have had a stroke. If not death by stroke, then I probably would have been suffocated by the bullshit. Even without the knowledge that the plan crashed and burned, anyone with a clue should have been alarmed at some of these statements.

    “We are not a part of the state retirement plan. Since we left the state plan in 1983 we have prospered. One of the reasons we prospered is because we do not have to follow state guidelines when investing money. We are able to take more risk.” Prospered until they didn’t?

    “Our Plan is very stable. In the economy today it is very unlikely that something catastrophic could wipe out our funds because of our diversification and managers. As of 09/30/06, our Actuarial Valuation Report showed we were 97.1% funded. When we do actuarial studies, they are always one year behind. What this means is you would receive 100% of your benefit if the plan folded. At the very least you would get 97% from the Plan and Singing River Hospital System would fund the remaining amount. This is remarkable. For the past three years the Hospital has contributed $7 million to the plan. The beauty of the investment model is the Hospital does not have to make contributions if we have good investment returns. Our goal is to keep the plan as close to 100% funded as we can. Mr. Gress asked what he would receive if he was vested and the plan folded. Mr. Crews replied that he would get 100% of the actuarial benefit. When someone claims that if the pension plan went bust that the employer (a quasi public entity no less) will make good to 100%? People hearing this should be going ??? IMO. Usually there is a correlation between a sick business and a sick pension. Not always, but more than sometimes. The other possibility is willfully looting the plan to the benefit of the business. OR BOTH! Ponzi type warning sirens should have been heard here imo.

    In summary, Mr. Crews reported that he and Mr. Carter are very excited about the Pension Plan. It is working and that is very exciting. Mr. Crews reiterated that the Plan is very stable and wants to make sure that the Retirement Committee is comfortable with the stability of the plan and how well the managers are performing. Mr. Crews reported that he has been at 3 or 4 other hospitals and none of them have a pension plan anywhere near this stable. Ms. Holmes told Mr. Jones that Mr. Crews has done a fabulous job. Mr. Carter stated that the Plan has grown from $146 million in 2006 to 152.3 million in 2007. Trying too hard by half? Feeling good right at the peak? Good thing everyone is so smart they can almost predict what will go wrong.

    Better have another listen to the fabulous Gerardo singing RICO RICO or whatever the f*ck that song is.

  7. Great job RFP!!! Appreciate the great investigative work. I am sure that Mr. McKay and the rest of the Supervisors were not aware of any of these goings on.

  8. Seems like to me that it might be the Silver Dollar III captain you are speaking of Eye? Maybe Jay Trochessett? I recall that he had some photos of the “Jackson boys” and other locals. But I’ll bet you a nickel to a dollar that he has been told to get rid of them by now. He had the pnotos online on his site for a while and it had most of the politicians on “fishing trips”. You might want to contact him because I seem to remember him saying that he would tell the entire story after the indictments were over.

  9. Doug, what’s going to happen next with retirees pension? Will the crooked, lying supervisors be reelected? Or will this be another DMR fiasco?

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