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  1. I am sorry to say Mr. Swetman, but I was listening to what you had to offer Biloxi until the endorsement from Puh-la$$-o was published in the Sun Herald. It is my opinion that the people of the Coast have had enough of the Fat-a$$ Mafia and his cronies (of which Puh-la$$-o is). Since they think so highly of you, it appears that maybe you would do their bidding?? I can’t say for sure, but I’m going with the odds.
    As you know, we have been lied to, not represented, and had our taxpayers monies diverted from their actual purposes by the current clan of hypocrites imo. Also, I see that the newly installed Ivory Tower hires at the DMR have donated to your cause. It is due to all of these things that make me think you may be just another part of the problem??? If not, prove me wrong and denounce the endorsement and return their donated money Sir.
    This is NOT part of any smear tactic or dirty campaign mud-slinging trying to discredit you Sir. I am just stating the facts that were published publically, and am trying to find out where you stand with these KNOWN and proven money funnelers. If you are with them, then imo, the voters in Biloxi are better off without you. I’m afraid that Mr. Puh-la$$-o has given you the kiss of death, imho.

    1. Charlene, well said! You are a smart person who can obviously see through the dog and pony show. I couldn’t agree with you more….

  2. During my coffee break, I am begging all of the registered voters in Biloxi to get out and vote next Tuesday!! It is very important for the future of our Coast that WE keep the Fat-a$$ Mafia in Jackson. They already have Billy the Kid and his merry group of midgets in their pockets, and others in Hancock county as well. Wake up people!!! The way to fight them is to GET OUT AND VOTE THEM OUT!!! Stop them from stealing our Tax dollars!!! Let’s stop this madness!!!

  3. I just pulled up the breaking news on SH prior to leaving work. Boy, is the desperation showing!!! If the people can’t see it now, they will never see it!
    Why would they bother poor old Tate Reeves in a LOCAL CITY ELECTION?? Wonder what Fat-a$$ had to give him to do that? Come on Tate….you are better than this.
    They are pulling out all of the stops folks because Jackson STILL doesn’t have control of Biloxi. Gulfport caved, the west side is under their control, and McKay and his cronies have Jackson county in order. But they just can’t get Biloxi!!!! Maybe it’s because our people down her have had enough of their BS and want to be left alone!!!! We do for one another down here. Leave us alone and go back up on your high horses, you arrogant hogs. We can do just fine by ourselves down here and do even better with your hands out of our tills imo. D E S P E R A T I O N !!! Take some of these loser buddies of yours back up to the Delta to work your cotton fields now that the black people have your number!!! This is just too funny. What else will they try???? Watch and wait folks.

    1. Yes, Charlene–It is defenately showing. Now Reeves is falling within the ranks of the Republican Socialists. I have been doing some research this week and I noticed the dip-shit Bryant is leading according to the latest Mason-Dixon poll review. What a laugh and we having nobody to blame other than the average voter in Mississippi.

  4. P. S. I sure hope that Mr. Gillich has someone watching the vote count on May 12. These people are DESPERATE!!!!!

  5. First l.ite gov Reeves and now Pheel is endorsing wendy swetyman.
    If the people of the city of Biloxi do not realize that this election is being stolen from them then they deserve another 22 years of the same old crap we have had for the past 22 years.
    Pheel can you still smell the lawnmower smoke from Jackson?

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