Let’s think dirty and get to the bottom of what’s driving the Jackson County Sups

I heard the catch phrase “think dirty” many years ago at a course given by Dennis Dycus (along with the now politically incorrect “three b’s and a d”) and it came to mind as I followed the coverage of the Jackson County Sups telling the SRHS retirees to shut up at Monday’s meeting and today’s resulting editorial at the Sun Herald declaring the only remaining recourse the retirees have at this point is at the ballot box. It was a conclusion that Slabbed New Media reached as a matter of editorial policy three weeks ago when I wrote the following:

Just a thought but if I were one of the dedicated retiree picketers I’d strongly consider scheduling some days at the county courthouse to force the Sups to come clean on everything Billy Guice has found.

Now back to thinking dirty.  Slabbed revealed the first big clue to the big picture on March 11th when “No one can serve two masters…” A SRHS Conflict of Interest Series Part 1 was published and SRHS Trustee Scott Taylor revealed the fundamentally interest conflicted position he occupied trying to engage the plan participants on behalf of the very organization that had tried shafting them just a few months earlier. When pressed in comments by Cisco Aguilar Taylor melted down and that was an important data point.  You see folks Scott Taylor was appointed to the Singing River Trustees by Supervisor John McKay not to help the retirees. He was appointed by McKay to help McKay win reelection by making the Singing River problem go away.

Then bad news Friday, April 10th, 2015 arrived:

SRHS releases financial statements, announces job cuts ~ Brad Kessie

The SRHS PR spin was evident in the WLOX headline as there should have been no equivalency between the release of the 2014 year end and new job cuts related to continuing losses. Of course that did not stop CEO Kevin Holland from sticking to those ridiculous PR talking points blaming the auditors for a management perpetrated financial fraud:

CEO Kevin Holland says the health system is moving in the right direction and its Strategic Turnaround Plan is working, but there are still difficult decisions to be made, including cost cutting measures.

“The inaccurate historical financial statements due to the audit issues, combined with the pension plan revelations, have created significant and unprecedented challenges for our organization that have required substantial actions for us to remain viable and sustainable,” said Holland.

My reaction was immediate and straight to the point:

That press release was not just a damning indictment of the political cronies that try to pass themselves off as management at Singing River Hospital, no siree. It also means after the Supervisors and their financial advisers have kicked the can about 20 different ways before more recently going into hiding, commenter Observer’s original financial observations here on Slabbed, which comported to my own, again come to the fore:

Comment bumps from Jackson County. The truth is likely very ugly

Experience tells me that financially things will likely end up badly for the retirees, a prospect many have privately acknowledged to Slabbed New Media. But that does not mean the fight for justice is complete, far from it in fact.

In a few months there will be state and local primary elections across Mississippi and the voter mood continues to be foul as last year’s Senatorial primary bore out.  I’d encourage the stakeholders at SRHS to start thinking biblical: 1968

By protesting in the front of the County Courthouse the retirees and their supporters will serve a strong reminder to all of the Jackson County voters of the little people that are being shafted Mississippi style by the local political machine. And it would attract renewed media interest in the protests, which many of you may be surprised to learn have continued almost daily to this day at both of the Singing River Hospitals and the Dogan and Wilkinson law firm offices in both Pascagoula and Ocean Springs. This scrappy group of retirees’ determination to find justice should never be underestimated.

To the politicians in Jackson County that read Slabbed regularly I’d like to remind each and every one of you the plan participants, especially the retirees, are not children and they should not be treated in that manner. These folks are completely invested and intertwined in the local community. They are aunts and uncles, mothers and fathers and literally your neighbor.  Show them the respect they deserve and shoot straight with them. Given the disaster that has happened on your watch, it is the least you can do.

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  1. I am not sure I have been in hiding, maybe more like passively looking/listening from afar as I have been busy.

    A few points – I absolutely agree that the quotes for the news articles from the other day (i.e. “The inaccurate historical financial statements due to the audit issues…”) are comical at best. It is clear to me it is a pass-the-buck move to deflect blame somewhere else. For those who are a little educated in financial statements and the like, you can go to Pg 9 of SRHS recently issued 2014 Financial Statements (follow link in OP) and you will clearly see who is at fault for the prior period adjustments. The opening sentences that describe these adjustments – “As a result of MANAGEMENT’S review of ITS methodology to estimate the net realization of patient A/R…”. I believe the quote they should be using in the press is “After SRHS has correctly adjusted the financial statements…”

    Other interesting notes – it has taken over 6 months since the SRHS 9/30/14 year-end to finally get the audited financial statement out. That is quite a while to get a relatively smaller hospital system FS audit completed. I have no clue why, but it is interesting. I also note that in the news articles, that SRHS is touting that after the first 6 months of the new year, they are only at a $5M loss. Of course this figure is unaudited and we won’t really know the real numbers for another year, when the 9/30/15 FS audit is most liekly completed. So who really knows. ALSO – it is worth repeating that these poor financial performance numbers (remember SRHS only had annual revenue of $334M in 2014) does not include any expense for funding the pension plan. If SRHS had been funding the plan the last few years, these loses of $35M ($32M loss in 2013) would be significantly higher, which is obviously not sustainable.

    So this topic has been discussed over the last several months, and various “experts” have been hired to look into this matter and according to the Board’s comments, they are still months away from disclosing any info. Again, any financial expert would have had plenty of time to know the likely outcomes and probable choices that will have to be made. It is just not a convinient time to disclose them right now I guess.

    1. LOL, the problem isn’t that you went into hiding, though the Sups sure have though. Quickie posts on April 15th are not my forte – I’ll fix the clumsy language.

    2. If you know a financial expert who can turn 125 or million into 275 or million, safely and reliably, in the timeframe available in this situation, please post their contact information here. Although I would guess that such a person is already as financially comfortable as they wish to be (and their family’s financial security is secure into eternity), there are lots of incredibly worthy causes that could benefit from their singular talent.

      OK, now back to real world: no such person exists. The pension plan is f’ed, as are those who counted on in their retirement. It simply isn’t reasonable to assume that anyone can “save” it. Quit paying the locals, some of whom are likely as not responsible, big bucks to screw around acting like they can do something. Call the time of death and have a coroner’s inquest by an outside firm with no ties to any of the suspects. And insist that various feds are in attendance, bracelets at the ready.

  2. And so it continues… As the River Flows the smell of its finacial pollution becomes more mephitic than ever. We Retirees MUST continued to speak up, ask questions , flood the JCBS emails and mailboxes , continue to picket and most importantly VOTE them dang crooks OUT OF OFFICE!!!!!

    Kevin Hollands email took him all day to write I guarantee you. He is just as crafty, if not more so than Crooked Chris ever dreamt of being

    SRHS has been slowly but quiet steadily eliminating jobs for the past 4 years. They have reduced some cost areas at the expense of their patients and have demonstrated how little they regard long time loyalty to hard working émployees

    If you don’t kiss their azz and blow their “egos” then damned you are.

    They are still not aggressively going after collection of monies owed cuz they are too busy covering their “mistakes ” and scratching each other’s butts, backs and other things

    Think of the SRHS debacle for lack of a better word as a fancy automobile. The car starts to be sluggish and isn’t running as well as it could. On the outside its shiny and bright and looks like it’s fine but when you raise the hood you see a diffetent engine. One that duesbt Match the car. It can’t be fixed cuz the owner keeps taking it to the same mechanic and the mechanic dies a little here and littke there just enough to keep the fancy car going but never running as the fined tuned automobile it once was

    Crooked Chris and Mistake Mike Crews may no longer be there BUT their protégées who they hired and trained still are (kaniving Kevin and Lying Lee, Sneaky Ahoemaker and Hazardous Heath)! Until the garage is cleaned and a new pit crew is in place, ain’t nothin and I mean NOTHING will ever be right

  3. I can’t wait until election time. The citizens of Jackson County should do nothing more than flush these crooks. Its time to take the power back.

  4. The JCBOS are claiming they have to listen to their lawyer Paula Yancey is why they are not releasing Accountant Billy Guice’s findings. Fire the crooked lawyer and speak up like you have a backbone and not a wet noodle for one!

    1. _IF_ Paula Yancey is in fact the county attorney who advised the board against releasing information, that could be a problem because Yancey’s run against Chancellor Harris was heavily supported by Dogan and Wilkinson. Dogan and Wilkinson’s support of her figured into their recusal argument made against Harris and it was argued, in part, by former chancellor Charles Bordis. It was Bordis’ joining Dogan and Wilkinson as well as Fondren’s lawsuit against Bordis for Bordis’ involvement with Fondren’s then-wife (with that affair led to Fondren’s running for chancellor) that led to Fondren self-recusing. It appears that Dogan and Wilkinson has used its members’ own potential misconduct to “forum shop.” The apparent conflicts in this mess are rampant. And I suspect if the truth ever does come out, various conflicts of interest will be shown to figure prominently into why the situation occurred.

      The “wild card” in all of this is the newly-appointed special chancellor, Breland Hilburn. If I were interested in doing any amateur detective work/investigation, I would spend some time attempting to find anything that might explain why Hilburn was appointed.

      All that said, however, I doubt it will much matter as far as the pension fund is concerned. There is simply no way to safely and reliably turn 125 million into 275 million in a short period of time – the fund is in serious, serious trouble and almost certainly, folks will simply not be able to collect what they expected from it. Further crippling it by deducting attorney’s fees doesn’t help anyone but the attorneys who get paid.

      1. Well, apparently others think Yancey was responsible for the advice:


        This isn’t advice or a suggestion, it is merely an observation. The Mississippi Bar “complaint department” can be contacted here:
        (601) 948-2344
        Glenn Waddle – [email protected]
        Consumer Assistance Program
        Post Office Box 2168
        Jackson, Mississippi 39225-2168

        The Mississippi Rules of Professional Conduct are here:

        I have no idea what would happen if someone requested a complaint form, made 500 copies, and had a “fill out a form party” at the various picket locations, meetings, etc., but maybe if the Bar got a whole bunch of viable, supportable complaints specifically referencing the Rules, above, somebody might look into something. I am, however, almost certain as to what would happen if a whole bunch of complaints containing nothing more than unsupported rumors and accusations showed up.

  5. Does anyone think that the Jackson county board of supervisors are also complicit in all of this? They had an obligation to review the financial statements and budgets each and every year and approve them. Jackson county is also responsible for this mess and Jackson county does have money!if we can build bird watch pier, a parking garage to nowhere, they can come up with some of the money owed to the pension fund! Whoever did the audits (KPMG) also did not uphold there fiduciary duty! Lastly, many administrators made a lot of money off the backs of employees and retirees. Let them sell some houses boats and summer homes!

  6. Can anyone confirm how the Pascagoula clinic doctors are paid? Is it true that the higher they code visit the more money that they are paid by the hospital? If so, is this legal? Wonder if their upcoding increased after the new payment plan… Wouldn’t CMS frown upon this?
    Are the physicians getting bonuses, too?

    1. Well that might be important, that could be small potatoes. Kind a like a tater tot compared to this one here doctor that likes to neurolize is and anesthetize people for the right price, right here in Pascagoula. He got him real sweet real estate deal. This is sure to tickle the fancy of a federali. I believe there are more deals like this floating out around there and I hope all those contracts didn’t get shredded.

    2. None of us get paid based on codes, we get paid based on experience; including factors like quality of care, accuracy of diagnosis (high or low is irrelevant), etc. We see people with insurance and without, we code with integrity what their diagnosis is, period, regardless of their status. What a shame of humanity that you would attack the very people subject to part of this pension situation who have given their LIFE to helping others. By your handle of “lingle tingle” we can easily surmise that you are one of the disgruntled people in admin who was fired. You should also consider whether the joy you get out of such vicious and evil comments about the victims in this debacle are worth the eternity you could spend in the hot fires of hell for being such an evil hearted soul burning with hatred for innocent men and women who devoted their life to helping you.

      1. Dr. Z, sounds like you may be in need of a prescription. If you are indeed a doctor, let’s see your contract. Have you ever received a bonus? When you see an uninsured patient, are you not still paid the same as seeing an insured patient? What’s the difference? You still get paid! Were you one of the doctors who made the you tube commercial? Has your pay increased over the last year? Given your life? Please explain. Oh, you’re a victim? Oh whom? Puh leeze. Eternity in hell? Wow.
        Now I feel the tingle…

        1. The doctors in the clinic probably get paid a salary whether they see 5 patients a day or 25 patients a day.

          Why don’t doctors work for themselves anymore? I know what the advantage is for the doctor but what advantage is it to the hospital ?? Surely the hospital is making money off this arrangement or why else do it?

  7. I hope the public realizes that all of the good men on the JCBOS are trying to campaign for re-election. They have probably all come to the conclusion behind closed doors with “Miss Conflict” herself,Paula Yancy, that the SRHS headwinds are so strong that if they continue to talk they will provide all that is needed to assure their defeat. They are a hopeless crew that needs disbanding. This circus of county leaders and SRHs managers not being able to get to the bottom of this for over six months is a crime or a cover up for one that has been committed. Watch how quickly the little bit of facts that the public will be told come forth in the weeks after the election. None of the people involved have any credibility. They are going to squander the remaining monies the system has on attorneys and experts trying there best to help them win the blame game.

  8. This is the same horse and pony show that was/is going on at the DMR imho. No different. Same band of crooks – all tied in together and they all wear dark suits and red ties.
    What I still fail to understand is why the FEDS are sitting back and letting this slip through their fingers. Same think with the Harrison county supervisors. No one is doing anything! The DMR episode is absolutely not over and is still ongoing with new players in place. Why didn’t the FEDS clean that place up?
    Now, we have, once again, John McKay involved in yet another scam, while his cronies at the DMR watch his back in that direction, and now it appears that the people at the SRHS are watching his back on that side. What the heck is the problem people? In my opinion, these people are dirty. Why aren’t they being rounded up and punnished like you and I would be? How is that bunch of crumbs in Jackson, MS, slithering out of this?? Has the world gone crazy? Are we surrounded by satanic beings? I mean, what the hey.

  9. That parking garage with no cars was built with Katrina money. Who was the bright politician to order its construction? This was just like all the sewage and water systems built in Harrison County that were unnecessary. Who profited? Should I ask which individual politician or politicians profited?

    Jackson County may have money now but after they will be sued by many SRH retirees, we the people, will have to foot more money just like with the Mike Byrd debacle, it maybe a different story.

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