Trying to make sense of “Commentgate”. Maybe one day we’ll all know the full story

And that includes Slabbed New Media because even though Slabbed got that special knock on the door at HQ as part of the aftermath of the Team Letten internet commenting meltdown all any of us have to offer is speculation absent seeing the fabled “Horn Report”.

When the subject matter becomes door knock serious I prefer not to speculate about the identities of the commenters here on Slabbed to the Aaron Broussard – Jefferson Parish landfill investigation, Telemachus being the most frequently speculated upon. Unlike, Slabbed never received any comments from a DOJ IP address on the Broussard investigation, which in turn explains the continued interest from the media on this general topic since Slabbed uncovered so much.

Along those lines Mark Moseley at the Lens did some great work on Commentgate and yesterday he checked in with another installment. From a big picture standpoint I’m uncomfortable with private citizens with a brain and writing skills being subjected to scrutiny by officialdom due to the quality of their commentary, Muspench being such an example as Mark points out:

Try to imagine full-throated apologies from the prosecutors axed in ‘Commentgate’ ~ Mark Moseley

To understand Commentgate is to understand it was more than just the DOJ digging dirt on anonymous internet commenters. This I know, the impacts of the meltdown of Team Letten reverberate across Gulf Coast to this day.

2 thoughts on “Trying to make sense of “Commentgate”. Maybe one day we’ll all know the full story”

  1. For those Members of “the SLABBED Nation” who may be interested, the oral arguments before the Fifth Circuit (Panel consisting of Jones, Clement and Prado) this AM are available on the Court’s web-site. NEVER in my experiences in the Federal Court System have I heard a more “one-sided” series of arguments and questions from the Court Panel, particularly from Judges Jones and Clement, who put the “FEMANAZI” representing the United States under attack, from the “get-go”. I predict that Judge Engelhardt will be affirmed, and a new trial ordered for the Danziger defendants. As an aside, I was VERY IMPRESSED by Judge’s Jones’ and Clement’s questions about what Perricone, Mann’s and the civil rights attorney from D.C. have suffered as a result of their perfidity, the clear implication being: “Whatever it was or is, IT AIN’T ENOUGH!” STRONG. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Sad to say, though, Ashton, this will be a rare one-in-a-million setting where prosecutors are rapped on the knuckles even if the Fifth Circuit goes through with a good ruling.
      I’ve not in my years met a prosecutor who gave a damn about his oath of office as to doing justice, rather than afflicting people merely because he could. Indeed, I’m impressed with the “ability” of prosecutors who barely earned low five digit salaries ending up as multi-millionaires.
      A man with a badge and a gun is a dangerous creature indeed.

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