US District Court filings reveal lack of temperament for the trade: A two pack

From the sweet serendipity files I have a two pack of USDC filings that are circulating around the local legal community.  These come from two different readers. First up is a plaintiff’s filing which illustrates why Pro Se litigants have such a bad name in the court system:

Click to obtain entire 34 page filing

Next up is a Judge that must have had a series of bad days as this filing is circulating like wildfire in the greater NOLA legal community:

Click to obtain 3 page PDF
Click to obtain 3 page PDF

But that court order only tells part of the tale because if anyone was wondering if the courts read the pleadings submitted to them the answer is yes and virtually immediately as Judge Susie Morgan was all over this case like white on rice from the day it was filed:

Posey v National Docket Screen Cap

What I find interesting is the two District Court Judges with the worst reputation for mistreating the lawyers that practice before them in the Eastern District are:

  1. Recent Mary Landrieu legal political appointees.
  2. Trace their legal pedigree to Phelps Dunbar.

The only exception to that recent Landrieu appointee trend is Jane Triche-Milazzo who I saw first hand resolve a very contentious matter in a way that did the robe she wore justice but Judge Triche-Milazzo did not come from Phelps Dunbar.

That said we also know first hand on Slabbed that Judge Morgan can be a kindly judge as well so I certainly wouldn’t want to sell Judge Morgan’s bedside manner short even if the track record of her decision making while on the bench is uneven.

I think Slabbed will be keeping an eye on Posey because I sense there is a backstory here worth knowing.

Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “US District Court filings reveal lack of temperament for the trade: A two pack”

    1. It would be kinda hard to have a rocket docket if it took every Plaintiff at least 3 tries to articulate the basics of their own lawsuit.

      1. At least the case has a Magistrate with a good reputation among the local bar that frequent here. Morgan was a lobbyist moreso than a legal practitioner in her earlier days which may explain the lack of civility in that order.

        1. I guess I don’t see a “lack of civility” but more a potentially understandable impatience. I took a VERY cursory look and Posey isn’t pro se – if he were, I’d say such filings were why pro se parties have issues. The attorney is “admitted to practice law in all Louisiana and Texas state courts as well as numerous federal district courts, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit and the United States Supreme Court.” (From her firm’s website).

          This was the court’s SECOND order on the exact same foundational defects, in response to the attorney’s AMENDED petition, which was ordered to correct these same defects and failed to do so. You cannot file a pleading in federal court that says, “The Defendants, whoever they might be, injured my client, so give us lots of money. PS: the Court has jurisdiction – trust us.” and expect the court to say, “Sure thing. I believe you. Slap an order together, tell me an amount and I’ll sign it.” I’m not busting the attorney’s chops, but just pointing it out – maybe the attorney just had a brain fart on this case, it happens to everyone in every occupation. I didn’t look that far – there is a 2nd amended complaint (the 3rd version) – did it finally properly establish jurisdiction?

  1. Holy Desecration of the Most Holy Gods Batman:

    Good to see that in addition to AROD we have others that are brave enough to express their blunt personal opinions of the Most Holy Gods that rule over us. And rule they do with unfortunate life-time appointments.

  2. I guess I’m not sure what your point is with the Louisiana case, nor how it compares to a pro se party’s odd grawlixed-laced “motion”/rant.

    It seems almost appropriate for a federal judge to get a little testy after giving a party two chances to lay out the court’s jurisdiction over the parties and show at least 75k in controversy. Jurisdiction is law 101 (here, it’s basically listing names, addresses and locations/primary places of business then stating, “the Defendant(s) was/were doing whatever negligently and injured the Plaintiff, who suffered 82k or whatever in actuals, etc.”) and if either is lacking, it would be a waste of the judge’s and the defendant’s (and the plaintiff’s) time to continue if the court has no jurisdiction over the controversy. I’d guess that if this thing is making the rounds, it may well be because some attorney who teed up a personal injury case in federal court couldn’t get it right in the first two tries. And if this a “toss anything over there” ploy to drag out/avoid a statue of limitations problem while a REAL pleading is researched and drafted, I can again understand a testy judge keeping them on their toes.

  3. Not that it matters but Tamah Jada has an African -American flavor so it will be interesting to see if Tamah is persecuted like our caucasian bro’ AROD was or whether its going to be hands off Tamah.

    And there is no doubt Tamah has threaten violence against the “old geezer hoe” as well as others as backhanding is a violent threat is it not?

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