Rumblings of the breakup of a storied law firm swirling about

There aren’t many secrets in the NOLA legal community and the rumored breakup of a “storied law firm” is one of those poorly kept secrets. I’m not gonna name any names just yet as I need to contact one of the partners involved but this rumor has made it onto my radar screen two different ways. Stay tuned.

Biloxi Mayor’s Race enters the home stretch, Team Swetman again goes negative

Like everyone else I’ve been watching the race unfold over the past couple of weeks.  Slabbed’s very best sources on all things Biloxi are unanimous in their prognostications that Fo Fo Gilich will be Biloxi’s next Mayor, an assertion that I think is born out by the negative direct mailings that were sent out late last week by Team Swetman, who now also has Governor Phil Bryant’s official backing. Campaigns go negative when they are behind as a general rule.

The two campaigns could not be more different. Gilich’s campaign is at the grassroots level while Swetman is depending on high profile endorsements from the DMR booze cruise political class from on high. The contrast is stark.

My best advice to everyone in Biloxi is to go vote for the candidate of your choice.

Monday Special: Dumb and dumber

Let’s start off with St Bernard Parish Prez David Peralta and his affinity for the Hollywood Casino here in Bay St Louis:

Indicted for the third time in just over a year St. Bernard Parish President David Peralta took a risk testifying before the grand jury, one that didn’t pay off ~ Richard Thompson

Since Katrina St Bernard has given the peanut gallery Junior Rodriguez, Craig Taffaro and now David Peralta thus the local body politic down in the Parish is the gift that keeps on giving.

Moving right along there was a terrible tragedy in Hattiesburg this past weekend with the shooting deaths of two police officers during the course of a traffic stop and this brings us to the dumber:

Laurel Subway employee lauds HPD deaths on social media ~ Clay Chandler Continue reading “Monday Special: Dumb and dumber”